Midwich Signs Distribution Deal w/ Hive

June 20th, 2024

Andrew Neale

Midwich has signed a distribution deal with Hive, the manufacturer of scalable media servers that suit any size project.

This exclusive agreement allows Midwich and PSCo to offer Hive’s full range of products in the UK and Ireland and will be launched at their ‘Beyond the Pixel’ event on Thursday 20th June at Innovation House, Bracknell. Hive’s sales director, Nigel Sadler, business development manager, Sarah Cox, and co-founder/managing director, Mark Calvert, will be in-person at the event to deliver presentations and demonstrations of their product line to attendees.

The Beehive, Beebox, and Beeblade products create a flexible and scalable media control ecosystem to power complex and creative visuals in a variety of applications including immersive exhibitions, galleries and museums, live shows, theme parks, and high impact advertising.

Hive has been designed from the ground up on a Linux operating system, to provide rock solid reliable high-performance playback, intuitive ease of use, low power consumption meeting very high standards of sustainability throughout the product, company, and deployment process. This is central to the company’s ethos and is supported by their tagline, ‘ingenious by nature’.

Lloyd Platt, business manager at Midwich, told ua “We’re thrilled to welcome Hive’s full product offering to our portfolio. We pride ourselves on the service we provide our partners and for Hive to choose us as their distribution partner in the UK&I is immensely exciting. We look forward to working together and talking to our customers about their product offering at our upcoming ‘Beyond the Pixel’ event hosted at Innovation House on Thursday 20th June.”

Hive was founded by Dave Green, Trey Harrison and Mark Calvert, who have together delivered video systems for global projects including the BBC Earth Experience, Frameless London, Luna Park Theme Park, Bees at World Museum, London 2012 Olympics, Tokyo Olympics, Dubai World Expo, Eric Prydz’s HOLO, Coldplay World Tours, and the National Museum of Qatar.

Cookies to Cohorts in Context @ClearChannelUK Report

June 20th, 2024

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Clear Channel’s latest research report, From Cookies to Cohorts in Context, underscores the significant impact of programmatic digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising on marketers, especially as privacy regulations, cookie deprecation, and ID signal loss complicate customer targeting and campaign measurement.

In this evolving environment, programmatic DOOH emerges as a powerful solution, offering a cookieless, data-driven approach to advertising that enhances targeting and campaign effectiveness while preserving consumer trust.

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Madris Tourism Campaign in Shanghai

June 20th, 2024

Tristan Cotterill

In the economic heart of Shanghai, Worldcom OOH has successfully carried out a campaign in collaboration with Irismedia to promote tourism in the city of Madrid.

With 28 spectacular screens strategically located in the corridors connecting the Reel shopping mall and Jingan Temple metro station, Worldcom OOH and Irismedia have brought the beauty and attractions of the city of Madrid to Chinese citizens, inviting them to discover the Spanish capital.

“The objective of this campaign has been to gain visibility and promote the city of Madrid as a prominent tourist destination, encouraging the audience to travel to the Spanish capital. With a duration of one week and impressive coverage, the campaign has generated over 14 million impressions, thanks to the display of 15-second spots on the 28 advertising screens, with a daily frequency of 240 spots and an operational schedule of 15 hours,” says Mónica Nicieza, Commercial Director for Europe at Worldcom.

Targeted at frequent international travelers interested in urban tourism, culture, lifestyle, gastronomy, and luxury, the campaign has impacted high-income individuals, residents of Shanghai, and tourists.

“Worldcom OOH is proud to have been part of this campaign in such an impressive city as Shanghai, the most populous in China and one of the most populous in the world, and to have been able to bring our experience and global reach in the field of communication and advertising, once again reaffirming our commitment to promoting tourism on a global scale,” concludes Valentín Bueno, CEO of Worldcom OOH.

Irismedia is an advertising and media agency with extensive experience in both national and international markets, founded in 2006. It ranks among the top three independent agencies by revenue in the Spanish market and is the leader in managing clients and campaigns internationally. The agency offers transparency in its actions and services, specializing in optimizing its clients’ investments.

GoVision Rolls Out State-of-the-Art Indoor LED Panels

June 20th, 2024

Andrew Neale

For more than 20 years, GoVision has operated at the cutting edge of LED technology, pioneering the most advanced mobile and fixed LED video displays in the live-event industry.

The company recently retrofitted its entire mobile LED fleet with brand-new high-resolution 3.9mm screens, delivering state-of-the-art clarity, color, pixel quality and brightness to its customers from coast to coast.

Now, GoVision is introducing new 1.9mm fine-pitch indoor panels, which offer a level of video-display flexibility that has never before been possible. The extremely high-res panels, acquired from Recience, feature beveled corners to create seamless edges and true flex curving screens. They are also ideal for constructing LED floors. The new technology – called glue on board – reinforces GoVision’s unique advantages in the competition for higher-resolution indoor events.

“The new indoor panels are absolutely fantastic, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface on the many creative ways we can deploy them at major events,” said Kevin Faciane, GoVision’s CEO & Partner. “We’ve already used them at several high-profile sporting events, including the Men’s Final Four as entry runouts and as a press backdrop at the PGA Championship. We can’t wait to show our long-time customers – and future customers – all the ways we can dramatically enhance their events with this new technology!”

GoVision is a premier provider of large-scale LED video displays renowned for its unique ability to provide ‘Experience Unrivaled’ in live sporting, music and corporate events – both through its rental of large-scale LED video displays and fixed installations.

Cognitiv Partners With Adform

June 19th, 2024

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Cognitiv, the leading provider of deep learning #AI for marketers, has announced an exclusive partnership with Adform, the most powerful and safe media buying platform built for game changers, to exclusively provide ContextGPT™, Cognitiv’s GPT AI-based contextual targeting across the major European languages.

This is the first time that GPT AI based contextual targeting is available to digital advertisers in Europe. PubMatic is the chosen SSP providing inventory access in the deal through their ‘Connect’ solution.

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Media Mea, Phase Integration, ChannelSay Integration

June 19th, 2024

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

media mea, in collaboration with Phase Integration and ChannelSay has announced the launch of an integrated suite of services designed to elevate business performance and drive growth.

Phase Integration brings expertise in advanced networking and cabling, ensuring a robust and reliable infrastructure for digital communication. Their state-of-the-art solutions lay the groundwork for seamless connectivity and operational efficiency.

ChannelSay specializes in automated TV content generation and digital signage, transforming televisions into dynamic advertising platforms. Their innovative approach creates eco-friendly, engaging advertisements that captivate audiences and enhance customer engagement.

media mea LLC offers a comprehensive array of advertising solutions, including:

  • – Mobile Advertising: Delivering targeted, interactive ads on mobile platforms to reach audiences wherever they are.
  • – DOOH Advertising: Implementing comprehensive outdoor advertising campaigns for maximum visibility and impact.
  • – Analytics and Insights: Providing detailed metrics to optimize advertising strategies and measure effectiveness.

Together, these companies provide:

  1. – Advanced Infrastructure Design: Ensuring your business has a solid foundation for all digital operations.
  2. – Automated TV Content Generation: Revolutionizing how businesses use televisions for advertising and information dissemination.
  3. – Innovative Advertising Solutions: Crafting unique and effective campaigns that drive customer engagement and business growth.

Their unified team ensures seamless integration of these services, delivering maximum impact and revolutionizing how businesses communicate and expand.

LG / ChargePoint #EV MOU

June 19th, 2024

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

LG Electronics (LG) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and a definitive agreement for commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging in the United States with ChargePoint, a leading provider of networked charging solutions for EVs.

“There is incredible synergy between our two companies, and we fully anticipate that this partnership will help LG to become a global leader in the EV charging business,” said Suh Heung-kyu, vice president and head of the Electric Vehicle Charging business division of LG Business Solutions Company. “LG will continue to pursue strategic collaborations to advance innovation and further strengthen its status as a total EV charging solutions provider.”

LG anticipates that the MOU will accelerate the growth of its EV charging business. The MOU is also expected to further expedite the growth of LG’s B2B operations and support the company’s transformation into a Smart Life Solutions company.

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IGPDecaux Wins Rome Metro Contract

June 19th, 2024

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

IGPDecaux has won the Metro, buses and tramways contract in Rome (population: 2.8 million). IGPDecaux is a company that is 60% owned by JCDecaux SE and 40% by the du Chène de Vère family.

Following a competitive tender awarded by ATAC, the city’s public transport company, thanks to a Project Financing proposal, the 13-year contract covers the upgrade of the Rome Metro Line A through a major regeneration of the stations that will also include the enhancement of the metro’s advertising assets (Lines A, B-B1, as well as Line C that had no advertising previously). IGPDecaux will also continue to operate the advertising on Rome’s buses and tramways. The Rome Metro, buses and tramways carry nearly 2.6 million passengers per day, totalling 940 million each year.

Alberto Zorzan, General Director of ATAC, said: “The renovation of the metro A stations, which is an integral part of the tender that ATAC has awarded, has a high strategic value that is part of the profound modernisation of the Capital’s transport assets to which ATAC is dedicated. We are confident, moreover, that IGPDecaux, a company with considerable experience behind it, will be able to best interpret our needs by optimally performing the works that are the subject of its proposal. The transformation of the metro A stations will make them more welcoming and functional, being one of the qualifying points of the Jubilee plan. Our customers will be able to leverage benefits over a duration that goes beyond the Holy Year.”

This intervention is part of a detailed plan by the Municipality of Rome to enhance the urban environment and introduce innovative services ahead of the Jubilee year in 2025, when millions of pilgrims and tourists are expected to visit Rome and the Vatican City. This contract is based on a hybrid model where Capex will be financed by a public subsidy and through advertising.

IGPDecaux will handle the detailed design and requalification works at 4 stations on Line A (Spagna, Ottaviano, Cipro by 2024, and San Giovanni by 2026). For the remaining 23 stations on Line A, IGPDecaux will conduct technical and economic feasibility studies, with ATAC directly carrying out the works.

Additionally, IGPDecaux will oversee the artistic direction for all 27 stations, ensuring a cohesive design that will respect each station’s unique artistic and structural characteristics while maintaining a consistent stylistic identity. This approach aims to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the metro environments for users.

The refurbishment will also address wall coverings, which may include cleaning, restoration, and the installation of new materials as needed. Flooring upgrades will feature state-of-the-art, non-slip materials designed for easy maintenance, balancing functionality and design quality.

The project also includes technological upgrades and a complete overhaul of the signage system, featuring a uniform design across the entire line. The modernisation of the layout, based on detailed passenger movement analysis, aims to optimise the selection and organisation of information for clear, effective, and accessible communication, while transforming Rome’s metro into a digital hub. In addition, special pathways will be created to assist visually impaired passengers.

In line with JCDecaux’s Climate strategy targeting Net Zero Carbon by 2050, Rome’s Metro contract aims to reduce carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy in the production phase (indirect emissions) and the power used by these newly installed virtuous products (lighting and digital).

Jean-Charles Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “We are very proud to have been awarded this iconic contract in the Italian Capital, as we approach the Jubilee year in 2025. We would like to thank ATAC, one of the leading urban mobility operators in Italy and one of the largest Local Public Transport companies in Europe, for its confidence in IGPDecaux’s ability to successfully deliver Rome’s Metro contract. The project to upgrade an urban public space such as the metro aligns with our mission to sustainably improve the quality of life for all citizens through proximity and mobility. Our Group will bring its technical, aesthetic, service-oriented and environmental expertise to offer advertisers a powerful communication platform in Italy’s Capital City, including digital displays that will benefit local residents and tourists alike.”

This renovation aims to improve the quality of services offered as well as the travel experience of metro users, benefiting both passengers and advertisers with renovated environments and more innovative and impactful advertising installations. The new layout, which also covers the B-B1 and C lines in addition to the A line, includes the high-profile digitisation of advertising sites, including more than 60 cross-track digital screens, over 166 iVision digital screens with increased station coverage, and the installation of LED wall systems of various sizes to create immersive areas in the mezzanine/lobby level of Spagna and Cipro stations. More than 300 analog spaces in a variety of different formats complete the metro’s offering.

Quebecor Partners w/ @PlaceExchange

June 18th, 2024

Tristan Cotterill

To strengthen its positioning and maintain its trajectory of growth and innovation, Quebecor Out-of-Home has announced a new strategic collaboration by partnering with Place Exchange, the leading Supply-side platform (SSP) specializing in programmatic out-of-home media in the United States, based on supply side partners and international growth.

“We’re thrilled to have Quebecor Out-of-Home as part of our Canadian publisher mix. As a leader within the Quebec market, Quebecor Out-of-Home’s premium inventory expands Place Exchange’s coverage of the Canadian DOOH market to offer digital marketers access to the most desirable screens across the country.” said Nick Bennett, SVP of Partnerships at Place Exchange. “We’re excited to expand this partnership to help grow the Canadian programmatic DOOH market.”

With the addition of Place Exchange to its partners, Quebecor Out-of-Home, at the cutting edge of industry trends, enhances its already established offering with Broadsign Reach, Vistar, and Hivestack, to provide advertisers with even more opportunities to reach their target audiences on Quebecor’s premium digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens, using the same omnichannel Demand-side platforms (DSPs) as for online, mobile, CTV, and other media.

“It is crucial for Quebecor Out-of-Home to remain at the forefront of trends and technologies, in order to meet the evolving needs of advertisers and optimize the impact of their advertising campaigns” stated Michel Drouin, General Manager, Business Development at Quebecor Out-of-Home. “By investing in new technologies and staying attuned to market changes, Quebecor Out-of-Home ensures optimal visibility for its clients, thus consolidating its reputation as a visionary leader in the out-of-home industry.“

The out-of-home advertising market in Canada is booming, with forecasted growth of nearly 7% according to Statista, and DOOH is leading the way. Quebecor Out-of-Home solidifies its leadership position in the industry by partnering with Place Exchange; the leading SSP in programmatic out-of-home media in the United States, based on supply side partners and international growth. Place Exchange revolutionized programmatic DOOH by opening up inventory not just to buyers using single-channel DSPs focused only on DOOH, but to omnichannel DSPs that holistically activate campaigns across all major media channels, leveraging advanced targeting, analytics, and measurement capabilities enabled by Place Exchange’s patented and proprietary technology.

Quebecor Out-of-Home, a division of Quebecor, is a cornerstone of impactful out-of-home advertising, boasting the widest range of urban furniture in Quebec, with a network of over 14,000 advertising faces in the Montreal CMA, Quebec CMA, and Sherbrooke markets. With an ever-evolving offering, strategic partnerships in programmatic advertising, unlimited media creativity, great flexibility, convergence strength, and the use of cutting-edge technology, Quebecor Out-of-Home stands out for its strong connection with advertisers and consumers. QuebecorPlace Exchange is a 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ company and a 2024 AdExchanger Programmatic Power Player. Out-of-Home invests in the development of new markets and innovative products and is committed to a sustainable footprint.

Place Exchange is a 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ company and a 2024 AdExchanger Programmatic Power Player.

#GenAI Interactive DOOH Experience

June 18th, 2024

Tristan Cotterill

Garnier Thailand, Wavemaker and Aircards have used Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to create an interactive DOOH experience showcasing Pride supporters in all their unique glory.

Garnier, the no. 1 skincare brand in Thailand, and its agency Wavemaker enlisted UK-based creative tech partner, Aircards, to create an innovative DOOH Pride experience that lets people celebrate their uniqueness with help from generative AI.

Taking place during the Bangkok Pride Festival on Saturday June 1, 2024, the experience – which straddled 3,790 square metres of prime billboard – encouraged LGBTQ people and allies to upload their selfies in return for a digital Garnier makeover that celebrates each person’s uniqueness.

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