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MicroTiles On TV Again

South Korea’s national election results were presented on 123 Christie MicroTiles [1] at Seoul Broadcasting Station [2], one of Korea’s broadcasting stations, to present the results of the quadrennial, national elections in a live 24-hour broadcast yesterday (June 2/10).

The minute-by-minute election results were displayed on the large, digital canvas of 123 Christie MicroTiles and featured live, dynamic and graphics-based updates of ballot tallies and information on each of the candidates.

“This is a high profile showcase that demonstrates the brilliant image quality of the MicroTiles,” says Henry Khang, general manager, Christie Korea [3]. “Broadcast sets love Christie MicroTiles – they are extremely camera-friendly and have virtually limitless possibilities in how they are configured for space-constrained sets.”

Since the launch of MicroTiles in Nov./09, the product has been chosen for significant and high profile installations including the Expo 2010 Shanghai [4], The Colbert Report [5] nightly broadcast in the United States, the NASCAR Hall of Fame [6], and in public venues, educational facilities, museums, command centers and retail environments. This latest installation in broadcast is a another testament to the trust that customers around the world are placing in the technology’s high quality and reliability.

Due to their compact form factor, MicroTiles provide the flexibility necessary to fit within the physical limits of any display space and customers are free to stack the tiles in any way desired and later re-arrange them for an entirely new design.

“The whole concept of the MicroTiles being versatile stacking blocks have allowed us to customize a trendy media wall to match the asthetic design of our broadcasting studio for the election,” says S. N. Park, designer, Seoul Broadcasting Station.

“What further sets the MicroTiles apart is the impact of its high resolution visual quality,” says H.S. Woo, president, IMTEC [7], a preferred partner for Christie in Korea.

Christie MicroTiles offer spectacular, crisp visuals at any distance. Displays can be adjusted to whatever colour temperature required.The product also offers the best colour-matched graphics and video without any pixelation and the widest possible viewing angles.