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ComQi Shrinks Further

It’s hard not to read between the lines with the latest press release from ComQi [1] – ‘ComQi announces promotions, organizational changes to drive further global growth

We won’t insult our readers, by doing anything other than writing here, just how we see it (they know, just as well as we do, that ComQi has seen only shrinkage, not growth over the last 12 months). The press release told us: –

Whilst Ajay Chowdhury says that this new structure has been put in place “to ensure we can continue to give our global clients the excellent service they expect from us”, we’d say two things: –

  1. How does pushing executive titles around improve customer service?
  2. Other than Care Media Holdings [6], we cannot think of a significant customer, global or otherwise that is still fully engaged with them and we doubt that the Mighty Phil Cohen has his head in the sand

The rest of the press release is full of the usual rhetoric, ComQi we are told, are “the leading cloud based provider in the space”, a “global leader providing a powerful multi-channel message management platform” and that “ComQi is a powerhouse of innovation”. We’ll leave you dear reader to think on that and make up your own mind.

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2 Comments To "ComQi Shrinks Further"

#1 Comment By Paula Abdool On 28 March 2013 @ 09:59 @457

No mention of South America, where for the sake of variety the swirling action of the company down the loo would be counterclockwise. One forgets they sacked key person there at the end of 2012.

#2 Comment By Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief On 28 March 2013 @ 10:36 @483

If you are referring to Esteban Perez Hidalgo, he is now VP Sales & Business Development at VideoNet Inc Z├╝rich Area, SwitzerlandComputer Hardware. According to LinkedIN he left in Nov 2012.