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Whittling Down Our Digital Signage A To Z…

Early January we started preparation for our Top 10 Ten Digital Signage Vendors for 2009 with a post ‘Digital Signage Vendors, The A to Z Of… [1]‘ BUT now it’s time, with only a few weeks to go before we reveal our 2009 Top Ten to start whittling that list down.

We have received countless emails about this; just remember it’s our opinion and it’s based on what we see with retailers and media owners in the market place. We are also looking for folks who play GLOBALLY and so you will see as we list below, some (but not all) of those that did NOT make it, that being a country specific vendor does not get you into Round 2

Without further ado here’s our take on those who did NOT make it…

Suffice to say that our 2009 Top Ten has a new number 1 AND a couple of new entrants.

If all goes to plan then we will announce the 2009 Top Ten at the ISE DOOH Business Conference in Amsterdam on 2nd February, when we present our “Overview about content management systems and other important technologies for DOOH

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4 Comments To "Whittling Down Our Digital Signage A To Z…"

#1 Comment By Pierre Mirjolet On 22 January 2009 @ 02:33 @148

From your original list in your first A to Z article it seems that there are 15 vendors left not 10

Have you miscounted or is your Top 10 a Top 15 now?

#2 Comment By Adrian J Cotterill On 22 January 2009 @ 12:11 @549

Indeed, like last year there are 15 left in the pool – the actual top ten ranked 1, 2, 3 … 10 and five more not ranked but placed just outside the top 10 itself – WATCH THIS SPACE !!!

#3 Comment By Mark Leo On 22 January 2009 @ 13:35 @607

Thanks for the constructive comments and for including us in the DailyDOOH whittled down list. It’s fair to say that we at Net Display Systems despite our 15 years in the digital signage business, presence in over 75 countries worldwide and more than 120 partners and thousands of PADS licences have been shy at telling the market of our success !!!

The issue was acknowledged last year and we have recruited specialists: Peter den Burger and Jasper Smits to implement a comprehensive marketing communications plan to get the story out there. Because Net Display Systems is in essence a technology driven company, the resources were not in place to communicate until recently. Our approach has been and will remain to continuously develop innovative, end to end software for digital signage solutions. The change is in the way we shall communicate.

The view from Eindhoven is that the message and story must always be accurate and reflect fact not fantasy or dreams. There is more than enough spin in the digital signage market that distorts the true stories of success and casts question marks over the accuracy of project size and potential.

So PADS end users from Deloittte , Rolex, Marriott, Sixt, Lufthansa, De Beers, Porsche, Toyota, Mercedes and EuroDisney where we have replaced Scala are just a shortlist in our ongoing success.

Of course the success is due not only to my colleagues who develop the PADS platforms but also our distributors, dealers, partners and end users who put their trust in PADS time and again.

Bjorn Pieper and I travel the globe managing the business development process, we wish there were more hours in the day to tell the NDS story. Now the people and building blocks are in place to do that. So we trust that in 2010 you will consider us for inclusion in your top 10 list of digital signage solutions. Again thanks for the helpful comments and encouragment. There are many jewels in our crown , they only need polishing and presentation. Looking forward to meeting you all at ISE 2009.

#4 Comment By Perry Korse On 22 January 2009 @ 16:40 @736

No wonder NDS has made such a steady progress over the years and are well posied to be in the big league as a result of it. I agree with Mark Leo’s commentary that the fantasy land of media over-hype and spin truly overshadow real achievements. Next month Onexum Corporation (1xm for short) will be at the Digital Signage Expo in Las vegas. Tradeshows have never been shy of painting the rosy picture and we expect an earful in Las Vegas. We will compare this with the actual dire situation in the worldwide economy where advertising (traditionally recession resistant) is down an unprecedented 20% to 29% or more across the board. We are thinking, like, “no more freebies for Public Service Annoucements on the local digital signage network screens”.

Perry Korse, President & CEO, Onexum Corporation