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Omnivex City Index

Well, it does seem that Omnivex [1] is everywhere these days.

In the U.K., it turns outCity Index - Omnivex4 that City Index [2], international trading company, has deployed Omnivex software to manage a distinctive network of screens throughout its newly renovated London Finsbury Circus offices.

The installation includes screens on the trading floor, throughout the office space and a uniquely configured grouping of screens in the reception area. The system was implemented by the U.K. office of Omnivex partner, Asysco [3], a provider of integrated audio-visual solutions,

City Index - Omnivex2Since 1983, City Index has focused on innovation and superior service, helping it grow to become one of the world’s major providers of Contracts for Difference, Foreign Exchange, and, in UK, spread betting. The City Index trading platform has become an international frontrunner in stock trading transactions over the last 25 years, conducting more than 1.5 million monthly trades in over 50 countries. A privately owned company, City Index has a substantial shareholding in the world’s leading derivatives broker ICAP plc [4].

City Index UK turned to Asysco for a more dynamic trading experience for its customers, staff and trading partners. The intention of the installation was to provide visitors with a visually impactful display of the latest stock information in real time.

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“The newly-renovated building presented us with a blank canvas,” says Nick Morwood, project manager at Asysco. “The idea was to create a high impact display at the entrance to the building, and we’ve certainly achieved this with the distinctive layout. The reception space was better suited to a vertical design so we tailored the content for the plasma screens to fit the layout and display eye-catching graphics and branding.”

The configuration in the reception area consists of a video wall made up of eight bezel-less screens, described by Ominvex as a vertical “Z” pattern – better and more completely described of course as _2X5_TH_TT_TT_TT_HT_ with the Issy-Neale Formula [6], Ed

Using Omnivex software, City Index has the ability to display content across the eight screens as one unified design, or to address each screen separately. The software also automates the process of incorporating live stock data and spread betting training schedules, by pulling information from an RSS feed, formatting it and pushing it out to the correct screens in the office. All content is managed by City Index’s in-house IT team.

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The digital signage system is also featured in City Index’s contemporary suite of conference and meeting rooms, office and breakout areas, and their operations pod. A dramatic array of displays lines the trading floor to stream real time global stock exchange data and television feeds.

“Omnivex has a strong foundation in the financial industry, where our software is used on trading floors to display real-time information when and where it is needed for it to be actionable,” says Jeff Collard, president of Omnivex, a Microsoft Gold Partner.

City Index’s system unifies communications between UK staff, clients, traders and their counterparts in markets across the globe, with data disseminated effortlessly between sites in Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. In these time-critical environments, that ability to make instant, accurate decisions depends on a continuous stream of relevant data that is accessible from every point on a trading network – something now assured with its new system.