CEO Spotlight: Scott Wells, Clear Channel Outdoor, New York

February 24th, 2017

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

This month, we welcome Scott Wells, CEO, Clear Channel Outdoor, New York.

    Scott Wells HEADSHOT
  1. I’ve seen you described by others as a visionary and a strategic thinker, and one who drives innovative thinking. What do you personally think is your biggest strength and why?
    I think the ability to assemble the talented individuals necessary to drive innovation and to bring them together to pursue a common mission is my greatest strength. In a business like Out-of-Home, where there’s a very tangible physical element to the work and a long-standing tradition of the way things work, it’s essential to be able to listen and embrace a wide variety of approaches – to drive to a common view of what success will be for the organization and the team. Plus, you have to be stubborn, sometimes, to make it stick!
  2. You first joined Clear Channel Outdoor in 2008. In nine years, you must have seen many changes in the company and its offerings. Tell us about these from your point of view.
    The view from the Board and the view from an operating role are pretty different, but you’re right that there have been a lot of changes. The first big wave was the initial conversion of signs across many markets into digital – going from a tiny part of the business to roughly 25% of our revenue in that time.
    The second big wave was the proliferation of technology across the business. From developing tools to allow customers to manage their digital copy themselves to the implementation of to proof-of-performance being performed by the installers with mobile devices, there has been an explosion of technology in every aspect of the business.
    The third wave is the one we’re on right now – where we merge our physical world into the digital world and learn to make the strengths of both work for our customers.
  3. Your own wide experience includes having held executive positions with Bain Capital, CRC Health Network Group, Dell and AT&T before joining Clear Channel Outdoor. Based on that, what advice would you give people wanting to enter or get ahead in the Digital Out-of-Home industry?
    You pick up useful lessons in every role if you’re paying attention. The fundamentals to succeeding in business are pretty similar, regardless of what industry you’re in: Know your customer, know what they want to do and why, and then devise ways to help them succeed in your business.
    For someone thinking about DOOH, I’d tell them to really understand why their solution is making their customers’ lives better – not just what a product or service can do, but why someone should care. I get solicited for way too many opportunities that get pitched as, “We have this really cool way to deliver ads and you should check out the tech!” Start with, “Retailers are trying to do x, and this new tech lets them do just that at a really compelling cost!” and your success will be a lot more likely.
  4. Clear Channel Outdoor traces its beginnings back over 100 years to Foster & Kleiser Signs, which quickly moved into outdoor advertising. I believe Clear Channel Outdoor’s first network was launched in 2004. Can you mention a few of the company’s other many ‘firsts’ including when its first digital screen launched and who was its first advertiser?
    Clear Channel Outdoor launched its first digital network of seven faces in the second half of 2005 in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m not sure exactly which advertiser was first to take advantage of those digital assets at that time, but others inside the company recall that Key Bank was among the first. Other recent firsts:-
    2013 – Launch of ‘AIR Chicago’, the first-ever 24-Hour radio station dedicated to Aviation Information at Chicago O’Hare and Midway International Airports;
    2014 – Clear Channel Airports and Adlux create the first global private Digital Aviation Advertising Network;
    2014 – Launch of ‘Connect’ as the first global OOH Mobile Interactive Advertising Platform;
    2016 – Launch of Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR, a suite of research, data and analytics tools to help advertisers and advertising agencies more effectively plan and buy CCO advertising media to reach target audiences and measure the impact of their OOH campaigns. For the first time in OOH, this gives marketers the ability to use the same kinds of sophisticated audience segmentation, targeting and insights already in use in their digital campaigns;
    2016 – Signing of a 10-year agreement with Metropolitan Airports Commission in Minneapolis/St. Paul to provide the first-ever Comprehensive Digital Ad Network at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport;
    2016 – Launch of the first Nationwide Programmatic Solution in U.S. for OOH Ad Buying;
    2017 – Signing of a 10-Year Agreement with Honolulu International Airport (HNL) to provide a Comprehensive Digital Media Program, and marking the first In-Terminal Advertising Concession at HNL.
  5. Sunset Millennium in West Hollywood is one of your newest major developments. Tell us how you were able to enter this new area and what you offer there.
    Originally known as Sunset La Cienega, the area was conceptualized by developers in the mid-to-late ‘90s. Its development was held up during two financial crises. So it’s a property that we had our eye on for some time. And we secured our presence in the area nearly 15 years ago, envisioning its redevelopment and its ability to provide a significant opportunity, down the road, for our advertising partners. Today, the new assets at Sunset Millennium further augment our already significant presence in the Los Angeles area. Together with the new billboards available on the Sunset Strip, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas is the largest OOH media company in Los Angeles, offering brands the most strategically located billboards across the city, including over 8,100 total displays and 47 digital displays.
  6. Your Chicago division has just received The Torch Award for having the highest standards in business ethics. What does an award like this mean for the company as a whole?
    First, the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics is the most prominent award that the BBB presents to a business. We’ve worked hard to build a reputation on our ethical practices and our commitment to community and these are anchored by our core values. And I know I speak for the entire organization when I say it’s great that our company and our team have been acknowledged for all the honourable and customer-focused work we do. I’m proud of this tremendous recognition, and all our markets are committed to upholding the highest level of standards and values of our company.
  7. RADAR is a major new product launched during your tenure at Clear Channel Outdoor. Please tell us about it, and whether you’ve made any changes to it since its launch. What percentage of your clients are now using it?
    Clear Channel Outdoor America launched RADAR as a suite of research, data and analytics tools to help advertisers and agencies more effectively plan, buy and attribute results for OOH media. RADAR truly heralded a change in how brands plan and buy OOH – from buying just physical locations to giving brands a better understanding of the types of audience segments that travel past various OOH assets, audience segments that are easily integrated into a brand’s mobile media strategy. Using aggregate and anonymous mobile consumer information, from AT&T Data Patterns, Placed, PlaceIQ and other partners, Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR overlays this privacy compliant, digital data against the company’s inventory in the physical world to create a comprehensive map of how specific audience segments are most effectively and efficiently reached via OOH.
    Since launching in February, 2016, we’ve added over 700 different and distinct audience segments and expanded the offering into all markets. Advertisers have been very receptive. To date, major brands from verticals, including travel/tourism, QSR, automotive, fashion, energy among others, have found significant measurable success using this suite of solutions.
  8. Clear Channel Outdoor took a programmatic approach with its inventory in a major way a year or so ago. How is that going? What percentage of your inventory is, on average, using programmatic? Has it meant a better ROI for clients? And for Clear Channel Outdoor?
    First, ROI for OOH is good however you buy it. Our programmatic solution simply delivers a purchase model that some of our advertisers prefer and requested. There are a variety of transaction types that we’ll be expanding into over time. And I’d expect that we’ll transact most of our sales electronically in the next few years. (And the term ‘programmatic’ will probably cease to be very descriptive – I’m sure a new buzzword will avail itself!) We’ve been experimenting in programmatic since late 2015, and laid out our approach and roadmap in a bigger way starting mid-last year. Since then, we’ve expanded and partnered with Rubicon Project as our first private marketplace supply side partner, launched our pilot, and evolved into our beta in Q1 2017. We’re taking a purposeful approach, starting with a subset of inventory and stepping that up, based on testing and client interest. To date, we’ve enabled 85% of our 1,100 digital roadside boards for programmatic transaction, and we’re adding digital screens in 12 airports into the mix throughout Q1. Feedback to date has been positive from clients, for both the effectiveness and efficiency of the solution, and if our clients are happy, it’s good news for us.
  9. Have you personally revised your thinking on programmatic since it has come into bigger use? In what way?
    Our definition of programmatic evolves around our clients’ definitions. So, as a practice, we keep tabs on their changing needs in the space and put those at the forefront of our product-level iterations. The opportunities to embed and use more data into our medium are expanding every day, so I’d fully expect we have a constant stream of new partners and new use cases to be forthcoming. In our first year with RADAR, we’ve added a variety of new data partners and are testing several more. I see the convergence of our great reach and frequency printed assets with our digital call to action assets with our complementary mobile assets continuing to play out in a variety of creative and exciting ways in the years to come. No way we’ll be standing still!
  10. In what area of the U.S. and for what type of products has programmatic buying worked best for CCO? Why do you think that is?
    Though it’s early, we’re seeing a wide range of verticals across our open and private marketplace transactions: QSR, auto, financial services, travel, tech and more. Our inventory skew is top markets, and due to that we’re seeing interest in a lot of larger metro areas. But we’re also starting to see advertisers programmatically tap us for bundles of markets or even national activity, all while leveraging demographic or behavioural data to reach audiences at scale across our footprint. Those multi-market or national campaigns are where programmatic OOH can add a ton of value for brands, and where we hope to see more advertisers operate this year.
  11. How closely do you work with Clear Channel Canada and your International divisions in the UK and continental Europe?
    Clear Channel Outdoor America includes our Canadian and LATAM (Latin American) businesses, so I’m responsible for the results of those businesses. We have some business that crosses borders, but it’s the exception vs. the rule. There are probably five large advertisers who are structured to manage globally, and our footprint gives us a pretty unique ability to talk to them in that way. Clear Channel International covers Europe and Asia for our company. I work closely with William Eccleshare, Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel International, and his team to address the needs of those partners who prefer a global counterpart. Again, it’s the minority of the business, but we can do exciting work when we put our collective footprint to work. You may know that we are a sponsor of the Cannes Outdoor Lions awards. That’s a great example of global collaboration.
  12. Since iHeart Radio is Clear Channel’s owner, do you collaborate at all for advertising campaigns on any of its other holdings?
    We support each other in a variety of ways. Whether it’s promoting events, participating in events, supporting product launches or collaborating with advertisers, there are always ways we and iHeart work together. For instance, we’ve collaborated on a number of integrated radio and OOH campaigns: Lady Gaga’s album release, Paul McCartney’s album release, Carrie Underwood’s album release party, Jason Derulo’s album release party, among many others. These campaigns worked very well as our OOH helped to drive tune-in and downloads of these artists’ work in a big way. We’ve also had major automotive and financial services clients coordinate their OOH, App and Audio campaigns in surprising and fun ways. As with international, these collaborations are a subset of our business, but definitely are impactful. We also partner and leverage our media together in pro bono campaigns to support non-profits that help to make an even bigger impact in the communities in which we operate. Examples include: Show Your Stripes, Project Yellow Light, National Police Week, National Summer Learning Day, just to name a few.
  13. Clear Channel Holdings offers many outdoor advertising products. Are there any not offered in the U.S. that you would like to start offering? And are there any new products under development for Clear Channel Outdoor that we should watch for in 2017?
    Nothing that I can share at the moment.
  14. Give us some of your thoughts about ‘Connected Cities’. Is Clear Channel Outdoor involved in any specific ‘Connected Cities’ projects underway or planned in the U.S.? If so, please explain.
    Connected Cities are a whole new area of opportunity for our industry. They offer compelling new models that bring data, communication and advertising together in one neat package. Many municipalities are in test or beta mode with this type of asset, and we’re involved in a number of those dialogues. It’s too early to say how prominent a part of the mix they will be from an advertising perspective, but Connected Cities are certainly going to be a feature of the future.
  15. With President Donald Trump now in office, have you any indication of his views on the advertising industry? Do you expect him to insert any influence on it?
    I’m not one to speculate on the actions of the Administration.

Route Says @JCDecaux_UK Audience Approaching 600M

February 24th, 2017

Maddie Cotterill

It’s looking a lot like JCDecaux is continuing to dominate the UK digital Out-of-Home market as the single largest media owner, according to Route’s latest figures, the OOH industry currency.

According to this week’s Route 22 (R22) data release, JCDecaux has seen an increase in its digital impacts to reach 583.5 million per week, an increase of 50 million impacts since August 2016, which is double that of its closest competitor.

Spencer Berwin, Co-Chief Executive Officer at JCDecaux, told us “The latest Route data reaffirms our ambitious target of hitting one billion weekly viewed impressions as well as reaching 50% of the UK population by the end of 2017. Our impressive reach, combined with our continuous investment in our digital portfolio, will give advertisers the unique ability to target a broad audience with impressive creativity that is founded on intelligent data-based insights.”

Following the appointment of Stephan Lavollee to Digital Transformation and IT Director last month, the latest Route data re-confirms JCDecaux’s leading position within the UK digital OOH market.

The company’s progress over the past six months has been quite astounding – adding as thy have, new digital screens across its flagship London Digital Network (LDN) – a 10% increase since R21, as well as iconic digital superstructures, SmartScreen@Tesco, premium malls, Heathrow Airport and the nation’s busiest transport hubs – all ably demonstrating that JCDecaux is on track to double its digital audience and reaching #onebillioneyeballs per week by the end of 2017.

#dse2017 Host @DSFederation #DOOH Strategy Summit

February 24th, 2017

Maddie Cotterill

#dse2017, the world’s largest international trade show and educational conference dedicated to digital displays, interactive technology and digital communications networks, announced a while back that it will host an all-new, full-day, eight-part Digital Out-of-Home Strategy Summit on Tuesday, March 28, to be presented by the Digital Signage Federation.

dooh_strategy_summit_2017_logoWith a welcoming address by Richard Ventura, 2017 Chairman of the DSF, the Digital Out-of-Home Strategy Summit will feature:

  • Opening Keynote entitled, ‘State of the Digital Out-of-Home Industry: We Should All Just Quit’ Phil Lenger, President of Show+Tell will challenge attendees to consider the future of the digital signage industry and suggest ways in which it should evolve to remain relevant and effective.
  • Digital Signage: Activator of Smart Cities The session will address how digital signage can use its captivating advantages to become the activator layer of Smart Cities, compared to alternatives like mobile and fast-developing technologies like augmented reality.
  • Future DOOH Trends This panel discussion will share views on “what’s next,” in the areas that impact digital signage technology allowing attendees to get a better sense of how their own company strategies may fare or may require some mid-course correction.
  • Lunch and Learn: Global DOOH Insights. Expert panelists from the Americas, Australasia and Europe will provide a 10-year summary, the current state of the industry abroad and discuss what the next few years are likely to mean to the DOOH industry globally – an excellent reference for both attendees from North America and abroad who are interested in understanding a complete industry picture.
  • Approaching Projects Driven by Customer Experience. This panel discussion will focus on the importance of the customer – not the technology – in creating successful digital signage networks and digital out-of-home executions. Attendees will learn how the basis of customer experience is defining and establishing objectives.
  • Analytics: From Insights to Predictions. The panel will explore the process to establish areas to measure and the strategy to focus on the most valuable insights. It will also share best practices regarding the types of external data that can provide deeper insights as well as risks associated with noise from internal data sources.
  • Omni-Channel Advertising: Building Seamless Cross-Channel Integration Between Brands and the Mobile Consumer. This panel of leading advertising, technology, media and brand executives will help you navigate the omni-channel environment and provide real examples of cross-channel integration with campaigns that attract and connect with the mobile consumer.
  • Generating Revenue with Programmatic Buying. In this session attendees will learn how to generate external revenue over their previously closed-content network. MGM Resorts will share how it turned its digital out-of-home network into a new revenue-generating opportunity.

More information can be found here.

#dse2017 What are the Emerging Trends in #DOOH?

February 24th, 2017

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I fear this might be a graveyard slot as I will be competing against so many #dse2017 keynote sessions elsewhere but should you wish to be entertained and you can gain access (this session is ONLY open to exhibitors before the show floor opens that day) then you may wish to join me on Wednesday, March 29 between 08:30 and 09:30 a.m. in the Best Practices Theater in Central Park (Booth #1231) where I will be presenting an hour long session ‘Emerging Trends in Digital Out-of-Home‘.

DSE2017 Emerging Trends

In 2007 the D in OOH did not really exist. Back then, we were the first to create a business; analysing, examining, critiquing and exploring all that digital had to offer the out of home world. Along the way, we’ve also created an events and publications business that focusses on this sector. You could say we were pioneers. A lot has happened in those 10 years and for the first time ever, we’ll share with you what we really see as the emerging trends in Digital Out-of-Home.

  1. Will digital screen proliferation help make cities smarter?
  2. Should media owners and the general eco-system be interested in recognition, identification, personalisation, emotion?
  3. Is social media, online and mobile of any use to DOOH?

As you probably know, I don’t suffer fools gladly. I will be celebrating success and cleverness where I see it but calling people on their stupidness most of the time! If you want to know what is going to happen over the next couple of years, then be there! It is the only time I am going to do a presentation like this!

After requests for vendor-only education last year, this session is FREE OF CHARGE but only open to exhibitors – basically, it’s something new that the organisers are offering this year. It will be located in the Best Practices Theater in Central Park (Booth #1231) on the show floor itself.

More information can be found here.

New Content Horizons, Thursday, June 15, 2017, London

February 24th, 2017

Andrew Neale

The third in Futuresource‘s ‘New Content Horizons’ event series, which is hosted consecutively between Los Angeles and London, is an ideal opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders, entrepreneurs and those driving innovation within the video entertainment and broadcast space.

new content horizons

Industry leaders and Futuresource analysts will be addressing a number of key topics such as:

  • Investment in original content production is accelerating, becoming a key differentiator for networks and service providers – What content is key, what keeps customers “sticky” and who among the traditional players and new social media platforms will have the war chest to compete?
  • Embracing the studio challenge – How is the home video industry adapting to the growth in digital video, and how are market methods and digital products evolving?
  • Live Sports – In the next five years, will the sports industry engage more deeply with OTT, mobile and social media platforms for premium content distribution to maintain relevance for the younger audience and how will this impact rights?
  • The eSports phenomenon – premium sports of a different kind – major investments have been made by leading brands and broadcasters in this space but what will be the shelf life of League of Legends compared to traditional sports? Short term fad or here for the long haul?
  • The evolution of social video – from user-generated content to the emergence of social talent, who are the stakeholders in this new world of audio-visual content? How does it work with established channels and the new world platforms of Facebook and Twitter?
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality – Where do the real opportunities lie for the entertainment industry and are consumers embracing these exciting technologies – what’s next for the world of “adjusted reality”?
  • Connecting with Kids – Linear TV viewing is still the most popular way of viewing TV and Video content in many countries. However, consumption of on-demand entertainment services is growing coupled with increased consumption of short form content. What are the implications of these trends on rights holders, broadcasters, service providers and kids brands?
  • Programmatic TV- big data and machine learning – how can it enhance tailored viewing experiences and drive revenues for the broadcasters and service providers?
  • Future of Smart TV and TV as an app – is the death of the set-top-box nigh?

Packed full of energising keynotes, best-in-class presentations and panels, New Content Horizons also includes Futuresource market insight presentations, providing attendees with strategic analysis of the current landscape and the key challenges and opportunities for the years ahead.

Nick Roberts joins WyreStorm

February 24th, 2017

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

WyreStorm, a global manufacturer of award-winning 4K UHD and HD signal management and control solutions for Pro AV and Custom Install has recruited Nick Roberts to replace the recently retired industry veteran Glen Harvey and to oversee WyreStorm system design for the EMEA region.

We are told that he brings with him a wealth of technical, professional and personal experience from over a decade in the industry backed up by higher education in music technology and audio system design, not to mention his experience as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist.

Professionally, Roberts is industry-certified by Lutron and CEDIA, and well versed in all aspects of the custom design and installation of audio, visual and lighting control technology for commercial and residential projects.

His experience in previous roles include design of a wide variety of large-scale commercial AV systems for leading hotel chains, bars and clubs, as well as designing meeting and presentation environments for corporate clients, professional recording studios for education, live stage lighting and audio and mid-to-large scale home cinema systems.

In his new role as Specification and Training Manager, Roberts is tasked with WyreStorm training throughout the EMEA region to support the company’s global network of distributors and their dealers. His experience in product development also makes him an invaluable addition to WyreStorm’s team of testers dedicated to fighting for the rights of the installer within their brand and products.

Nick’s background in designing AV systems for a variety of commercial and residential applications also makes him ideal to manage WyreStorm’s system design service throughout the EMEA region, where he’ll be responsible for producing key content and elements used in the service and growing this side of the WyreStorm business.

He can be contacted at

Todd Rainville joins @JMC_Capital

February 24th, 2017

Maddie Cotterill

JMC Capital Partners announced the week the addition of Todd Rainville as Partner. He was, most recently, a partner at Symmetric Capital, after previously spending nearly a decade at Summit Partners and Ampersand Capital Partners.

Todd’s past experience has included a mix of traditional expansion financings, recapitalizations and leveraged buyouts, with much of his prior work in the industrial and technology sectors. Representative prior investments and Directorships includes: Sybari Software (acquired by Microsoft), MediaQ (purchased by NVIDIA), K-TEK (acquired by ABB Group), ChanTest (acquired by Charles River Laboratories), and Biomedical Structures (merged with Confluent Medical).

Todd brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to JMC from years of navigating varied, and often complex transactions. In his previous roles, Todd has been effective at bridging the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners by developing trusted relationships over years and tailoring creative investment structures that work for both sides.

At JMC, he will head up the Business Development Team and play a pivotal role in identifying uniquely-positioned industrial companies, building meaningful relationships with founders and business owners, and structuring attractive investment opportunities for the firm.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, in Economics from Bates College, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

FEPE Gala Dinner, Berns Hotel, Stockholm

February 24th, 2017

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

The Gala Dinner for the 58th FEPE Congress June 7-9, 2017 at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel and Congress centre, Stockholm will take place at the Berns Hotel, in central Stockholm.

The Berns hotel is an iconic Stockholm landmark and the hall, which was opened in 1886, has in the past, hosted concerts by Abba, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Marlene Deitrich.

FEPE will be holding two days of presentations with high calibre speakers from across the world, all of whom will be bringing their unique viewpoints on the Out of Home industry. The speaker programme will be announced shortly and there will be an exclusive and much larger exhibition area attached to the main congress hall – spaces are now available to reserve, Ed.

Early bird registrations are open until the end of February, which will allow delegates an extra €100 reduction regardless of FEPE membership status.

Delegate fees are unchanged at €1100 for members and €1600 for non members, plus the additional early bird reduction. The booking form is available on the FEPE Homepage.

How Christie’s Showroom Got a @PeerlessAV Custom Direct View LED Video Wall Solution

February 24th, 2017

Andrew Neale

In late 2015, Christie Digital Systems began redesigning its customer showroom in New York City. The company was specifically looking for a solution that allowed them to showcase and demonstrate its direct view LED displays in an appealing way to customers, dealers, and partners.

ChristieExpLab NYCThanks to Christie Experiential Network’s Executive Vice President, Global Media, Kevin Romano we used the studio here for ‘AVNation Live from the CEN Studios’ which took place Wednesday October 26, 2016 during New York Digital Signage Week, Ed.

Located in a small facility that operates Christie’s digital advertising network, Christie’s project had specific requirements, namely, the company wanted to fit as much technology in the space as possible. With limited space and the uneven structures that NYC is notorious for, Christie’s technology selections were crucial. Christie needed a way to soundly install an LED video wall that offered the flexibility of allowing easy access to the backs of displays for demonstration and service, while also maintaining a clean design to showcase the different display pixel pitches.

After the due diligence of much research, Christie selected Peerless-AV for the project. A major piece of this selection was due to Christie’s withstanding relationship with Peerless-AV. Peerless-AV had many times over proven it not only makes excellent products, but also addresses challenges correctly, always delivering on set goals and thoroughly assessing projects to find solutions that work. Moreover, Peerless-AV’s solution fit the tight parameters of this project.

According to Scott Welsh, CTS-D, Senior Solutions Architect, Project Fulfillment, AV Systems, Global Professional Services, Christie Digital Systems, “Our longstanding relationship with Peerless-AV strongly aided in choosing them as a partner for this project. In my over 30 years of experience in the business, the relationships I hold with partners and their follow through are critical indicators of the success we will have when working with them. This decision has again proven true when working with Peerless-AV.”

For the project, Peerless-AV developed a custom Direct View LED Pivot Mount to hold the Christie Velvet Merit series display in a 7×5 configuration. Due to the high weight of the mount and LED displays (1,000 lbs. in total), and the fact that the wall structure was still to be determined prior to installation, the mount was designed to transfer as much of the load to the floor as possible. To do this, Peerless-AV designed a wall plate that attached to the four studs, as well as the floor. Peerless-AV also placed heavy-duty shock absorbing casters to support the load as the video wall pivoted open and closed. The pivoting feature was necessary to provide rear service access to the LED display.

Located in an older Manhattan office building, Christie’s office caused numerous concerns and challenges, including working around existing items, the weight that the walls could bear, and the unevenness of the floors. As the location for the installation was a demo facility, Christie was also concerned about the costs associated with the project.

The structural frame of the custom Direct View LED Pivot Mount arrived in four easy to assemble sections. This allowed the mount to be delivered through the elevator system of the older building. Additionally, the LED adapters on the mount provided depth adjustment, which meant the installer was able to quickly and easily ensure that the video wall was straight and plumb.

Beyond the structure of the wall mount, installation of LED displays is a common challenge in itself. First, the LED pixels are extremely delicate. Further, to showcase its line of displays, Christie’s wall mount would need to incorporate displays of different pixel pitches. Ensuring the wall appeared even despite varied depths of the LED displays was a must.

Peerless-AV began installation in October 2016 and in total, the installation took three days to complete – as a result, Christie’s NYC showroom now showcases 35 LED displays in a 7×5 configuration. The custom solution has improved the servicing of the displays and increased sales for Christie.

The mount has been able to meet Christie’s needs for showcasing its varied line of displays, with the ability to feature five different pixel pitch solutions (columns 1-3 = 1.5mm pixel pitch, column 4 = 1.9mm pixel pitch, column 5 = 2.5mm pixel pitch, column 6 = 3.0mm pixel pitch, column 7 = 4.0mm pixel pitch).

While LED displays can be confusing to many, the video wall set-up allows Christie to easily educate its customers on these types of displays.

Scott Welsh told us “LED technology is still relatively new to consumers. With this video wall, we are able to help our customers visually see the differences in pixel pitches by standing back and looking at the different options side by side, making purchasing much easier for them. This solution has been a great tool for our sales team.”

Peerless-AV, a Peerless Industries, Inc. company, is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of audiovisual solutions. From its award-winning mounts and wireless audio systems to indoor/outdoor kiosks and the industry’s first fully sealed outdoor displays, Peerless-AV has aimed to fulfill both integrators’ needs for ease of installation and service, and end-users’ dreams in residential and commercial applications for the last 75 years. Based in Aurora, IL, Peerless-AV manufactures over 3,600 products that serve original equipment manufacturers, commercial integrators and consumer retailers in 22 vertical markets through direct sales representatives and authorized distribution.

Dan Horgan Joins JohnRyan International

February 24th, 2017

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Former RMG Networks Managing Director Daniel Horgan has joined JohnRyan International as Managing Director.