Storm The Mile, Leeds, @StormDOOH

May 3rd, 2016

Maddie Cotterill

Clear Channel’s super premium digital brand, Storm, has unveiled their first site in Leeds, Storm The Mile. Storm The Mile, which is Storm’s fourth site outside London following the launch of Storm Mancunian Junction in Manchester last month, becomes the latest landscape screen to join Storm’s expanding nationwide portfolio.

Storm The Mile

Storm The Mile is located on the A64, a busy commuter route targeting over 1 million road users per month, travelling outbound and coming off the M1 and M62. The site faces 3 lanes of traffic and has exceptional sight lines, meaning full and uninterrupted visibility for vehicular audiences.

The screen itself, which is 26% larger than a 96-sheet but with the same proportions, is set within a unique lighting wall, complete with a totally bespoke integrated control system. This allows advertisers to customise Storm The Mile with stunning moving lighting effects, marrying the architectural design and latest technologies closely associated with Storm sites. Storm The Mile also features Storm’s signature digital name plates, giving brands the opportunity to take full ownership.

Aimee McKay, Managing Director at Storm, told us “Leeds is one of the UK’s key cities, and we’re delighted to be introducing the first Storm site in West Yorkshire, Storm The Mile. This site features totally unique moving lighting capabilities and I’m extremely excited to work with brands to create some of the most creative and impactful Out of Home advertising anywhere in the UK.”

A single sided landscape screen, Storm The Mile further strengthens Storm’s growing nationwide portfolio and cements their position in the North. Leeds is a top 4 UK retail destination with an annual retail spend of over £2 billion and a catchment of over 5.5 million shoppers.

Paul Jankauskas & @MBoidman ‘Pulse of the Industry: DOOH Teleconference’

May 3rd, 2016

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We interviewed Paul Jankauskas, general manager of Verifone Media, and Mark Boidman, a managing director at Peter J Soloman Company, both in New York, last week regarding the first annual ‘Pulse of the Industry: DOOH Teleconference’ which takes place Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 11 a.m. EDT.

Paul Jankauskus

Paul Jankauskus

“The Digital Out-of-Home industry is facing lots of challenges,” said Jankauskas. “For example, there’s an awareness problem of just powerful DOOH can be. I thought that we should maybe do some kind of an educational conference, looking at what works and a mix of other topics. I’ve known Mark Boidman for a long time and know he knows a lot about it, so asked him if he’d co-host a conference with Verifone.

“We have no idea how many people will tune in to the 45-minute webinar but we invited a lot of people from company executives and owners to agency professionals, advertisers, suppliers and media covering retail, c-store. Mark and I will each speak for a few minutes and then will open the floor for questions and discussion.”

Since the general public is inundated with so much advertising during each day, we asked Jankauskas whether he thought the public gives any thought to digital signage or if it has become blasé.

“It can often be passively consumed and some people may tune out, but I think it’s most effective when placed properly,”
he said. “And some is so good that you can’t tune out.

What are the subjects that he thinks might come up?

“Software – there’s no shortage of companies that have developed software. Mergers. Content. Stunts/one-offs that get attention but don’t seem to be scalable and still be cost-efficient. Technology demands. Data. The buying process. The consumer experience. Beacons and sensors. We’re open to everything. This is a chance to be informative and productive.”

Mark Boidman

Mark Boidman

“As an industry, we’ve been saying we want DOOH recognized as a full media channel, and coupled with mobile, they are elevated to a solid part of the marketing mix,” said Boidman. “With DOOH, brands can target. DOOH is always on, fraud-free and hard to miss.

“We’ve invited key decision makers and the idea of this session is to educate. We’re sure topics such as metrics, data, ROI, the need to quantify may come up, but we are open to everything.

“This will also be a chance for people to see how involved and strong Verifone Media is in the DOOH field. People know it for its payment system but its at-the-pump network is growing really fast, along with the screens in and on cabs. People often think of DOOH only as billboards, but it is so much more, and it can justify its value. Further, it can reach people in real time.”

DOOH is getting bigger and taking dollars from other media (and from what we heard at #BigPic16, can start winning a lot more).

“The climate is good for the DOOH market now, a lot more so than two or three years ago,”
said Boidman. “The public is seeing it in malls, in airports, in elevators, in food courts. It’s revolutionizing campuses.

“We’re very bullish on transit. At the pedestrian level, it can really engage consumers. And content is really moving up – it’s at the point where it creates conversations.”

However, there are challenges and Boidman expected that they may be part of the conversation. Among them are:

  • DOOH needs more talent;
  • It has to be higher up in the marketing mix;
  • Programmatic

– although if everything is being bought by programmatic, the walls should be down and there could be more focus on DOOH.

If these are added to the expected conversation on technology, content, data, and the psychology of the media buy sets, we have a feeling that this one 45-minute webinar may well be the first of a series.

@VantageLED Converts To Employee Stock Ownership Plan

May 2nd, 2016

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Vantage LED, manufacturer of innovative LED displays in Ontario, California, has converted to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Vantage Chris‘We Got Your Back’ is an intimate statement that has been a mantra for Vantage LED since its launch in 2003. The team behind Vantage LED knew by putting their people and partners first, everything else would fall into place.

Recently Chris Ma, founder and CEO, announced to his entire team that he has ‘got their back’ by officially converting Vantage LED to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

“The Company is nothing without its people,” Ma said. “As such, it’s time to take care of the people who make Vantage LED so extraordinary. That’s what you have been working for, you deserve it. Without your blood, sweat, and tears, and sacrifices, we wouldn’t be here today. And it’s because of people like you who work hard without asking for anything in return, that we’re able to do this. It’s a team effort, and as such, the team is going to be sharing in this success. I want to make sure that everyone is taken care of financially, physically, and emotionally, because we’re part of a bigger picture here, and I’m going to show you that with this first step.”

Although Chris Ma is only 37, he understands that everyone is working for the American Dream. In one fell swoop, he announced to the entire team that the dream is a reality. Everyone at the company from the receptionist to the cleaning crew is part of the ESOP, because everyone matters and plays a vital role in making Vantage LED great.

Vantage LED started in 2003 in a 2,920 sq. ft. building with 4 people. In 2013, Vantage LED introduced a cloud-based software solution that has integrated Amber Alerts through FEMA. In 2014, Vantage LED installed five large screens for the World Cup FIFA in Brazil. Now, it owns and operates out of a 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Ontario, California.

Paul Martin, chief marketing director, says that the company is now “a little over 100 people.”

The Vantage LED ESOP will be implemented in phases. By year-end 2016, the entire team will own 5% of Vantage LED. By year-end 2017, the entire team will own 30% of the company. Within five years, 100% of the company will be employee-owned. And the best part, the employees are part of the ESOP without having to contribute a single penny. All they have to contribute is their passion, their energy, and their commitment to excellence.

During the announcement, Chris Ma stated that Ivan Perez, director of resource and development; Josie Salitrero, national sales manage; Jon Park, production manager; and Steven Lopes, software engineer, would all be receiving a new car for their years of dedication and contributions. They join the ranks of the Yuusuke Arimura, George Suzuki, Ricky Chai, and Kyle Carnes, who were all given new cars in the previous years.

Ma also introduced new inductees to his Vantage Core team: Max Perez, Rosa Lopez, Krystal Becerra, Edwin Rodriguez, and Brittney Hanslik, “because they all share one common trait, always going above and beyond the call of duty.” The first project for this Vantage Core team is to implement an onsite Day Care Center for Vantage employees. It is being named Petroff’s Day Care in honour of a new friend Ma met in Orlando, FL, who inspired him to make a difference for families.

Ma says, “That’s what this company is all about. From top, down, left, and right, we have to get each other’s back, and when the time is right, you know for a fact that ‘I got your back because I know you got my back’.”

PATTISON Onestop Joins @DPAAorg

May 2nd, 2016

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

PATTISON Onestop, positioned as the #1 Digital Out-of-Home advertising company in Canada, has joined the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association.

The DPAA has grown its international membership base in recent years through its thought leadership, global education initiatives and ad revenue-generating models.

As part of PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, believed to be Canada’s largest network of Out-of-Home advertising with products that include digital, transit and outdoor, Toronto-based Onestop helps brands connect with the right people, in the right place and at the right time. The Onestop network, consisting of office, transit and residential, enables advertisers to effectively communicate in a modern, sophisticated world of business.

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#SCEWC16 Call For Papers

May 2nd, 2016

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Smart City Expo World Congress, an event that is currently on our Travelogue for this year, has extended its speaker deadline until May 16, 2016.

logo smart city expo 2016This year’s call for papers is looking for the most relevant contributions and innovative initiatives and solutions within the framework of Smart Cities.

Submissions will be evaluated based on three aspects: Innovation, Impact, and Feasibility.

SCEWC is aimed at cities, businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, social innovators, research centers, universities, public or non‐governmental organizations, consortiums (public‐private), social activists, and anyone with innovative Smart City ideas, research, analyses, studies, visions and solutions.

Smart City Expo takes place in Barcelona November 15-17, 2016.

More information can be found here.

Outdoor Gallery Series Debuted by @NanoLumens

May 2nd, 2016

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

NanoLumens, Atlanta-based manufacturer and innovator of LED displays, recently launched its NanoLumens Outdoor Gallery Series, a curved outdoor LED solution that can be built in any size, shape or curvature in pixel pitches ranging from 4MM to 9MM for close proximity viewing.

Nano gallery 1

First seen in the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, the Outdoor Gallery Series is engineered to perform optimally in all types of outdoor environments. The six Outdoor Gallery Series solutions that were installed in South Florida were built for a ‘salt fog’ environment, where each display can withstand the corrosive ocean air and operate seamlessly in temperatures up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and in wind speeds exceeding 186 miles per hour.

Although not every Outdoor Gallery Series solution will require such extreme features, NanoLumens’ expert team of engineers can alter the configuration of each Outdoor Gallery Series solution to meet a specific environment. The high brightness of the Outdoor Gallery Series solution offers viewers a clear, vivid picture at any time of day.

“If you’ve ever looked at a smartphone screen on a sunny day, you’ve most likely had to move to the shade to see any content,” says Robert Cross, NanoLumens director of research and development. “The NanoLumens LED solution has best-in-class brightness, making it suitable for the most demanding environmental conditions.”

According to Cross, the vast majority of outdoor display products are intended for long distance viewing, like something that might be seen on a billboard or way up high on a building.

Nano gallery2

“By reducing our pixel pitch to 4MM to 9MM, we’re able to bring the display closer to the viewer, so they can interact with it with more intimacy,” he says. “For example, the Outdoor Gallery Series is perfect for outdoor gathering areas, sports arena mezzanines, or transportation depots where the display is exposed to a wide gamut of conditions, and people are very close to the signage.”

Recognizing that every client has unique requirements that need to be met, the new Outdoor Gallery Series can be tailored in any size, shape, or curvature to meet each customer’s specific set of requirements. All NanoLumens displays accept input from nearly any device or content management system. There is no need for special software, hardware or special personnel to display content beautifully. And every NanoLumens high resolution, large-scale visualization solution comes backed by a six year, Nixel to Pixel Warranty.

One Giant Leap For Retail, @maxmedia_atl

May 2nd, 2016

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Digital retail experience agency MaxMedia, the industry’s leading voice of retail transformation through emotionly-targeted, digital shopper experiences, will follow its recent CNN profile with the launch of a new awareness campaign.

Laura Davis-Taylor Speaking during NYDSW 2015

Laura Davis-Taylor Speaking during NYDSW 2015

One Giant Leap for Retail’ will include a speaking tour, industry articles, and a series of webinars aimed at showing retailers how to maintain customer loyalty and grow revenues in an industry undergoing major transformation.

As part of a recent six-part CNN series on the future of retail, Ed King, MaxMedia vice-president of strategy, offered insight into the huge opportunity for brick and mortar retailers, and a few steps they can take to not only survive, but thrive. MaxMedia’s CNN segment ‘Why we buy what we buy is available to watch on-demand here.

“Data clearly shows that delivering positive emotional experiences inside retail spaces is the primary driver of customer loyalty,” says King. “It’s not selection, convenience, or even price that keeps shoppers coming back. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in biometrics and other emotion-detecting technology, we can measure with scientific accuracy which retail experiences impart positive emotions from shoppers, enhancing loyalty, as well as which experiences are perceived to be friction points, promoting churn.

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Nanov Display Unveils Outdoor QSR Menu Board For Extreme Weather Conditions

May 2nd, 2016

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Nanov Display. Miami, has launched a new 55” 2×2 digital outdoor QSR menu board solution that performs optimally – even in cold, harsh weather.

nanov cold weatherThe global digital hardware provider has unveiled two models.

Designed for the quick-service restaurant industry, these products are innovative, high-powered, durable, and economic.

Built to be weatherproof, these digital solutions incorporate an intelligent heater, quality sunlight-readable anti-reflective glass, and waterproofing features.

SITO Mobile & @CieslokMedia Introduce Real-time In-store Attribution In Canada

May 2nd, 2016

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

SITO Mobile Ltd., Jersey City-based mobile engagement platform provider, is extending the launch of its Real-time Verified Walk-In solution to the Canadian market via its partner, Toronto-based Cieslok Media, its exclusive partner in Canada, an early integrator of proprietary mobile technology and Out-of-Home advertising .

The advertising industry faces the challenge of understanding the precise and real effectiveness of mobile advertising campaigns. Typically, the measurement process of campaign effectiveness can take up to a month. Reporting results, comprised of reconciling campaign performance data, viewability, engagement and foot traffic, all valuable post-campaign measurements, do not indicate campaign effectiveness until after a campaign has run. SITO Mobile’s Real-time Verified Walk-In solution allows for 1:1 attribution analysis and provides actionable optimization and reporting of specified measurement criteria during the campaign, not after its completion.

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The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service

May 2nd, 2016

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S) has started a Kickstarter project to replace all the adverts on one (as yet unspecified) London Underground station with pictures of cats.

C.A.T.S is a group of friends and cat lovers from London, we quote “We’re not here to make money or sell anything. We’re here to help people think a little differently, and perhaps C.A.T.S is just the start of something”.

Behind C.A.T.S is Glimpse, a group of creative people who want to use their skills for good, again we quote “We aim to make positive social change feel attractive to millions more people. Instead of focusing on the problem, we show ‘glimpses’ of a better world that’s possible“.

They’re looking for GBP 23,000 to replace the ads.