Carrefour Athens 21 Stores By Year End

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Carrefour Athens

We mentioned a few weeks ago that the Carrefour Athens deployment in Greece has now grown to 14 stores and 300 screens (from 9 stores and 180 screens in 2007).

There’s no doubt in our mind that the perceived poor performance of early years Tesco TV (now Tesco Screens) slowed the adoption of digital signage in grocery retail (with most grocers adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude before doing anything) and so good examples of the art should be applauded – this rollout in Greece deserves a lot more press than it gets!

People traffic at the moment is 2,000,000 a month

We expect a total of 21 stores by the end of the year with 450 screens at which point they will most probably pass the 3,000,000 passers by a month figure!

In 2008 alone the network owners have delivered more than 80 different messages for different brands and a recent report by an Independent Research Company has shown…

  • 56% medium recall compared to 37% of other POP material in-store
  • 72% Consider the medium use to be mainly as a promotional and
    informational tool and not TV
  • 69% Request new product/service and promotional information through the
    screen network
  • 60% consider the medium more useful than classic POP material

3 Responses to “Carrefour Athens 21 Stores By Year End”

  1. Bill Collis Says:


    Hello there. Very interesting report about the Carrefour digital endcaps in Greece. Do you have any more detail about the research that was cited about how the shopper recall of the messages on the digital endcaps compared to the recal on the conventional endcaps?

    Also, do you know what indepedent research agency conducted the research? Thanks!

    Bill Collins
    DecisionPoint Media Insights

  2. Neil Farr Says:

    Nice to see our Acquire software does it again! Our Greek partner is doing very well and hopes to expand the use to other networks shortly.

  3. Bill Collins Says:


    Thanks for your response. Congratulations on this deployment for your Acquire software.

    Do you anything about the research firm that did this research on the Carrefour endcaps. Our firm does this kind of research, so I’m interested in what their methdology was, etc.

    Thanks again.

    Bill Collins
    DecisionPoint Media Insights
    Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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