AdAI: OOH – Conference Series

We asked ChatGPT what you would call a conference around the subjects of Generative AI, Machine Learning and ChatGPT and how they might affect the Out of Home industry.

Farrokh Mansouri

It came up with ‘AdAI: OOH – Conference. The Impact of Generative AI, Machine Learning and ChatGPT on Out-of-Home Advertising‘.

It’s a series of event that we are currently exploring and one that could be held first in Toronto (in November). COMMB’s Head of Data Science Farrokh Mansouri will chair the Toronto conference and is helping us plan the entire series.

At COMMB, Farrokh works on novel approaches to incorporate new data, analytics, and technologies for OOH measurements and marketing. He comes from a highly multidisciplinary background with experience applying data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in the fields of transit, medicine, climate science, and finance.

Farrokh is an experienced leader having previously built and managed technical teams in various startups and large companies and holds a BASc, MHSc and PhD in Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has authored over 20 research papers that were published in prestigious scientific journals.

If artificial intelligence has a home, it’s Toronto. For decades, a small group of researchers led by Geoffrey Hinton worked there on the theoretical models of deep learning. They worked in relative obscurity until computing power caught up to their mathematics.

Now, as the AI industry booms, the talent and expertise built up in the region over years have made Toronto a top destination for Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Samsung, Uber, Intel, LG and General Motors who have all made major investments in AI labs in the city.