Rumours That Samsung Display Will Split its OLED & LCD Business

March 29th, 2015

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Samsung Display was spun off from Samsung Electronics in April 2012 and in July 2012, in an attempt to streamline operations, Samsung Mobile Display was merged into Samsung Display (SDC), which still maintains two display unist; OLED and LCD.

OLED-Info, the comprehensive online portal for all things OLED, is now reporting that SDC is planning to split itself into two companies – one for OLED displays and one for LCDs.

OLED-Info states that “Samsung Display had a tough 2014 … and posted low operating profits and even a loss in Q3 as it lost its market leadership to LG Display. SDC now ‘blames’ its LCD business of “pulling down the entire earnings” while OLEDs are highly profitable. The LCD unit is reportedly lowering morale, too“.

Is Hammersmith Towers Ready To Go Live?

March 28th, 2015

Andrew Neale

As it looks like Hammersmith Towers (shown below with no-longer in place scaffolding) is almost ready to go live, more details are starting to emerge about the latest digital billboard along the M4 into and out of London.

Hammersmith Towers

Hammersmith Towers is owned by Clear Channel UK, was built by SIS Digital, it’s been switched on, the scaffolding has now come down and although it is not yet playing any advertising content, it looks like it is ready to go live.

We ‘think’ the LED is Philips, but as Philips don’t actually manufacturing their own LED, it’s very likely a white label Absen LED product.

Margit Kittridge Added 2 @fepeOOH Annual Congress

March 28th, 2015

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

As if Dave Trott, Nancy Fletcher and Annie Rickard were not enough (see earlier posts; keynote speaker and ‘additional speakers added‘ here) we note that Margit Kittridge, Vice-President and Digital Director of Titan360 will be appearing at the FEPE 56th Annual Congress, which takes place Wednesday June 10th to Friday June 12th at the Intercontinental Hotel, Budapest, to tell all about Titan’s digital strategy in North America and in particular, their digital kiosks in New York City.

TDIC2014 Margit Kittridge - TitanMargit spoke eloquently for us at The DailyDOOH Investor Conference last year – you can read an interview with Margit here also, ahead of that speaking engagement, Ed.

Margit joined Titan in March 2014 to lead the digital business development efforts and strategic growth of Titan’s digital out-of-home portfolio. She is tasked with overseeing Titan’s digital transit advertising network, as well as running the digital ad ops team. In addition to enhancing Titan’s digital sales and marketing efforts, Margit also establishes new trading platforms, network partnerships, and advises on new software integrations.

Prior to joining Titan, Margit served as Executive Director of Marketing and Digital Business Development for The Wall Street Journal Office Network. During her tenure at WSJON, she provided strategic and tactical leadership for the evolution of WSJON’s business into emerging digital planning and buying platforms. She led the development of WSJON/Bizo new office product to re-target viewers of WSJON lobby screens via digital display ads served to their desktop browsers. In her role at WSJON, she also oversaw the market research function, including audience and campaign effectiveness research.

Previously, Margit worked as Client Strategy Director for Annalect, the data and technology unit of Omnicom Media Group, where she drove the new Annalect offerings for Midwest clients. Prior to that, she was Manager of Strategic Marketing and Analytics at the Tribune Media Group in Chicago and lead development of integrated, cross-channel solutions leveraging TMG’s versatile assets across digital, print and broadcast platforms. Before joining TMG, Margit worked in various positions at Starcom MediaVest Group in Chicago after being transferred over from Budapest, Hungary, where she was the Media Director for Leo Burnett Budapest.

The 56th FEPE congress, titled “Your Audience is Waiting”, will be held between Wednesday June 10th and Friday June 12th at the Intercontinental Hotel, Budapest.

Further speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Final #AWEurope Twitter Analysis

March 27th, 2015

Andrew Neale

Here’s our final #AWEurope twitter analysis for the last 30 days.

aweurope final 2015 anaylsis

No. of Tweets: 32,305
No. of Twitter impressions: 355,218,590
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 7,337
No. of Twitter users reached: 29,389,854

final aweurope twitter chart 2

Highest number of tweets per minute was 35 (on 2015-03-24 10:41)

CEO Spotlight: Steven Lundstrom, Mediplay Inc., Huntington Beach

March 27th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

This month we welcome Steven Lundstrom, CEO, Mediplay Inc., Huntington Beach, California

Steven Mediplay 1

  • Will you tell us a little bit about Mediplay? Mediplay was founded in 2004 by Dr. William LeLiever, an ENT physician and his son, Jamie LeLiever. Dr. LeLiever was looking for a way to better inform his patients on the wide range of services that his practice offered. What started out as a locked down 20 min. DVD loop, has turned into a robust networked solution that now provides physicians and their staff with all the tools they need to inform, educate and motivate their patients.Over the years our in-house animators have created over 600 medical videos covering 23 different specialties, each of which is presented to the patient in a very informative, yet easy to understand format. Combine this video library with the ability to create custom content in minutes, and practices are finding that it is possible to implement Mediplay within days of placing the order. There isn’t any heavy equipment to install and they can use their existing HDTV. It really couldn’t be much easier.
  • What is your personal background? How and when did you get into digital signage? I’ve had several businesses. The last one I had was a natural candle company called Aroma Naturals. I started making natural scented candles with pure essential oils in the kitchen in 1996 and grew it to be a large player in the candle business. Yankee Candle Company bought the company in 2005. I retired in Laguna Beach and kept my eyes and ears open for something interesting and fell in love with Mediplay.I was initially introduced to Mediplay as an investment. In 2011, after spending some time at Mediplay, I bought a majority stake and jumped right back into the CEO role again. The concept of an ad-free digital signage solution in a doctor’s waiting area was unique and refreshing, so I changed the ad-based business model, to an ad-free one.
  • What particularly enticed you into the healthcare vertical? Mediplay was founded by an ENT physician so we have always been involved in the medical vertical. Although at the moment, Mediplay is exclusively in healthcare facilities, the system could easily be used in any vertical because of the flexibility we have created with our online management platform.
  • Your system uses any basic television set rather than specifically designed digital screens. What do you see as the advantage of that? Are there any disadvantages? Practices often already have a TV in their waiting room showing either daytime TV or a DVD loop. By simply hooking up our small media player to that existing screen, they have an in-office digital signage network without a huge outlay of cash. Consumer screens are more than adequate for the hours of use and the environment where Mediplay is installed.

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NUITEQ Raises USD 920,000

March 27th, 2015

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

NUITEQ, the award-winning multitouch software developer, announced this week, that it has raised a 7,8 MSEK (USD 920,000) series A round of financing, led by Swedish venture capital firm Inlandsinnovation AB.

In addition to Inlandsinnovation, several business angels from Sweden and Holland participated in the venture financing round.

We are told that the investment will be utilised to accelerate NUITEQ’s growth worldwide, support its global partner network, as well as further develop its software innovations.

Harry van der Veen, CEO at NUITEQ told us “We are very excited about this investment, as it validates the potential of our company and products. Our software solutions for interactive touchscreens are making a significant impact within classrooms and corporate meeting rooms. Leveraging our interactive technology, our customers are improving the way they communicate and learn. This investment will assist us to further drive growth in these areas.”

Andrej Kledzik, Investment Manager at Inlandsinnovation said “The interest in interactive technologies is big in education, retail and ‘infotainment’. NUITEQ is a leading edge company, that we believe has great growth potential both nationally as well as internationally.”

NUITEQ’s customers and partners include Lenovo, 3M, NEC, Ericsson, Accenture and General Electric.

The company’s software product Snowflake Suite, which comes in three editions, namely Business, Entertainment and Education (MultiTeach), is used in over 70 countries around the world.

Clear Channel Outdoor Adds To Canadian Sales Team

March 27th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Clear Channel Company Canada, Toronto, has announced the addition of three new sales-related positions in its Montreal and Toronto offices.

Caroline Letellier

Caroline Letellier

In the Montreal office, currently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Caroline Letellier has joined the company as an account executive with responsibility for existing clients and new business development in Quebec and the Maritimes.

Letellier is a seasoned sales-marketing professional with 20 years of relevant sales experience.

Annalicia Iker

Annalicia Iker

In Toronto, Annalicia Iker joins the company as import sales manager. In this position, she will assist account executives in numerous sales offices in the US and other countries with their outdoor media placements in the Canadian market.

She has past experience in out-of-home serving large media agencies and national advertisers.

Martha Chomyn

Martha Chomyn

Another addition in Toronto is Martha Chomyn who becomes sales coordinator.

Her previous work included duties with city councilors and the Canadian Media Production Association.

“The addition of these new resources to our sales team will help maintain the high servicing standards that agencies and advertisers come to expect from Clear Channel Outdoor,” says Adam Butterworth, president of Clear Channel Outdoor Canada.

Clear Channel Outdoor Canada is active in eight Canadian airports, spectacular billboards, mall media, major urban centers such as Dundas Square in Toronto and transit shelters in Ottawa. During 2014 the company’s concessions in Canada grew to include Union Station and Billy Bishop City Center Airport.

Stuart Fenwick Joins Medialease

March 27th, 2015

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Stuart Fenwick has joined the specialist asset finance company Medialease.

Medialease managing director, Paul Robson said “Stuart’s combination of experience, industry knowledge and being a well-known face ideally place him to provide the kind of service that we are renowned for,”

“Whether it’s a long-established client or a brand new one, they come to us because they want to make a significant investment. To ensure they get the best deal and have the confidence to make that investment, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Stuart has a proven track record in customer-facing roles and we are very pleased to have him on board.”

DOOH Influence Proven on (Other) Media & Wider Universe

March 27th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

A new study using neuroscience demonstrates for the first time how digital out of home positively influences responses to other media, exerting a clear impact on the wider digital universe.

Neuro PR ImageThe pioneering research, conducted by Neuro-Insight for Ocean Outdoor, used brain imaging to explore the neurological impact of digital out of home on other screen and mobile devices.

The results of the Beyond Out Of Home study were released today (Friday, March 27) at BAFTA in London before an invited audience of 100 advertising executives, media buyers and industry specialists.

Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro-Insight (UK) which conducted the study, said: “A previous study had demonstrated that premium outdoor sites positively primed responses to standard outdoor sites. In this new study, we set out to discover whether this priming effect worked beyond outdoor and could apply to other screen based media that is consumed out of home. 

“The results were unequivocal in demonstrating strong priming impacts, but we actually found even more than we expected.  First of all, we discovered that, regardless of the creative, mere exposure to the priming medium had an impact. 

“People who’d seen digital out of home first responded more strongly to advertising on mobile devices, even when not linked to the campaign they had seen on DOOH, than those who’d been exposed to television.

“We call this the congruence effect because it demonstrates for the first time the importance of environment and the power of “brainstate” on people’s responses to advertising.”

Tim Bleakley, Ocean CEO, told us “The findings have clear implications for maximising the impact of cross-media screen campaigns by harnessing the specific priming impact of digital out of home.  

“We already knew that iconic, large format advertising delivers heightened emotional response and strong memory encoding, and that this impact is heightened by full motion screens.  We also knew going into this study, that large, iconic sites had a positive priming effect on other OOH advertising.  This new study takes the learnings further, to show that the priming impact of DOOH extends beyond the OOH world and into the wider all screen media universe. 

“We’ve now established that there is a clear congruence between screen experiences out of home, and the combination of large and small screens, accessed on the go, is a particularly powerful one.”


Neuro-research was chosen as the way of exploring impact, because it provides a means of looking at people’s emotional, sub-conscious responses, which are difficult to assess through traditional, questions-based research.

The sample consisted of 192 people, made up of equal numbers of men and women, with an age range from 18 to 65.  People were convened in groups of eight in London and Birmingham.

To ensure the study was robust, the neuroscientists set up a control; whilst some people were exposed to DOOH ads, others were exposed to ads from the same campaigns on television.  Two advertising campaigns for Peugeot and Lynx were deployed and the sample split further so that half the people from both the DOOH and TV groups saw each campaign at the priming media stage.

Prior to brain readings taking place, people were exposed to advertising for one of the two brands, either on a DOOH site or on television.  People only saw the digital site by walking past it on the way to the study location from a pre-arranged meeting point, and saw the TV ad in a programme that was aired “in the background” in a holding room prior to the research session starting.  In neither case was people’s attention explicitly drawn to the medium or the advertising messages.

Respondents were then were exposed to branded messages for the two featured brands in magazines and on iPads. Using this approach, neuroscientists were able to compare:

  • Responses to magazine and mobile online ads amongst those who had previously been exposed to DOOH advertising
  • Responses to magazine and mobile online ads amongst those who had previously been exposed to TV advertising.

In each case, they could examine responses to unlinked advertising and responses to ads from the same campaign.


Prior exposure to a creative campaign on television led to higher levels of response when another execution from that campaign was subsequently seen in a magazine.

Prior exposure to a creative campaign on a full motion digital OOH site led to higher levels of response when another execution from that campaign was subsequently seen on a mobile screen.

But the reverse is not true; television does not prime responses to mobile screens and OOH does not prime responses to magazines; demonstrating an important role played by the congruence between priming medium and primed experience.

This effect is statistically significant and reflects what is called the congruence effect – the impact of environment and ‘brainstate’ on responses.  TV is immersive and involves a sedentary state in the home, just like magazine reading.  DOOH involves a heightened response to communication seen out of home whilst on the go, just like mobile devices.  The brain is very receptive to the power of context and congruence plays a role in how we respond to things, as this study shows.

Note that Heather Andrew  will be presenting at 11:30 on May 19, 2015 at The DailyDOOH Media Summit in London.

Emerson Loustau Joins TransitScreen

March 27th, 2015

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Emerson Loustau has joined TransitScreen as Chief Technology Officer. Emerson will be responsible for managing and growing the company’s growing technology and support team.

Emerson is a designer, developer, and problem solver. He has worked on a wide range of projects, involving a wide variety of technologies, frameworks, and tools. As a designer, he specializes in complex user interfaces and responsive web design. As a developer, he specializes in rapidly-evolving front-end web technologies. Emerson was formerly Chief Technology Officer of the New York City Wall Street startup, Street Of Walls.

The release said, we quote “Emerson is an active participant in the open source community and is constantly learning new things”. and so fully expect him to take a look at OpenSplash rather than re-invent the player.

TransitScreen CEO Matt Caywood said “Bringing Emerson on board as Chief Technology Officer is the smartest move TransitScreen can make to advance our technology leadership. Emerson brings his technical vision and experience to the team, and will play an integral role in TransitScreen’s strategic direction, development, and growth.”