Dave Petschack Discusses doohfa

October 9th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

When we wrote last month about the new product doohfa, which provides off-the-shelf dynamic content for Digital Out-Of-Home networks, we decided to find out more about it, the company and the people behind it, so interviewed Dave Petschack, CEO and founder of OFA Marketing Production in Chippendale, Australia.

Neice Waddington, Dave Petschack

Neice Waddington, Dave Petschack

Petschack began his career 30 years ago, working in ad agencies, mainly in the creative and production side, until his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he founded OFA Marketing Production in 1996.

“We are a service and creative business, working for many brands and putting a lot of them, such as Land Rover, Revlon and Universal Pictures on Out-of-Home media across Australia,” says Petschack. “We were seeing gaps in the way companies were using OOH and DOOH, so when our broadcast client Channel Nine asked us if we could find a way to simplify using social marketing with DOOH, we produced doohfa about 12 months ago. It’s a web application that’s simple to use, and while Channel Nine was initially interested in using it in relation to sports scores, we’ve now been using it for all types of clients who want to incorporate Instagram or Twitter or any social media into their content.

“In Australia, all the main players are rolling out DOOH because they see that its dynamic and it engages consumers. But until recently, they’ve been grappling on how to make social media work for them. Although doohfa has only recently launched, we’ve had 10 different activations so far.

“Because it’s a web platform, clients can get the material, curate it, approve, and post it and it can be on its DOOH boards or screens in seconds. We provide a doohfa template so the client can see how it will look and can set parameters as to what he wants.”

doohfa (ie. Digital Out-of-Home For All) can be used on any size indoor or outdoor digital screen – “anything that has a media player,” says Petschack – and for anything from sports scores (which obviously don’t have to be curated) to corporate messages, campus info and much more. As we wrote previously, when doohfa was used at a recent arts festival, it delivered over 2,000 Instagram images to the digital screen in a five hour period.

If used on an advertising loop where the client has one ad out of eight, for example, with doohfa, the new social media content can overlay the ad originally scheduled.

OFA Marketing Production provides the information, training and support associated with doohfa. Pricing is in two parts. One is the annual licencing fee. There’s a sliding scale, and, obviously, a short term fee for, eg. a festival or other event held only once a year. Second is the activation fee.

“It’s web based and hosted in the cloud, and we’ll licence it around the world,” says Petschack, who works with business partner Neice Waddington, operations director, who takes the lead on doohfa. Waddington also has a background in advertising, creative and film production.

“There’s no installation needed, no great technical knowledge needed,” Petschack says. “It’s off-the-shelf and, we believe, simpler than anything else out there for using social media content on DOOH.

“At the moment, doohfa is only a small part of OFA Marketing Production’s business, but we can foresee it becoming a major focus for us in the next 12 months.”

Linkable Networks Launches Shopper Attribution Solution Bridging Digital And In-Store

October 8th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Linkable Networks has officially launched the Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform, enabling retailers, for the first time, to directly measure the impact of their digital media on in-store sales based on actual consumer transactions.

Tom Burgess, CEO

Tom Burgess, CEO

A retailer’s in-store shopper data has previously been limited to test and control or panels for measurement. With the introduction of Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform, retailers no longer have to wonder what digital and social media investment is driving in-store sales. Measuring the purchase behavior of 180 million cardholders in the U.S., the Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform gives brands and retailers a new way to incentivize and reward consumers for purchasing specific products in-store, where 93% of all retail sales still occur.

While e-commerce has been growing at a rapid pace, many retailers have struggled with driving in-store sales growth. And with increased competition from Amazon and direct-fulfillment by manufacturers, retailers need a more effective way to increase foot traffic in-store where the average customer spend is typically higher than online.

The Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform helps retailers instantly promote incentives that convert the 71% of shoppers, who are researching price, coupons and reviews while in-store, into buyers. While the industry has found the ability to measure digital media’s impact on e-commerce to be easy, Linkable has solved the digital to in-store attribution problem.

Mike Di Franza, President

Mike Di Franza, President

While this Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform is available immediately regarding mobile and digital one-line, tests are currently underway for making it available for digital out-of-home media.

“This the holy grail,” says Mike Di Franza, Linkable Network president. “This is what has been missing with digital out-of-home. There hasn’t been a way to tie a viewer seeing an ad to his or her actual purchase. With this, if a consumer is exposed to an ad, they can text eg. 1-2-3-4 and it links to the credit card. Then we know it drills down to the actual purchase.

“This will be a natural extension for DOOH, and will give the industry the chance to really prove itself. If it works as we believe it will – and we are currently doing full testing on this – Linkable will roll out for the DOOH industry in Q2, 2016.”

De Franza says that the company is also looking at how the Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform might also be activated with other media, as well.

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All of the #OceanDCC Winners 2015

October 8th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

Here are ALL of this year’s winners for #OceanDCC, Ocean Outdoor’s Digital Creative Competition…

Interactive Category

  • Winner
    Brand: NHS Blood and Transplant
    Agency: 23red
    Campaign: Blood Donation

    Designed to address a drop in the number of blood donors, this virtual donation campaign shows the transformational effect of giving blood. Passers-by are asked to use their mobile to connect to a microsite and “upload” a virtual donation which automatically fills a bag on the large digital screen. As more blood flows, a patient featured on the screen requiring the donation grows healthier, physically demonstrating the difference giving blood makes.

    The judges said “The use of an augmented reality app via the phone for donation is superb. The creative mechanism of filling up the bag on the big outdoor screen is simple and powerful.”

  • 2nd place
    Brand: RSPCA
    Agency: Kinetic, MediaCom
    Campaign: Play with Pooch

    Abandoned dogs in need of a home star in this interactive campaign which invites people to interact with one of them live via their phones or iPads. Users can play with the dogs via the big screens, talk to them through their phone and throw them rewards. At the end of the session, the dogs’ backstories are told and people can register to either adopt a dog or donate to the charity which rescues them.

    The judges said “Such an engaging campaign and we like the use of live streaming. The fulfilment mechanism really delivers.”

  • 3rd place
    Brand: Mini
    Agency: iris Worldwide
    Campaign: MINI Modesty

    MINI owners are without doubt passionate car owners. This campaign unlocks that pride, using digital out of home to put their MINI in the limelight. Data stored on owners’ MINI key fobs is translated onto DOOH screens, allowing the exact colour and model to hog the screen until another MINI owner comes along and steals the limelight. MINI Modesty challenges owners to accumulate as much screen time as they can to win prizes and upgrades.

    The judges said “The use of key fob data defines 100% of target audience. We like the easy participation, the insight led competitive idea and the excellent 360 degree integration.”

Creative Techniques

  • Winner
    Brand: Odeon
    Agency: Talon
    Collaborators: MD OMD, Grand Visual
    Campaign: Smarter Cinema

    The cinema chain combines micro level audience data and digital out of home technology to serve hyper local cinema adverts about ticket availability directly to digital screens within the vicinity of an Odeon. Content is updated to deliver the most effective information in real time, serving geo targeted mobile adverts to amplify the messages.

    The judges said “Brutally normal, but brilliant all the same. It makes a lot of sense, using smart real-time based solutions to resolve a local business problem. The novelty factor is that it hasn’t been done before.”

  • 2nd Place
    Brand: London Cycling
    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
    Campaign: Help make London’s roads safer

    The London Cycling campaign strives for a city that encourages Londoners to cycle. More than 3,000 cyclists however were seriously injured or killed on the roads in 2014. This campaign uses out of home sites in danger spots to actively reduce cycling accidents.
    Using traffic facing sites, recognition cameras pick out cyclists, using augmented reality to overlay highly visible, light hearted images, (such as a chicken) onto the rider, thus making them a lot more visible to the drivers around them.

    The judges said “This is a very simple device to help save lives. The campaign is super targeted to accident black spots and its use of augmented reality in a light hearted way is bang on for the medium.”

  • 3rd Place
    Brand: Eurostar
    Agency: Liveposter
    Campaign: Fly with Eurostar

    Targeted at passengers on their way to London Heathrow, this campaign is the first to target
    travellers by mindset as they struggle through the inevitable jams, roadworks and other stressful road and weather conditions to reach the check in gate. Liveposter’s platform constantly monitors the state of the roads and other factors to map a stress zone for drivers within the vicinity of the Two Towers West. The creative dispels the myth that flying between London and Paris is faster.

    The judges said “This plane versus train campaign is spot on. Really smart, targeting people by mindset by serving adverts about the problems they face. In this instance, increasing their paranoia has got merit!”

You can see all of the 2015 winning campaigns here.

Odeon & ‘NHS Blood and Transplant’ Win #OceanDCC

October 8th, 2015

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s winners for #OceanDCC, Ocean Outdoor’s Digital Creative Competition, which celebrates pushing the creative boundaries in digital out of home advertising, were announced at a standing-room only awards ceremony, of more than 500 guests from the UK’s media, creative and advertising sectors, at London’s BFI IMAX early Thursday morning

Odeon winner 2015

The Odeon cinema chain and ‘NHS Blood and Transplant’ were named overall winners.

  • Odeon came first in the Creative Techniques category for Smarter Cinema, created by Talon, in collaboration with MG OMD and Grand Visual. The campaign combines micro level audience data and digital out of home technology to serve hyper local live adverts about ticket availability. Content is updated to deliver the most effective information in real time, serving geo targeted mobile adverts to amplify the messages.
  • NHS Blood and Transplant took first prize in the Interactive category for Blood Donation, a campaign which deploys augmented reality via an interactive app to encourage people to give blood. The campaign was created by 23red.


Mini, the RSPCA, Eurostar and London Cycling were named runners-up in the digital competition which attracted a record 91 entries, a third more than 2014 showing significant incremental growth every year the competition has existed.

Entries were judged by a panel of 12 cross industry creative, advertising and media experts. The winners share a GBP 450,000 prize pot and a chance for their concepts to be showcased on Ocean’s iconic DOOH locations and networks across the UK.

Ocean CEO Tim Bleakley told us “The sixth competition has given us record entries and an overall increased standard, with yet another impressive shortlist of outstanding creative ideas. Our winners are striking in the power of their visual ideas and innovative use of technology. They deserve to be recognised for their immediacy and relevance to their target audiences.”

Last year’s winning campaign created by WCRS for Women’s Aid generated global mainstream news coverage and went on to collect amongst many others, two distinguished Cannes Lions awards; a gold for digital out of home and a silver in the Cyber category, and a Silver Clio – the ultimate prize and yet another defining moment for Ocean’s competition!

You can see all of the 2015 winning campaigns here.

Dan Levi Named CMO At @CCOutdoorNA

October 8th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Dan Levi has joined New York-based Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia Inc., as chief marketing officer, reporting directly to Scott Wells, CEO.

Dan Levi Headshot 2015Levi will lead the organization’s overall marketing strategy and execution in support of the company’s vision of enabling advertisers and brands to captivate audiences wherever they are. He brings deep expertise in developing digital marketing strategies and has a proven track record of driving significant revenue growth, developing brands and creating opportunities for B2B and B2C marketing organizations.

Levi joins CCOA from Levi Media Advisory, a consulting company he founded to advise businesses at the intersection of media, advertising, technology and marketing.

“Starting my own business is something I’ve always dreamed of, and running Levi Media Advisory has been a fantastic experience,” says Levi. “However, as technology continues to dramatically change the media landscape, the opportunity at Clear Channel Outdoor Americas presented a phenomenal personal and professional challenge that I frankly couldn’t resist. Clear Channel is poised for strong growth; we have the creative talent, media capabilities and commitment to innovation to provide clients with unparalleled advertising and marketing solutions.”

At CCOA, Levi joins a senior leadership team that has a strong mix of traditional and digital expertise, including Erika Goldberg (Patch, NBCU); Bob McCuin (Townsquare, iHeartMedia); and Andy Stevens (Share This, AOL).

Prior to launching his own firm, Levi was CMO at Captivate, a digital place-based media network. He previously held senior-level digital marketing positions at companies including Zoom Media and Monster Worldwide, and brings a wide media marketing experience that will help CCOA leverage both its traditional and digital assets to push the boundaries of out-of-home campaigns and location-based advertising programs.

“Dan has a remarkable ability to develop strategies that drive tangible results for advertising partners and has a keen sense of how to translate new technologies into new opportunities in the media industry,” says Wells. “I’m glad we could offer him a compelling reason to step back into the corporate world. He will be instrumental in helping us find new and creative ways to drive revenue.”

As CMO at Captivate, Levi led the digital place-based media network’s marketing, research, programming and creative departments. Notably, he spearheaded the Partnerships and Ad Sales Strategies, integrating Captivate with digital advertising technologies, including programmatic ad exchanges, dynamically updated digital content and mobile engagement platforms. He also supervised industry-leading market research and negotiated mutually beneficial partnerships for Captivate with top media and technology organizations including The Wall Street Journal, Tribeca Film Festival and xAd.

As senior vice-president of marketing and research at Zoom Media, he led marketing, research, public relations, online marketing and corporate partnerships. He also held senior positions at Monster Worldwide, where he was CMO for the Internet Advertising Division, and at World Wresting Entertainment where he was the senior vice-president of marketing for over three years. He earlier held multiple marketing positions at MTV.

New London Digital Network 1,000 @JCDecaux_UK Screens

October 8th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

JCDecaux, the world’s largest Outdoor advertising company and the UK’s number one, this week announced its vision for the Outdoor landscape in London – The London Digital Network or LDN.

JCDecaux will take over the world’s largest bus shelter advertising concession from January 1, 2016 and start to build out a network of 1,000 digital screens.

JCDecaux LDN 470

The digital bus shelters will comprise 84” screens, the biggest of its kind ever deployed at scale and is nearly 40% larger than the existing screens. The screens will be deployed in the capital’s major retail zones where GBP 1 in every GBP 5 of the UK’s retail spend takes place.

As part of the LDN roll out, JCDecaux will look to completely digitise Oxford Street, installing double sided digital bus shelters along Europe’s most important shopping street. Vital to the thriving heart of London, Oxford Street attracts shoppers, tourists, commuters and residents.

In order to deliver optimised LDN campaigns, the channel will be supported through big data and a new supply-side platform called SmartBRICS. Retail spend data from CACI, social media feeds and frame-by-frame audiences from Route can be used to target campaigns to optimise audience delivery. The SmartBRICS engine will enable campaigns to serve the right copy to the right screen in the right location at the right time.

Jean-François Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, told us “JCDecaux plans to make London the global showcase for digital Out-of-Home with more than 50% of its UK advertising revenues forecast to be coming from digital by 2017. The new 84” screen is a step change in display quality and the scale of our build out will provide a new communication channel for London, backed by big data that will transform what is possible in Out-of-Home.”

JCDecaux also announced the launch of Connected London which is an exclusive panel of 5,000 Londoners who will provide daily data on mindset, attitudes, brand preferences and lifestyle. This new community will provide essential insight into what makes Londoners tick and how they can be targeted via the LDN.

PRN Brand Returns As A @STRATACACHE Company

October 8th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Do you remember when people bemoaned the idea that the famed and solid brand PRN was changed to IZ-ON Media under a certain Ahmad Ouri, the then president and CEO? (We were among them.)

Well, as a member of the STRATACACHE family since July, the company has reclaimed the PRN brand to represent its deep focus and roots in retail. Working with the largest brands and retailers in the world, PRN is a major provider of in-store shopper video, mobile and content marketing solutions that activate shoppers along the path to purchase right up to the point of sale.

“The acquisition of PRN enables us to build out our suite of shopper marketing solutions,” says Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO and founder. “PRN brings to STRATACACHE a 23-year track record of creating compelling in-store content experiences, and bringing brands to the table through innovative approaches to monetization. With their deep understanding of, the PRN teathe shopper mindset, the team knows how to help brands and retailers win multiple moments of truth.”

PRN’s in-store communication platforms help retailers amplify their shopper marketing initiatives and brands deliver targeted customized messaging. With STRATACACHE as its parent company, PRN now possesses significantly expanded technology capabilities to deliver all-in-one shopper engagement solutions and support key omnichannel strategies for retailers and brands alike.

“Joining STRATACACHE is the logical next step in PRN’s evolution. We’re now able to combine our deep expertise in shopper engagement solutions with the core technology of STRATACACHE,” says Kevin Carbone, CEO of PRN. “Our collaboration is already providing the in-store digital innovation that brands and retailers require to exceed the expectations of the 21st century consumer.”

CBN Campus Media – Blue Bite Partnership Expands Campus mTAG Magnet Program

October 7th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

CBN Campus Media, Oceanside, California-based provider of integrated static and digital media products on college campuses, and Blue Bite, New York, have expanded their partnership as they officially launch their Campus mTAG Magnet Program.

Blue Bite campusFollowing a successful pilot, the deployment will reach over 19,000 students on 20 campuses across the US.

In 2013, CBN Campus Media partnered with Blue Bite to install multimedia advertising on 93 college campuses across the United States with the intent of extending target-based advertising on campuses into a new realm of mobile interaction for students. As part of the broader Near Field Communication and Quick Response enabled mTAG rollout across the 93 schools, they launched an mTAG Campus Refrigerator Magnet Program in 900 dedicated student housing units across two university campuses.

Using Blue Bite’s proprietary mTAG, students were given the opportunity to receive dynamic, daily interactive content from the comfort of their dorms. mTAG interactions directed students to content and campaigns that were relevant to college students, including campus-specific information and announcements as well as marketing campaigns. The platform allowed brands like Adobe and content providers to target their audience and display user-specific campaigns based on the preferences of each student.

To motivate students to engage with the mTAGs, the campaigns included a series of promotions and giveaways. Daily Sweepstakes gave students the opportunity to win gift cards from a variety of brands like Starbucks, Chipotle, and favorite local shops. Other contests, like the ‘Selfie’ Sweepstakes and the Best Halloween Costume contests encouraged students to take selfies with their mTAG magnets to be entered to win additional giveaways and deals.

The pilot run of the Campus mTAG Magnet Program was tremendously successful garnering 1,000+ interactions (taps/scans). Local deals saw an 82% click-through rate and a 10% conversion rate. The ‘Selfie’ Sweepstakes saw a 62% click-through rate, while the Halloween Contest drew a 75% click-through rate.

Through CBN and Blue Bite’s collaboration, advertisers had exclusive and direct access to their target market, while providing students with valuable offers, content and information specific to their interests and the college demographic. These multimedia advertisements were located in dorms, student unions, cafeterias and other highly populated locations on campuses to achieve maximum impact.

Students were excited to receive the gift cards, showing true interest in the daily contests, and due to the immense success of the Campus mTAG Magnet Program pilot, Blue Bite and CBN Campus Media plan to implement the program at an additional 75 college campuses beginning Winter 2016. Included in this activation will be the use of Blue Bite esca beacons, which will be deployed throughout the college campuses. Students will be made aware of local discounts and offers through beacon notifications sent to their smartphones. This will provide an additional 80,000+ students access to exclusive and valuable content and give brands and content providers an even greater ability to reach their target audience at scale.

Glanz Digital Rebrands As Corner Media, Expands 2 New Markets

October 7th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Corner Media is the new name for Glanz Digital, a location-based digital media company based in Tysons, Virginia.

The rebranding reflects the company’s renewed focus on integrated digital advertising solutions. But Corner Media is not sitting in a ‘corner’. Rather, it’s expanding into new markets, currently along the eastern seaboard.

Our readers might remember that Glanz Media attracted Mike Di Franza, former founder, president and CEO, Captivate Network, and former chair of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, as a member of its advisory board.

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#ISE1016 Means 33% More Time 2 Get Business Done

October 6th, 2015

Geny Caloisi

Integrated Systems Europe sold out a record five months ahead of the show and with Europe’s largest audiovisual exhibition attracting almost 60,000 visitors earlier this year, the event will once again take over the whole of the RAI conference centre in Amsterdam BUT this time it will be for four days (February 9-12, 2016), instead of the traditional three.



Anyone that has visited the show in previous years would agree that you can never see it all. Its dimensions and the number of conferences and interesting things on offer, makes it almost impossible to have just a casual stroll through the halls. Forward planning and a detailed study of the floor plan are essential not to walk endlessly and get to do what we want to every day of the show.

Integrated Systems Events Managing Director Mike Blackman, told me “Next year’s show has been extended to four days. We want to give visitors and exhibitors a chance to do more networking and better business, hence we added an extra day.”

In the past some people commented that an extra day would be an additional expenditure that smaller exhibitors might not be able to afford. To this Blackman responded, “We have a sold out show. No exhibitor has complained about the extended day. On the contrary, many companies were asking for it.” He added that, once the costs of the stand build, the staff and accommodation are sorted, the extra day will signify around a six percent cost increase for 33 per cent more value. As it finishes on a Friday, Blackman said that ISE is talking to people in Amsterdam to help anyone that wants to enjoy this city during the weekend, with deals and discounts.

In terms of conferences, #ISE2016 will have a focus on IT/AV integration and for the first time, there will be a one-day conference on Hospitality, including digital signage in hotels and integrated building information for this industry.

At #ISE2016 there will not be any dedicated DOOH conference theatre, but you will be certain to find plenty of briefings and seminars across the show. The whole of hall 8 will be dedicated to digital signage and over 400 companies offering DOOH related products and services.

When we met with the ISE organisers, they presented its latest philanthropic endeavour with its support of the SeeHearTouch charity and the Education for Children in Need programme. ISE will pay for specialist consultants and integrators to assist in the installation and equipping of a new e-Start-Up academy in Chisinau, Moldova, where extreme poverty makes education a luxury which is very difficult to attain. Besides business studies, IT, web and economics, there will be an optional online module for students that want to take InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) exam, as well as the opportunity to access the CEDIA track of residential networking courses, which lead to certified credentials.

Registrations for #ISE2016 is now open and you can find that here.