London Digital Signage Week

Next year London Digital Signage Week will take place May 11-15, 2020.

London Digital Signage Week has fast grown into a ‘week’, very similar to London or New York Fashion Week, with more than just a handful of events, aimed at attracting a mix of advertisers, media owners, network operators, manufacturers, integrators, agencies, software developers, investors and more, in order to meet up, network, learn, and do business.

Those who have attended some of the events during past ‘weeks’ have said that they have always wished to be part of something ‘bigger’ than a single one day conference or ‘trapped’ in an exhibition – this week of course, is their chance to do exactly that!

Both the Fashion industry and the Advertising industry have their own ‘weeks’ where they “celebrate themselves”. Advertising Week Europe, described as a “hybrid of inspiring thought leadership” and “featuring the world’s best and brightest” has been running for many years now and is surely a model that the digital signage and digital out of home industry must continue to aspire to.

During London Digital Signage Week there will, as always, be dozens of events but the Ministry of New Media will be holding the following three full day conferences of their own: –

  • Global Digital Signage Conference on Tuesday May 12, 2020 at etc.venues
  • AdTECH: OOH – London will take place on Wednesday May 13, 2020 at etc.venues
  • European Out of Home Media Summit on Thursday May 14, 2029 at etc.venues

As London Digital Signage Week continues to gain traction we hope that once again, we can prove that #LondonIsThePlaceToBe.

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