WAND’s Digital Solution At Salsarita’s

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

When we heard that Salsarita’s had successfully rolled out 46 stores with digital menu solution from Minneapolis-based WAND Corporation, we wanted to learn more about WAND, a provider of enterprise technology solutions for the QSR and Fast Casual markets.

Dave Perrill

Dave Perrill

WAND was founded almost 30 years ago by John Perrill Sr. as a point-of-sale company. Now owned by his three sons: Dave, president; Greg, vice-president of strategic accounts; and John Jr., vice-president client services, the company has been into digital signage for the past five years, concentrating a digital menu boards and other point-of-sale and promotional signage for the restaurant industry.

“We have clients in 20 countries, with over 2,400 digital menu boards and about 15,000 end points (ie. point-of-sale, back office and business intelligence solutions),” says Dave Perrill. “We decided to concentrate strictly on the restaurant sector. Among our clients are Salsarita’s, Wendy’s, White Castle, Church’s Chicken, Einstein Noah, and many others.

“We developed our own software management system, called WAND Digital. It was custom built specifically for restaurants. It’s engineered to be extremely reliable and allow for brand compliance across an entire system, while still keeping the content looking exceptionally sharp.”

WAND  signage at Salsarita's

WAND signage at Salsarita’s

WAND was chosen by Salsarita’s as the exclusive supplier of Digital Menu Boards for their restaurants in May, 2012, citing WAND’s growing reputation as the top innovator in digital solutions as the reason for the decision.

“The full-motion, high-impact content that WAND’s creative team designed grabbed us the moment we saw it, and their continued support and partnership throughout the past two years have helped us test and leverage valuable data regarding customer purchase behavior,” says Phil Friedman, CEO of Salsarita’s Corporate. Salsarita’s operates more than 80 franchised locations in 19 states and has significant growth plans for 2014. All new stores will also be using the WAND Digital solution. Five to 10 locations will be added in 2014, with long-range projections calling for about 300 locations nationwide within five to six years.

WAND will be supporting Salsarita’s corporate customers, as well as franchisors and franchisees, as a sponsor for Salsarita’s Heart and Sol Annual Owner’s Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, November 10.

“WAND considers itself a true partner for Salsarita’s,” says Greg Perrill. “We not only strive to deliver superior customer service, but we also support corporate and franchisees in any way possible.”

WAND’s Digital Menus are managed through WAND Total Restaurant Management, a web-based, digital management system that allows new content, pricing, and caloric information to be uploaded and deployed instantly by store, market or chain-wide, through a single, cloud-based platform. WAND TRM also features automated advanced day-parting, automated menu scheduling and 100% compliance of content across multiple locations.

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