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Congratulations Peter Lloyd, AV Award Winners, And Errr, Us ;)

Congratulations to ALL the winners at the UK AV Awards ceremony that took place on Friday night in London (in all the categories not just the four that we covered / were particularly interested in).

What a great event it was, nice food, good surroundings, great company and it really demonstrated what an industry can do to help promote (and congratulate) itself and pull itself together.

The Wednesday before we put our reputation on the line (again) by predicting who would win from the nominees [1] and we are pleased to say we were 4 from 4 – yes we predicted correctly who all four awards would go to and that made blogging live from the event [2] (had to sit at back of hall to get a good signal) all the more enjoyable.

The list of judges was made public in the programme and whilst they were most definitely not ‘white van men’ like we described in earlier posts they were all AV oriented – rather than digital signage (and no real ‘digital out of home’ representation either).


Congratulations should also go to Peter Lloyd who received a much deserved ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ – brilliant, well done!