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The DailyDOOH Investor Conference Genii

Whilst we shamelessly copied the concept of having a ‘Genius’ at The DailyDOOH Investor Conference from a certain Apple store, we still haven’t seen any other event of note, borrow this idea.

It is of course, all in the name of having (more) experts in the room who can help with Q&A and get decent conversations started.

At this year’s DailyDOOH Investor Conference we are proud to announce that we have three new ‘Genii’ joining us, namely: –

  1. Stephanie Gutnik, Consultant, Digital Transformation [1]. Guiding digital transformation at OUTFRONT Media, Stephanie Gutnik bridges sales and product advancement to ensure client campaigns are ahead of the curve. Her efforts extend across media channels to promote OUTFRONT inventory as a core media buy. Stephanie was previously the Vice President, Business Development at Broadsign, a global role that included overseeing strategic partnerships, new product rollouts, geographic expansion and programmatic sales. She is a frequent public speaker, representing the OOH industry at conferences from Taipei and Dubai to London and Sao Paulo. With a seat on the DSF’s Board of Directors, Stephanie is also on committees for the OAAA, DPAA, IAB, Ad Club of New York and CANY. Stephanie graduated with a BA from McGill University and a MBA from Edinburgh Business School and chairs the Ministry of New Media AdTECH: OOH Conferences in London, New York, Amsterdam and Toronto.
  2. Paul Fleuranges, former Director, Corporate Initiatives, State of NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority and former Vice President, Corporate Communications, New York City Transit, DSF Treasurer and Director, Federation for Internet Alerts. Paul was once described as one of the most influential people in the digital signage industry. If you ever met him or heard him speak, then you’d know why. Passionate about good communication, passionate about the industry, incredibly articulate (he’s a former on-air TV reporter) and knowledgeable in everything from software, hardware, deployment, ROI, advertising and media. Paul graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors in General Studies.
  3. Ben Da Costa co-founded infiLED EM International back in January 2016 and has been instrumental in establishing and growing the business to what it is today. Ben has demonstrated his determination to see the business thrive by combining skills attained in his Bsc Honours Degree in Business Management from Swansea University and the depth of knowledge he has of the digital signage industry. Ben has been responsible for managing key initiatives within the business that are targeted to create a positive impact for the future going ahead. Since graduating in July 2018, Ben’s main responsibilities are running the sales and marketing operations.

[2]They join existing Genii; Phil Lenger and Rob Winston.

The DailyDOOH Investor Conference takes place Wednesday October 16, 2019 during New York Digital Signage Week [3] (Oct 14-18, 2019).

Registration is now open.

plural form of genie, genius.