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Out-of-Home Advertising In The Connected City

If you’ve been hearing people talking about the Connected City and/or the Internet of Things but they’re still something of a vague concept to you, then #dse2016, taking place March 15-18, 2016, in Las Vegas, has the ideal seminar for you to attend: its four-part Digital Signage Seminar Program designed specifically for digital out-of-home and place-based network operators will include an hour-long session titled ‘Out-of-Home Advertising in the Connected City’.

Panelists in this session will discuss why out-of-home advertising will be an essential contributor to the growth of the connected city and how network operators can take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers behind the Internet of Things to help create connections with consumers.

The panel, comprised of Digital Signage professionals, will include:

We’ve personally heard a lot over the past year about New York becoming a connected city with the LinkNYC [4] project now in current development and early deployment, and it alone is a lot to absorb. Put it together with the Internet of Things and the connected city developments that we’ll soon see, and if you are a digital out-of-home/place-based network operator you simply must be up-to-speed.

“IoT is still in learning mode without a killer app,” says Bob Killmeier, founder and president, Computer Controlled Designs [5], a DSE Advisory Board member. “In 2017, rollout will begin to evolve into larger scale deployments, and in 2018 IoT will be a basic requirement in most products.”

“The Iot is all about connectivity, and that plays directly into the value proposition inherent in digital signage,” says Pat Hellberg, principal, The Preset Group [6], and also a DSE Advisory Board member. “Signage puts a lot of devices in the field. Signage is also a rare industry in which the benefits of all those connected devices can readily be apparent through dynamic data on screens, a great starting point for network operators.”

Registration for ‘Out-of-Home Advertising in the Connected City’ or any of the #dse2016 educational conference seminars, which are sponsored by Broadsign International [7] and are eligible for Digital Signage Expert Group (DSEG) certification renewal credits, is available on the dse2016 website [8].