Debenhams Double Sided Touch Screen Totems

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We noticed these double sided touch screen ‘totems’ in Debenhams – in the Westfield Mall in London as it happens but we understand that you might see them elsewhere in their UK stores as well.

It looks like each Totem has two x 42″ LCD Screens annd we are told two x HD Players (but these are probably just Carlipa Group media players or PCs as it is they who have rolled out this installation).

One side of each Totem also has touch screen capability.

The content looked good and was well thought out – the designers had NOT neglected to continuously display for example the ‘Touch Here For A Store Directory’ message and any touch on the screen brings the store directory forward and suspends the promotional content.

It’s all very swish and the second nice installation we have seen from Carlipa Group recently (the other being the GROUPAMA stores), in Paris of course.

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