Bruno Pupo joins @STRATACACHE

August 26th, 2016

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There are a couple of clever people at Vertigo Displays and it would seem that STRATACACHE has just nabbed one of them, as we note it has named Bruno Pupo, as Vice President of Display Solutions, to the STRATACACHE team.

Bruno Pupo brings more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and engineering—working for industry leading companies such as NEC, LG Electronics and most recently, Vertigo Digital Displays. At STRATACACHE, Pupo will focus exclusively on business development within the Outdoor Menu Board sector which is a strategic focus for the company.

Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE told us “Bruno is seen as a subject matter expert in the area of display technology and has a strong record of delivering results working with leading companies and technologies specifically in the outdoor space,” said “By leveraging his extensive industry knowledge and his foundational engineering and sales experience, we are confident Bruno will identify and connect with customers to lead the rapid growth of the outdoor menu board segment.”

Bruno Pupo began his career leading a team of engineers on the first video and audio digital encryption platform initially used for satellite communications. Drawing on his vast R&D experience, Pupo realized his technical knowledge resonated well with clients in need of solving key business problems. In the early 90’s, he strengthened his business development skills and altered his career toward sales and marketing. He has since held several senior and executive level positions within the area of display technology, digital signage and other media distribution networks.

Eric Penot joins SiliconCore Technology

August 26th, 2016

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Former JCDecaux executive Eric Penot has joined SiliconCore Technology as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

In his role as COO, we are told that he will lead the sales, marketing and operations functions for SiliconCore worldwide, working closely with the research, development and manufacturing teams to create and bring to market the next generation of LED Displays.

Eric Li, CEO of SiliconCore told us “Eric Penot has an innate strategic understanding of SiliconCore’s key markets and products, and this will be a great asset in his role as COO. After leading the digital transformation of the JCDecaux group for 6 years, his move to join our innovative company reinforces our position as a leader in the direct-view LED industry.”

Eric Penot was Group Vice President Digital Media for JCDecaux from 2009 to 2015 and before that Chief Information Officer (CIO) of JCDecaux North America, Inc. for 11 years.

CEO Spotlight: Bill Fordyce, HyperMedia, Dubai

August 26th, 2016

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

This month, we welcome Bill Fordyce, COO, HyperMedia, Dubai.

Bill Fordyce

  1. Please tell us about your own background and how you became involved with HyperMedia. I joined the founders of HyperMedia, Habib Wehbi and Philip Matta in 2008. Prior to HyperMedia, I was the business development director for News Outdoor Group out of Moscow, Russia, working across 35 countries, mainly in Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. I joined HyperMedia right in the middle of the financial crisis, when many of the traditional Out-of-Home companies in the UAE went out of business. I knew HyperMedia was the right company for me when we could see in our operation that clients were flocking to quality media with proven ROI like retail OOH. We were growing by 20% per annum when the rest of the OOH industry was reeling.
  2. HyperMedia was founded in 1999 with three staffers, trolleys and security gates in, I believe, one grocery store. It now has Traditional and Digital Out-of-Home media across the Middle East in a plethora of different locations and has offices in Dubai, Jeddah, Qatar and Beirut. What has spurred such spectacular growth? The company was founded by Habib Wehbi and Philip Matta – who are still servicing as the CEO and chief marketing officer respectively – when they found that FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands did not have an efficient avenue to advertise to their shoppers on a nationwide level. By creating long-term relationships with over 70% of all modern retailers, HyperMedia was able to create a new advertising platform for clients, other than traditional billboards, print and TV.
  3. Since HyperMedia is a subsidiary of Rotana Media, the marketing and advertising arm of broadcaster Rotana Group, how much of your advertising comes through Rotana Media? Is it largely because of integration through Rotana’s radio and TV campaigns? Cross-selling advertising across TV, radio and HyperMedia’s assets has proven to be an unsuccessful recipe since HyperMedia’s mall and instore assets are unique assets that require unique creatives and campaigns.
  4. Do you have your own advertising sales people? Is your advertising usually bought nationally across networks? What percentage is by local advertisers? HyperMedia has 16 sales executives that consult with over 200 regular clients across the region. Our instore network of 170 hypermarkets targets both local and international brands, and our network of 25 malls hits mainly local banks, local automotive, telecom, and, of course, retail partners.Large advertisers typically take the full network, although we are starting to see advertisers use different messages and visuals based on each mall’s demographics.
  5. At what point did you get into DOOH and in which of your network sectors was that? We were fortunate to be exclusively partnered with Emaar Malls Group with The Dubai Mall from its opening in 2008 until 2013. In those early years, The Dubai Mall had one of the most advanced and successful digital signage platform in the world. In those four years, we developed the technical knowledge to install and operate digital signage networks, as well as learning the ins and outs of selling retail-based digital signage.
  6. What percentage of your total signage is now digital? Please give us a breakdown of your digital signage in each of your verticals. In our UAE operation with the hypermarkets and malls, approximately 33% of our revenue and media mix is from digital signage. This figure is growing every year.In Saudi Arabia where we operate the largest airport terminal in the country and the largest mall, we are just starting to install digital signage.
  7. How do you personally compare the progress of DOOH in the Middle East compared to that in Europe, the UK and North America? We are fortunate to work in the Middle East, as the malls, which we are partnered with far surpass, in terms of size and footfall, most malls in Europe and North America. For instance, one of our flagship malls is Yas Mall (owned and operated by Abu Dhabi-based Aldar). The shopper experience and the mall design is truly world class, in addition to its having a world-class digital network.I am convinced that many of our partners such as Nakheel, Meraas, Majid Al Futtaim, Aswaq Malls Group, Aldar and Gulf Related are developing some of the most beautiful malls in the world.In addition, with many of our partnerships, we are lucky to be able to work with malls at the planning stage and, therefore, can install networks that aesthetically and operationally fit perfectly with the mall.
  8. How is DOOH received and engaged with by viewers in the Middle East? Do they like/use interactivity, gesture-based, beacon, NFC and/or QSR technology? Due to our scale, we are able to invest into many interactive technologies and we have created real-time broadcast reports, integration with social media client feeds and facial recognition.We want to fine-tune this before introducing it to the commercial market, but it is a key strategy in 2017 and 2018.
  9. HyperMedia is in 23 of the busiest malls in Dubai and in all six other United Arab Emirates. What kind of screens do you have in them? Well, we now actually have 25 malls and almost 700 screens. Our screens vary in size from our standard free-standing double-sided 65” digitals, up to 12 x 8 m LED screens.
  10. Who is your biggest advertiser? And who is the advertiser that has been with you consistently the longest? We have a long list of clients, due to the low CPM, nationwide reach and timeliness in broadcasting. Our main clients are automotive, telecom (both in Saudi Arabia and UAE), our retail partners, and FMCG.Knock on wood, we don’t tend to lose clients – even in challenging economic times.
  11. You recently contracted BroadSign, allowing real-time broadcast reports to your advertisers, so that they can see photos, locations, CPMs, number of plays and more. Why did you decide to choose BroadSignWe chose BroadSign after a competitive bid against other great systems like Scala and Four Winds Interactive. BroadSign seems to be the preferred software amongst most OOH leaders in various regions, such as oOh! Media in Australia. We liked the flexibility in creating new applications for our partners and advertisers (like the broadcast reports) and we like the ease of creating playlists with both commercial and non-commercial content.
  12. How is that working so far? Are you using this service from BroadSign with all verticals? If not, do you intend to add it to others? We are always looking at new software services, as at the end of the day, we are interested in broadcasting our advertiser’s’ messages. Any software that we can entrust to do that, we are fine with.
  13. How much, if any, of your OOH and DOOH products are used by companies for internal corporate use, eg. for employee communications? Is this an area in which you are considering expansion? None, we are fully customer facing.
  14. I noticed that your lamppost backlits offer exclusivity for campaigns except during the holy month of Ramadan. What do you do during that month with these – and perhaps other media products? In the Middle East, the Holy month of Ramadan is time when most families are celebrating large meals with their friends and extended families. This month is imperative for many food brands, and, therefore, demand on our advertising platforms often exceeds supply. In order to serve all our clients, we do not offer exclusivity in that month.It is important to note that we never offer exclusivity in our malls or in our Saudi-based airport and malls.
  15. How much of your content is news, entertainment, etc., compared to advertising? Approximately 25% of our time is non-commercial content, as our in-house development team has created real-time prayer time, weather, and news apps. We also work with our mall’s marketing departments to integrate with their social media feeds to broadcast to their shoppers. We believe delivering interesting and relevant content to shoppers is another step towards enhancing the consumers’ experience in malls.
  16. You recently launched On-the-Go Media with screens in Eppco, Enoc and Dubai Metro stations. Since many women don’t drive cars in the Emirates, does this limit the type of advertising content you can show? Is On-the-Go a major growth area for you? On-the-Go media is in 191 convenience stores, and gives our advertisers another avenue to communicate to shoppers at the point of service. The project is new, so it is too early to tell about growth. But, it fits well with our position as the leading retail-focused OOH company in the Middle East.
  17. Does HyperMedia have its own staff of engineers to develop your products or do you mainly use solutions developed by others? Where are the major technology centres in the Emirates? We develop most of our add-on software in-house. For instance, our team just developed an application for our production teams to manage their on-site job orders and to seamlessly manage our tens of thousands of proof-of-performance photographs. Our clients can now log-in on our website to get updates on their campaigns and to download their photos for their reports.
  18. Tell us about your growth strategy, both in terms of products and in terms of area? Do you expect to grow largely organically or through Mergers and Acquisitions? Our goal is to continue to grow our mall network in the Middle East. In the UAE, we work with 75% of hypermarkets and with more than 2/3rds of malls, so our goal in the UAE is to improve our digital networks and to improve our service to our clients.In Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East, we are always looking for organic growth opportunities.


Kay Sargent To Speak at #2016CCE

August 25th, 2016

Maddie Cotterill

CorpComm Expo (CCE) announced this week that Kay Sargent, Senior Principal of Strategic Accounts and Workplace at HOK, a global design and engineering firm will present a seminar focused on environmental design at 10 a.m. on the first day of the Nov. 15-16, 2016 event at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

The presentation by Sargent, entitled, ‘Ideating the Modern Workplace and Campus Environment‘ will discuss a user-centric approach to designing huddle spaces, classroom/training rooms, meeting rooms, common spaces and auditoriums that focuses on the goal of each space and the technology necessary to help facilitate and support successful outcomes.

Attendees will also:

  • Understand architectural design considerations and trends.
  • Learn key factors driving space planning today.
  • Understand the role of furniture, technology and connectivity.

Kay Sargent said “Design should be used to enrich people’s lives and help organizations succeed,” Sargent said, “Exceptional design ideas and solutions are best achieved through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation and art, stemming from a collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary professional teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of the built environment.”

For more information about CorpComm Expo 2016 or to register to attend this or any other educational session at the event click here.

CorpComm Expo 2016 (CCE), is co-located with EduComm Expo 2016 (ECE) and is scheduled for Nov. 15-16, 2016 with access to the Exhibit Hall both days at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Digital Signage as a University Class

August 25th, 2016

Maddie Cotterill

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF), the only independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry invites DSF members and non-members alike, to attend its Wednesday, September 21 ‘Hangout’ panel discussion at 2pm EDT, which will discuss ‘Digital Signage as a University Class‘.

Hangouts are 45-minute panel discussions using Google’s Hangout platform with a moderator.

Panelists for this hangout will include La Verne University Business School Class Advisors Stephen Monteros, VP Sales Operations, SIGMAnet and Garrett Curran, Team Associate – Public Sector, SIGMAnet along with a variery of La Verne students who participated in the class.

A diverse group of students with different majors were able to apply various strengths and disciplines to create a company called ‘LeoVision Digital Signage’ as part of a class project at La Verne University. The company continues to change and adapt to the needs of the university and externally. Through trial and error the class will continue to alter methods based upon what they believe is best for not just for LeoVision but the Business Consulting Program as a whole. 

Student participant and panelist Breanna Gallegos said “The Business Consulting program has provided a strong foundation for students to fully understand how a company functions. By working as a company we have taken one person’s idea and made it a reality. We are constantly learning, adapting and evolving with the industry. With assurance the most beneficial actions are taken for LeoVision Digital Signage. This program has opened many doors while introducing us to many wonderful experts who are willing to assist in our higher level of learning.”
Among other things, the panel will also discuss:

  • The evolution of the project and further development
  • The transitions in technology have occurred during the project lifecycle
  • The primary objectives of the LeoVision project
  • How the current class is building a foundation for future students to grow

More information on the September 21 Hangout event or other DSF events can be found on the DSF website here.

Both DSF members and non-members may join these, or any of the DSF’s scheduled Hangout conversations for free – but registration is required.

Adspace Networks, Inc. Working w/ @SessionM

August 24th, 2016

Maddie Cotterill

Adspace Networks, Inc., which owns and operates Adspace Mall Networks, the largest digital place-based video network in North America announced this week that it has begun working with SessionM to gain detailed insights into consumer awareness, recall and purchase intent among those who have seen ads on the Adspace network of screens.

Amanda Sheplee, SVP Marketing, Adspace, told us “Our relationship with SessionM provides us with the ROI that advertisers and agencies want to see in determining where to spend their ad dollars in today’s highly competitive video ecosystem. We all intuitively know that it’s beneficial to reach on-the-go consumers with impactful messages near point-of-purchase, and now the SessionM data provides the quantitative layer that proves the effectiveness of such ads.”

SessionM is a real-time engagement platform that allows marketers to interact with customers in an environment at the precise moment of experience delivery. This mobile-first platform enables real-time survey delivery in targeted locations at scale. Surveys are served via mobile geotargeting technology to shoppers who have visited an Adspace mall.

Matthew Fratturelli, Head of SessionM Research and Insights Solutions said “Working together with Adspace, marketers can now rely less on recall and more on spontaneous reaction to any experience as it happens. This unvarnished data is invaluable to determination of real sentiment, purchase intent, and ultimately ROI.”

We are told that results to date have demonstrated significant increases in key metrics. For example: –

A major department store enlisted Adspace to showcase the summer launch of an exclusive designer clothing line in an effort to drive store visitation and purchase in select markets across the country. The campaign generated a 70% lift in visitation, and 65% of those who saw the ad made a purchase that same day.

A millennial-focused cable network capitalized on Adspace’s mass reach of the network’s target audience to promote their newest drama series in an effort to drive awareness and tune-in among female viewers. The network saw a 53% increase in awareness of the series, with 74% of those who saw the ad saying they planned to watch the show.

About SessionM

SessionM is the next-generation engagement and loyalty platform. The company’s cloud-based solutions integrate loyalty marketing technology with marketing automation and profile management capabilities to drive personalized consumer relationships through the mobile device and across channels. The company is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe

New @ScalaInc Board Announced, Incl.s’ Gerard Bucas

August 24th, 2016

Maddie Cotterill

It didn’t take STRATACACHE CEO Chris Riegel very long to announce a new Scala Inc. board after its acquisition last week and there is at least one familiar face on it.

Peter Cherna, Chief Product Officer of Scala Inc., a STRATACACHE company told us “We are excited about what the STRATACACHE acquisition and the new Board of Directors means for Scala. With the resources that STRATACACHE brings, and the business and industry experience of our new Board, Scala now has renewed energy to pursue and grow our market-defining product strategy, leading global brand, and broad partner channel. I’m personally looking forward to doing great things together.”

The board consists of: –

  • Gerard Bucas has served on Scala’s Board of Directors since 2001 and was the CEO of Scala from 2002 to 2011. Before joining Scala, Gerard was a technology lead at Commodore and Olivetti (Italy and California). Gerard’s entrepreneurial skills have made him adept at starting or turning around hardware and software technology companies and building them into successful global businesses with worldwide distribution channels. Gerard is a graduate of the University of South Africa with a B.A. in Economics, Business Administration, and Computer Science.
  • Cameron Waldie is the General Manager and President of Carmanah Signs, a division of STRATACACHE. Prior to joining Carmanah in 2005, Cameron held senior positions in operations management and business development in the chemical, engineering and environmental industries – and also co-founded a business-consulting firm. Cameron is a registered Professional Engineer and holds an M.B.A. from the Ivey School of Business.
  • Kevin Carbone is currently leading PRN, a STRATACACHE company, as CEO. In prior executive roles, he built strategic relationships with Visa, Sun, Gateway, AMD, General Dynamics, Apple and Cisco. Most recently, Kevin was Founder and CEO of 6Connex, a virtual collaboration software company. Kevin holds an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa.
  • Kevin McGree is the CFO at STRATACACHE. Over the past four years, Kevin has helped steer multiple acquisitions that positioned STRATACACHE for exponential growth. Prior to his tenure at STRATACACHE, Kevin held chief accounting officer positions at several large manufacturers in the Dayton, OH, area. Kevin graduated with a B.A. in accounting from the University of Dayton, and is a designated CPA, CMA and CIA.

Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE, not surprisingly will serve as Chairman of the Board.

My Burberry, @StormDOOH Piccadilly Takeover

August 23rd, 2016

Maddie Cotterill

Earlier this week Burberry launched My Burberry Black – the new parfum for women, inspired by the black Heritage Trench Coat – with the brand’s first Snapchat Lens and a campaign starring British actress Lily James and saw her take over Piccadilly circus with ownership of Storm’s One Piccadilly and Coventry House screens

My Burberry black OP

The campaign was shot by photographer Mario Testino under the creative direction of Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey, and features Lily James in her first global advertising campaign.

‘I Put a Spell on You’ performed by British singer-songwriter Duffy, is the soundtrack to the campaign.

As a first for the brand, customers could watch the campaign unfold as Lily James takes over Burberry’s Snapchat channel – the takeover culminated with the reveal of the TV campaign across multiple platforms globally including Clear Channel’s One Piccadilly and Coventry House screens in Piccadilly, London.

A number of innovations around this, included:

  • Snapchat – marking Burberry’s first branded Lens on Snapchat, a My Burberry Black Lens created to immerse users into the aesthetic of the campaign will run for 24 hours from 23 August. The Lens opens with an interactive scene of the Snapchatter under a Burberry umbrella, sheltered from a rainstorm. The Snapchatter is then prompted to ‘blow a kiss’, triggering a filter which adds a beautifying golden light to the images. The Lens is available in the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany.
  • In-store digital experience – in selected retailers, a multisensory experience triggered by interacting with a My Burberry bottle allows customers to discover the My Burberry scents and immerses them in the universe of My Burberry Eau de Parfum, My Burberry Eau de Toilette and My Burberry Black. Customers will also be able to create their own virtual monogrammed bottle.

The Fragrance was created by Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey, working in collaboration with perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, My Burberry Black bottles the sensual elements of a black Burberry trench coat against bare skin.

The fragrance fuses the scent of sun-drenched jasmine flower and peach nectar with a touch of rose. The signature rose note at the heart of My Burberry is given a sweet and inviting candied twist, while rich amber patchouli rounds off the scent for a deep and captivating finish.

My Burberry Black is housed in a rich, amber-coloured glass bottle, whose overall design reflects the details of the black Burberry Heritage Trench Coat. A dark horn-finish cap echoes its distinctive buttons and the hand-tied black English-woven gabardine knot – made in Castleford, Yorkshire – honours the weatherproof fabric invented by Thomas Burberry over 100 years ago.

Customers are able to physically personalise their My Burberry Black bottle with up to three initials through a monogramming service available online and in selected Burberry and wholesale stores.

JWF Group Chooses @BroadSign

August 23rd, 2016

Maddie Cotterill

BroadSign International, LLC has been selected by Paraguay’s largest local digital out-of-home network, JWF Group, to power its network of displays.

Conversion to the BroadSign Core CMS will begin with nine digital billboards and will extend to indoor LED screens located in retail, restaurants, malls, airports and bus stations. The ad-based network runs campaigns for customers such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, Huawei, Land Rover and Volvo.

Enrique Aquino, IT Manager at JWF Group told us “JWF Group selected BroadSign’s digital signage platform upon a competitive comparison of providers. Of the platforms I tested, almost all did not fulfill my expectations due to lack of understanding of the advertising industry.

“Unlike other platforms, with BroadSign we can “say ‘no’ to playlists”, which helps reduce errors through automated management of complex content scheduling. Our customers are eager to play dynamic content based on triggers and conditions, and BroadSign has the ability and flexibility to enable this, along with category separation and detailed proof of performance reports.”

Skip Beloff, Senior Vice President at BroadSign said “JWF Group was the first ad-based digital signage network in Paraguay and BroadSign enjoys nothing more than collaborating with forward-thinking media owners across the world. We will work closely with them to help advance our medium in the country”.

About JWF Group

JWF Group is an advertising and communication business with the commitment to achieve total customer satisfaction by offering a competitive service based on unique needs. We understand advertising and communication as marketing tools and use them to help customers meet their sales goals and strengthen their brand image.

Bell and Howell Joins @DPAAorg

August 23rd, 2016

Maddie Cotterill

The Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) announced last week that Bell and Howell, LLC, a company that delivers innovative service and technology solutions for customer communications and commerce fulfillment, has joined the rapidly growing association.

Barry Frey, president & CEO, DPAA told us “Bell and Howell is a trusted partner to thousands of organizations including some of the world’s largest finance, industry and public sector enterprises. With their new intelligent parcel terminals, Bell and Howell is entering the digital place-based media sector for the first time. They are a great addition to our industry, as well as to the membership ranks of DPAA.”

Bell and Howell recently introduced the PackRobot intelligent parcel terminals, which are publicly located smart, automated locker systems, with large, digital screens that can be leveraged as promotional vehicles. The intelligent parcel terminals will be deployed by retailers, ecommerce companies and universities as package delivery and pickup locations.

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