UK AV Awards – We Predict The Winners

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This Friday sees the UK AV Awards at the Hilton Park Lane. We will be there, dressed up in all our finery (Black Tie is the order of the evening) and will be able to report directly on the winners.

After our first post on the event ‘AV Awards 2008 Finalists Announced‘ Paul Milligan wrote in and told us “A full list of our judges, and the criteria for winning the awards will be published on the night of the event itself (to do so before would be unprofessional)”

Anyway we also accused the judges of being representative of ‘white van man’ – our point here was not to be rude but point out that they were probably AV professionals not digital signage / digital out of home ‘professionals’ – until we see the judging list we reserve judgement on that but probably think that we are right.

Anyway Paul added in his comment to us “So you will be able to see for yourself they are far from being the ‘white van men’ you think they are, but are respected figures with the a-v industry with decades of experience in a range of companies”

Actually the list of finalists presented in our industry sector is NOT too bad at all.

There have been some really good projects this year that we think they may have missed – surely the excellent interactive window displays, especially the ones down Oxford Street in London should have been finalists? We have all seen excellent O2 and Vodafone interactive window displays of the highest order.

Also, we don’t quite understand the criteria for ‘Digital signage company of the year‘? Is this for UK companies only?

At the moment it is a face off between Dynamax and Onelan. If it is UK only then where were / are Remote Media? Don’t EnQii count as a UK company? Both have done a great job this year in the industry.

We reckon that we can pretty accurately predict the winners for Friday night and so here goes…

  • Consumer installation of the year – Digital signage installation at Lord’s, by AMX
  • Digital media project of the year – The Comcast Experience, by Barco
  • Digital signage company of the year – Onelan
  • Digital signage project of the year – Showcase Cinema De Lux, by Beaver Solutions

Look forward to seeing you at the awards!

2 Responses to “UK AV Awards – We Predict The Winners”

  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    See you there Adrian – thanks for the vote of confidence in the Lord’s project!

    The reason you won’t see everyone represented is simple – you are not chosen, but you apply. Each category has criteria (e.g. a project that was installed in the last 12 months), and you can choose as a supplier whether to put forward your pride and joy to be judged. We did, and if only you were the only judge… Fingers crossed for tonight – my mantlepiece is a little empty…

  2. Ian Houghton Says:

    I think you have misunderstood how the awards are entered and judged; I’d more than happy to talk you through it tomorrow night, if it is still not clear after you have watched them.

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