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Mobile And Retail Coverage, 2012

We have a secret weapon in 2012 in our attempt to cover even more retail and mobile focussed events than we did in 2011 …


Manolo (far left) and friends (oh and Bob Michaels too!)

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you, Manolo Almagro [2] who (as well as continuing with his weekly column ‘The Power Of Three [3]‘) will be covering for us Retail’s BIG Show [4] (NRF’s flagship industry event held annually in New York City of course) in January, closely followed by the Mobile FirstLook Strategy 2012 Conference [5] and in April the 2012 Retail Technology Conference [6] in Orlando.

We had lots and lots of compliments on Gail’s coverage of the CIO Retail Summit [7] held in Scottsdale, AZ back in August – an event that when it happens next time we’d encourage any vendor who focusses on retail to attend.