The Software Holocron (Digital Signage, Gesture, Kiosk and Touch)

The aim here is to list as far as is humanly possible all the software products and associated companies working past or present in the digital signage, gesture, kiosk and / or touch space.

Whilst predominantly made up of pure software companies it also lists a number of open source initiatives, some companies that might initially be thought of as ‘network owners’ or IT consultancies and a few hardware companies that either offer software for free or otherwise alongside their manufactured devices.

We’d like to hear from you if you think: –

  • We have missed anyone
  • You know of anyone on the list that has changed its name or ceased trading
  • You would like to improve your own entry (no sales spiel though)
  • You have additional information on an entry, for example; someone they acquired / perhaps, acquired by / start date (established in …) OR any history that you think is pertinent to the ‘directory’ as a whole (we are particularly interested in history!

And please treat this list as a work in progress – there are probably still many we have missed but below are 600+ entries which is nice a start!


~sedna (1. established in 2008, 2. ~sedna apps launched in 2011), see ~sedna apps, ~sedna control, ~sedna presenter, ~sedna touch

~sedna apps, see ~sedna
~sedna control, see
~sedna presenter, see
~sedna touch, see

4YouSee (Brazil based digital signage software vendor)

10 Foot Wave, see FanConnect, ScreenWave

1080Dots, see 1080dots DS Online, 1080dots DS Player+, 1080dots Shoot & Share

1080dots DS Online, see 1080Dots
1080dots DS Player+, see 1080Dots
1080dots Shoot & Share, see 1080Dots

3M (acquired Mercury Online Solutions, Inc. in July 2005), see 3M Digital Signage, Fred Systems Ltd., Mercury Online Solutions Inc.

3M Digital Signage, see 3M, Fred Systems Ltd., Mercury Online Solutions Inc, Visual Attention Service

42 Media Group, see Oxygen Media Platform
A5TEK, see ieHIP Digital Signage
ACA Signage, see Harness Technology, Inc.

ACG Multimedia (1. formerly Advanced Computer Graphics, 2. based in Cincinnati, Ohio, 3. founded by Tony Butrum), see Advanced Computer Graphics

Acrossmedia (acquired by mermaid technology in January 2008), see Mermaid, mermaid technology

Acquire Digital, see Signage2Go, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd

Actalyst interactive digital signage, see SMART Technologies

Activia (1. acquired by STRATACACHE in July 2003, 2. relocated from Nice, France to Montreal, QC), see Activia for Media, STRATACACHE

Activia for Media, see Activia, STRATACACHE

Ad Manager (1. product acquired by Scala as part of its purchase of Marketing Information Services, aka MISC in 2008, 2. Scala sell product to Dot2Dot Communications Inc. in August 2012), see Dot2Dot Communications Inc., Scala

Adaptive Microsystems (1. US manufacturer of indoor and outdoor ALPHA LED Display Signs for over 30 years, based in Milwaukee, WI, USA, 2. in June 2001, Adaptive Microsystems purchases 40% of Rise Vision, 3. in 2007 the Adaptive Microsystems share of Rise Vision is bought back by Rise Holdings, 4. in-house software products include AlphaNet, BetaBrite Classic Messaging Software, Ooh!MediaPRO, Rise Holdings, Rise Vision and Simply Theatre Signs), see AlphaNet, BetaBrite Classic Messaging Software, Ooh!MediaPRO, Rise Holdings, Rise Vision, Simply Theatre Signs (STS)

ADFLOW Networks Inc. (1. established in 2000, 2. launched the ADFLOW Dynamic Messaging System in 2001, 3. received US Patent for secure communications in 2006, 4. launched ADFLOW Health Networks in 2010)

Adfotain Manager Express, see IAdea
Admo, (1. a digital signage framework that lets you rapidly build interactive gesture apps, 2. open source, 3, from technology incubator FireID), see FireID

ADmira Digital Signage
Adputer Inc.
AdStops, see transSpot
Adtec Digital

Adtraxion Systems B.V. (1. established in 2002, 2. based in The Netherlands, 3. originally part of Royal Philips, 4. operated independently since 2006, 5. Adtraxion 2.0 released in June 2012)

Advanced Computer Graphics, see ACG Multimedia
Adversign Media, see viewneo
Advid Network
AdView Dynamic Messenger

Aerva Inc. (1. founded 2005, 2. AerWave v1 with mobile widgets and digital signage launched summer 2005, 3. AerWave v3 launched in 2008, with addition of social media widgets and Moderation Engines for text, image, video, 4. AerWave v4.7 launched in 2011, with Keepsake Platform integration to sync cameras with digital screens), see AerWave, Keepsake

AerWave, see Aerva Inc.

AFS/MessageLink (acquired by Symon Communications, Inc. in 2007), see Symon Communications, Inc.

Affinity Group Networks (1. ceased trading, 2. was

Affordable Kiosks, see Slabb

AGILIRON (1. established in 2007, 2. Corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon, 3. Core product offering is AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite, 4. SaaS based solution powered by Amazon Web Services, targeting small and midsize product based businesses who want top and bottom line growth, 5. available in four editions; free Professional, Premier and Enterprise, 6,modules include Online Channels, InStore Channels, Front Office, Back Office, Business Intelligence and Team Collaboration)

AgoraMediaCom PLC (1. based in Morocco, 2. web site currently under construction), see S4i, Screen4impact

AI-Pixel, see SternPixel

Aitek, SpA (1. a privately held software development firm based in Genoa, Italy, with branch offices in Savona, Italy, 2 established in 1986 as a spin-off industrial company to provide solution to industries and large enterprises in the field of IT, Networking, Digital Video Systems, Intelligent transport Systems, 3. in 1995 Aitek enters the Security and Video Surveillance market, 4. in 2005 Aitek launches its own Digital Signage and IP TV Platform named TVIP, 5. Aitek has more than 4000 toll and control systems, 15,000 video cameras and 4,000 screens controlled by its platforms for intelligent transport systems, video surveillance and digital signage), see TVIP

AIM Digital Visions
AiO, see Hydravision, Netpractise (1. founded by Bob Clarke and Bill Collins with the Instrumental Media Group acquisition of Bill Collin’s Narrowcast News PDF bulletin in 2003, 2. the first online portal for the digital signage, narrowcasting and digital out of home industry, 3. then part of the Instrumental Media Group, 4. a clever play on words, i.e. ‘also known as TV’, and originally named as a response to the DOOH sector’s then inability to agree on a common name for its offering 5. acquired by Screen Holdings Ltd., owner of the Screen Forum Ltd., in November 2007, 6. subsequently acquired by’s holding company in February 2012), see (Bob) Clarke, Instrumental Media Group

Akoya, see OysterWare Ltd.
Allure Global Solutions, Inc.

Almagro (1. Manolo Almagro 21 June 1965 – present, 2. started in the industry in 1998 when he was VP of Technology at one of the largest US promotion agencies called Frankel + Co, which was, in turn, acquired by Publicis Groupe in 2000, Frankel was rebranded as ArcWorldWide in 2007, 3. first local TV interview in 1998 to talk about Siren / Siren Techologies and the digital signage solution that was being built, 4. in 2000 Frankel was awarded one of the first digital signage software patents in the industry US #6038545, 5. Manolo Almagro named as inventor on said US patent #6038545, 6. over 100 digital menu boards installed in McDonalds as a national test market using the Fred Systems Ltd product in partnership with Clarity Visual Systems’ first display cubes, 7. in 2000 installed the UK’s largest digital menu board in the Millennium Dome for the Millenial Celebration which was over 33 Screens long and used Clarity Visual Systems and Apple, 8. in 2001 installed the Paris Metro’s First Digital Signage Transit Network, again using Clarity and Apple and also some Pioneer, 9. in 2002 developed a prototype and Digital Concept Store for Shell Oil – Pumptop Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks for C-stores, 10. in 2003 deployed AT&T Mobile Kiosk with OTA downloads and ringtones, 11. in 2009 deployed in the Philippines a 50+ location rollout for Jollibee Food Corporation National Digital Signage using Navori and Samsung, 12. in 2011 helped establish Asia Regional chapters for DigitalScreenMedia Association in Australia, Singapore, Manila, Vietnam, Hong-Kong), see Fred Systems Ltd, Navori, Siren Technologies

AlphaNet, see Adaptive Microsystems

Alpha Video & Audio, Inc. (1. established in 1970, 2. based in Edina, MN, 3. a national integrator of visual communication solutions, specialising in the design and installation of products, systems and services for audio and video content creation, management, and distribution, 4. in 1997 founded CastNet to sell digital signage solutions), see CastNET

Altabox, see Kentia
Ampronix Inc., see Infomaxx CF
Amscreen (1. established 2008, 2. acquired Comtech M2M in August 2008)

AMX (1. acquired Endeleo in November 2006, 2. acquired Inspiration Matters Ltd. in July 2007, 3. Inspiration Matters’ Inspired Signage becomes AMX Digital Signage), see Inspired Signage

AMX Digital Signage, see AMX, Inspired Signage

Anacore, Inc. (1. a custom software development company based in Carmel, Indiana. 2. digital signage product is MediaStation), see MediaStation

Announce, see Visix
AO Narrowcast Inc., see Omega Signage Software

AOpen Inc. (1. established in 1996 in Taiwan as an entity within the Acer Group, 2. founded by Bernie Tsai, President and CEO. 3. flagship product is the Digital Engine, an ultra-small form factor media player designed for a wide variety of applications with its main footprint in the digital signage industry)

AP3 (1. designed as a complete content management solution for DynaScan 360° LED Video Displays, 2. used together with Dynanet Network Media Management Software, it allows users to create, control, and publish content to a full network of DynaScan displays using a single, centralized server), see Dynanet Network Media Management, Dynascan

Appolo, see inLighten
AppoloCast, see inLighten
Apollo Display Technologies

Aracast (1. digital signage system from Spanish company TECCO, 2. described as a complete and modular digital signage solution for advertisement, museums, education, retail, transport or any other commercial applications), see TECCO

Arcus 3.0 Corporate Digital Signage System, see ODM, see One Digital Media

Arreya Digital
Arrive Systems Inc., see InfoPoint, see Cumedin
Audience, see Capital Networks
Audience for Android, see Capital Networks

Audio Messaging Solutions (merged with IOHI, Impressions On Hold in January 2012 to create Spectrio), see Spectrio

Audio Video Interactive
AutoComm, Inc.
AVIONEX LLC, see Hypersign
AXISTV, see Visix Inc.

Ayuda Media Systems (1. established 2003, 2. Launched BMS in 2007, 3. Splash launched originally as BMS Digital in 2009, 4. kick-started the OpenSplash initiative by donating player only source code to the industry in February 2011, 5. launched Juice in 2012), see Juice, Opensplash, Splash

Bally Technologies (1. in 1996 after being spun off by its parent company, Bally Gaming International, Inc. (BGII) merged with Alliance Gaming Corporation, which was originally incorporated in Nevada on 30th September 1968 under the name Advanced Patent Technologies, 2. on 6th March 2006, Alliance Gaming officially changed its name to Bally Technologies, Inc., 3. Bally Technologies is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘BYI’, 4. acquired gaming part of CoolSign from Planar in November 2008)

Bar Caddy, see Convergent Media Systems, Media Caddy

Barco (1. acquired dZine July 2010, 2. acquired X2O Media March 2013), see dZine, X2O Media

BCS CloudMedia (1. launched March 2013 by BCS Global Networks Ltd., 2. described as an an end-to-end digital media solution delivered as a managed service from the cloud), see BCS Global Networks Ltd.

BCS Global Networks Ltd. (1. a provider of managed videoconferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services, 2. headquartered in the UK, with offices in New York, Toronto, Shanghai and Hong Kong), see BCS CloudMedia

BCD Systems (1. established 1991 in Toronto, 2. amalgamated with Omnivex in 2002), see Moxie, Omnivex Corporation

Best Wave, see DisplayIt!
BetaBrite Classic Messaging Software, see Adaptive Microsystems

Blocks, see Blocks Global

Blocks Global (1. established in 2012 as an indepedent entity from creative digital agency Square Circle Triangle, 2. based in Melbourne, Australia, 3. software company specialising in Software-as-a-Service solutions for retail, 4. flagship products include the Blocks platform and Android-based app Screener, 5. partnered with AOPEN in 2013 to offer white label solutions under the OpenService initiative), see BlocksScreener

BlueWater Technologies Group
Boardwalk Digital Signage Software

Bøhmer (1. Jon Bøhmer 23 June 1912 – present, 2. founded Scala in 1987 -was then called Digital Vision AS, 3. inventor of original InfoChannel product, 4. founded Pronto TV AS in 1998, 5. founded Snap TV in 2004, 6. founded Kyoto Energy in 2006), see Digital Vision AS, InfoChannel, (Jeff) Porter, Scala

BrightSign LLC (1. established in 2002 by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the DVR, 2. a privately held company based in Los Gatos, California, 3. specialist in solid state players, 4. originally part of Roku, 5. has operated independently since 2010 under the leadership of its CEO Jeff Hastings), see Roku

Broadcast International
BroadCastIt, see Market Signage Software

BroadSign International, Inc (1. established in 2004, 2. filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on Sunday 4th March 2012, 3. on 31st May 2012 the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware approved a sale of BroadSign International, Inc.’s assets to JedFam Group, LLC., 4. BroadSign International, Inc. emerged from bankruptcy as BroadSign International, LLC.), see JedFam Group, LLC

BroadSign International, LLC., see BroadSign International, Inc.
BSBtv (ceased trading)

Bucas (1. Gerard Bucas, 3 August 1946 – present, 2. strong background in software and digital network architecture gained in South Africa, Italy and California, led to role as Vice President R&D at Commodore Business Machines in West Chester, PA, where the Amiga – the world’s first affordable multimedia computer was being developed, 3. established Great Valley Products (GVP) in 1988, with the mission to further expand the Amiga’s already strong multimedia credentials, 4. secured the exclusive US distribution rights for Scala products in 1989-1992, a perfect match for GVP’s then audio and video overlay/genlock products, 5. joined Scala’s board of directors in 2000, 6. elected Scala Chairman in early 2001, 7. appointed Scala CEO in July 2002, 8. credited by Scala’s employees and largest shareholder for having saved Scala from bankruptcy in 2002, 9. dramatically grew Scala’s global distribution channel/footprint and marketing efforts and as a result also grew sales between 2003 and 2010, 8. hired and groomed successor in 2010, 9. in October 2011 stepped down as Scala’s longest serving CEO, 10. remained as Director on Scala Board through to end of June 2012), see Great Valley Products, GVP, (Jeff) Porter, Scala

Budavar Digital Technologies
CableTime, see MediaStar
Cadavid Concepts, see nuiCapture
C-Nario (acquired by YCD Multimedia in October 2011)
Caldera, see Variable Display
Caltron Industries

Camvine (1. ceased trading February 2012, 2. re-appeared as Scene Digital in April 2012), see Scene Digital

Cammax (1. Established in 1999, 2. UK providers of touch screen kiosks, monitors and digital display boards, 3. provide an end-to-end service, nationwide to a number of b2b, universities, hospitals and government clients with touchscreen kiosk and monitor software)

Cloud2i, see Scene Digital

Capital Networks, (1. established in 1991, 2. acquired DiGiMATiON Corp. in December 2011), see Audience, Audience for Android. DiGiMATiON Corp.

Captive Indoor Media
Carlipa Systems

CastaVista (1. first seen March 2007, 2. not seen for a while, likely ceased trading, 3. was


CastNET (1. founded as a division of Alpha Video in 1997 to sell digital signage solutions, 2. in 2011, purchased domain name, 3. CastNET announces Emergency Visual Notification, EVN, option at InfoComm 2011, 4. in early 2012 releases CastNET Version 10), see Alpha Video & Audio, Inc.

Cayin Technology Co. Ltd. (1. established in 2004, 2. a privately held company based in Taipei City, Taiwan, 3. launched its first digital signage player in 2005)

CE Labs, see Quicksign, Quicksign Pro
CeroView (ceased trading)
ChalkboxTV, see RMG Networks
ChannelCare, see Vericom Corporation, see Spectrio

Christie Jumpstart, see Jumpstart

Christie Digital (1. acquired Vista Systems in July 2007), 2. launched Jumpstart Software solution January 2012), see Jumpstart, Spyder, Vista Spyder, Vista Systems

Cilutions Digital Media Bridge

Cinema Scene Marketing (1. acquired PopStar Networks in June 2013, 2. re-branded PopStar Networks as NextDSS), see NextDSS, PopStar Networks

Cineplex (1. Toronto, Ontario based entertainment business, 2. Listed on TSX: CGX, 3. acquired EK3 Technologies Inc. in July 2013, 4, operates EK3 as Cineplex Digital Networks), see Cineplex Digital Media, Cineplex Digital Networks, EK3

Cineplex Digital Media, see Cineplex
Cineplex Digital Networks, see Cineplex

Cisco Digital Media Suite
Cities in Touch
CITTADINO, see picturemachine fast edit, picturemachine fast edit plus, picturemachine professional

Clarity Visual Systems (1. acquired Tzero Inc. in February 2000, 2. acquired CoolSign from Adspace Networks in April 2005, 3. acquired by Planar Systems, Inc. in September 2006), see CoolSign, Planar Systems, Tzero Inc.

Clarke (1. Bob Clarke is a business start-up strategist. Originally a writer, producer, director, 2. he has created two TV channels for News Corporation and multiple live events worldwide as well as business, daytime, comedy and game shows in the UK, 3. he sold his first media production business to Virgin Group plc in 1987 and thereafter founded and ran two communications agencies, first pioneering satellite delivered corporate BTV networks and then Instrumental Media Group Ltd, providing DOOH media channels for major brands in the UK, China and the US, 4. since 2008 he has focused on start-ups, including clean technology, public entertainment, extreme sports, social media, and digital out of home media businesses, through his strategy and execution vehicle, Any Other Business LLP, 5. he is a founder shareholder and board member of online DOOH media publisher, Screen Holdings, electronic waste transformation business, WEEE Systems Ltd, and is leading the resurrection of world famous music venue, The Marquee Club, as centrepiece of a digital multiplatform media business), see Instrumental Media Group Ltd.

ClearOne (acquired MagicBox in 2011)

ClientCenter, see WireSpring Technologies
c|station, see Rippamedia
Cloonan & Associates
Cloud2i, see Camvine, Scene Digital
Com-Net Software

ComQi (1. formerly EnQii, 2. EnQii changed its name to ComQi after its merger with Minicom Digital Signage in May 2011), see Digital View Media, EnQii, Minicom Digital Signage

Comtech M2M (1. acquired by Amscreen in August 2008, 2. Amscreen sold the Machine-to-Machine M2M side of the business to the Brulines Group in December 2010), see Amscreen

Connect Interactive Partnership (1. Established 1994, 2. renamed Remote Media Ltd in 1997, 3. known primarily as Signagelive), see Signagelive

Connected Kiosk, see PNI Digital Media Inc.
Connectvision, see Saturn Communications Group Ltd
Consolidated Network Group (CNGI)
Content Interface Corporation
Contemporary Research, see Signstream Digital Signage
Convergent Media Systems Corporation, see Bar Caddy, Media Caddy, Prodokol

CoolSign (1. established September 1998, 2. CoolSign acquired from Adspace Networks by Clarity Visual Systems April 2005, 3. Note: Clarity Visual Systems subsequently acquired by Planar Systems, Inc. in September 2006, 4. gaming part of CoolSign sold by Planar Systems, Inc. to Bally Technologies in November 2008, 5. CoolSign acquired by CS Software Holdings in December 2008. 6. CoolSign acquired from CS Software Holdings by Haivision November 2010)

CommandCenterHD, see Industry Weapon
coolux Media Systems, see Pandoras Box Player
Corn Digital

Corum Corporation (1. a privately-held software development company based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 2. acquired the firmCHANNEL brand of Digital Signage products from eliquidMEDIA International in October 2011, 3. created a new subsidiary called Corum Digital Corporation, also in October 2011), see Corum Digital Corporation, eliquidMEDIA International, firmCHANNEL

Corum Digital Corporation (1. created from the R&D Lab of Corum Corporation which was spun off after Corum Corporation’s acquisition of the firmCHANNEL brand of Digital Signage products from eliquidMEDIA International in October 2011, 2. acquired the assets of The MediaTile Corporation in August 2012), see Corum Corporation, firmCHANNEL, MediaTile

CosmoCom, see Novicom

Cotterill (1. Adrian J Cotterill 4 July 1963 to present, 2. in 1992 setup Intel’s first Interactive Marketing Group in Munich, 3. oversaw the development of Kiosk systems and ‘endcap’ fixtures, including innovative use of ‘screen savers’ on Microsoft Windows with Advanced Computer Graphics in Cincinnati, Ohio, 4. built Intel’s first ever, then single speed, CD-ROM multimedia merchandising solution for retailers in 1994, 5. in 1992 co-authored ‘The Technical Guide To Windows’ ISBN 0-632-03374-6 published by Blackwell Scientific Publications, 6. left Intel in 1999 and subsequently worked for a number of VCs during the dot-com boom, 7. from October 2003 to March 2007 worked at Kaleidovision Ltd. as interim Chief Technology Officer, 8. founded and its holding company IGCH Ltd. in 2007, 9. in November 2008 coined the phrase ‘virtual mannequin’ to describe the use of projection technology to create the illusion of a free standing, real person or character, typically a masked image, using rear projection and an acrylic coated with window projection film such as 3M Vikuiti, 10. in September 2009 co-published the Issy-Neale Formula, designed to provide a common framework for describing shapes of video screen displays made of smaller screen elements, 11. IGCH Ltd. acquired in February 2012, 12. in June 2012 co-authored ‘How MicroTiles Made An Impact At The London Stock Exchange’ together with Andrew Neale, 13. editor in chief 2007 to present), see Advanced Computer Graphics,, Issy-Neale Formula, Kaleidovision, (Andrew) Neale, virtual mannequin

Coynet UK Ltd.
Creosity, see Sign Passage Pro

CS Software Holdings (acquired CoolSign in December 2008), see CoolSign, Haivision

Cumedin, see
Cyber DAN, see Cyber Operations
Cyber Operations, see Cyber DAN

CyberStream (1. established in 2000, 2. based in Athens, Greece, 3. has a successful track of 12 years in systems integration and application development, 4. specialises in Digital Signage, Unified Communications, Enterprise networking, e-Learning, Business Process Automation & Business Intelligence, 5. the company is a Select partner of Cisco Systems, 6. in May 2008 released DSplay, a web-based digital signage platform) see DSplay


Dacon PLC (1. acquired by Symon Communications, Inc. in 2008, 2. now known in Europe as Symon Dacon), see Symon Communications, Inc., Symon Dacon

Danoo (1. founded in 2006, 2. renamed RMG Networks in August 2009), see RMG Networks

DanSign Systems, see also Novicom A/S

Daktronics (1. Established in 1968, 2. joined the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol ‘DAKT’ in 1994, 3. launched the Visiconn Display Management Solution in 2006), see Visiconn

Data Asia
Data Sphere

Data Vision Europe (1. often known as DVE, 2. merged with Protouch in July 2010) see Gorilla Media

DC Media, see DSMAP, MediaSight, Inc
DENEVA.cuatro, see ICON Multimedia
DGScreens (1. ceased trading, 2. was www.­dgscreen.­com)
DGT Dynamics, see Digitopia

Digicasting Technology co. ltd
DiGiMATiON Corp. (1. established in 1982, 2. acquired by Capital Networks Limited in December 2011)

DigiSHOW, see Future Software
Digital Cloud Signage
Digital Display Group
Digital Image Control (aka Dicon)
Digital Matter Corp
Digital Media Projects Ltd

Digital Recall Pty Ltd (1. established in 2005, 2. billed as the world’s first free digital signage software, 3. launched Digital Recall Manager and Player Software in February 2007, 4. based in Melbourne, Australia)

Digital Retailing Expo, see Digital Signage Expo, Exponantion LLC.

Digital Signage Expo (1. after a visit to GlobalShop in 2004 Exponation co-founder Angelo Varrone came across the beginnings of the digital signage industry in a pavilion that GlobalShop labeled ‘The Digital Store’, 2. as a result of that, Exponation co-founder Chris Gibbs was given the task of launching Digital Retailing Expo, 3. Digital Retail Expo launched in October 2004 in San Francisco with 40 exhibitors and approximately 1,000 attendees, 4, in May 2005 Digital Retailing Expo moved to Chicago and stayed there 2006 and 2007, 5. in the summer of 2007 Digital Retailing Expo was renamed Digital Signage Expo along with plans to move the show to an earlier time slot in Las Vegas, 6. in 2008 Digital Signage Expo opened its doors in Las Vegas for the first time, 7. Digital Signage Expo is a two-time winner of TradeShow Week’s ‘Fastest 50’ award, recognising the 50 trade and consumer events that had the greatest growth rate over a 3 year period, 8. Digital Signage Expo is currently the largest conference and trade show exclusively dedicated to digital signage, interactive technology and digital out-of-home networks, with nearly 200 exhibitors and over 4,000 professional attendees.

Digital Signage Solutions GmbH

Digital View, (1. Established in 1995, 2. current see DV Signage, 3. past, see Digital View Media)

Digital View Media (1. pre-August 2007 was the software division of Digital View, 2. sold to EnQii Holdings Ltd in September 2007, 3. EnQii subsequently merged with Minicom Digital Signage in May 2011 to became ComQi), see ComQi, Digital View, EnQii

Digital Vision AS (1. established in Norway in 1987 to develop software products for cable TV stations and hotel Information Channels, 2. launched its first product InfoChannel on the Commodore Amiga platform in 1988, 3. Digital Vision AS was renamed Scala in 1992), see InfoChannel, Scala
digitalsignage.NET, see Dynamax Technologies Ltd
DigitalSigns (UK)

Digitopia, see DGT Dynamics

Dillon (1. Tony Dillon 23 June 1912 – present, 2. was hired by Siren Technologies in 1997 when head of technology development for McDonald’s, 3. later founded Tzero Inc., 4. sold Tzero Inc. to Clarity Visual Systems in February 2000), see Clarity Visual Systems, Siren Technologies, Tzero Inc.

dimedis, see Kompas, see FairMate

DISE (1. Klocktornet AB founded in 2004, 2. DISE 1.0 launched in 2005), see Display Evolution, Klocktornet AB

Display Evolution, see DISE, Klocktornet AB
DisplayIt!, see Best Wave
DJvideo, see Kaleidovision Ltd.
DMX Music
DocuChannel, see Sensory Ventures

Dot2Dot Communications Inc. (1. founded in 2011 by Richard Tso, 2. in August 2012 acquired Ad Manager from Scala), see Ad Manager, Scala

dooh media gmbh, see 42 Media Group, see Oxygen

doPublicity (1. a division of MaGlobe, Inc. a company based in Los Altos, CA., 2. founded in April 2006, 3. first product launched September 2006), see MaGlobe

Dowell (1. Jeff Dowell, born 1959 in Oregon, 2. founding team member touch screen kiosk company Inter-ad in 1984, 3. co-founded MRI in 1995, 4. joined Clarity Visual Systems in the middle of 1997 to help establish them in the ‘Digital Signage’ space, 5. worked with other early entrants in the digital signage market, such as; Kevin Cornelius at Clarity Visual Systems, Tony Dillon and Manolo Almagro at Siren Technology before it morphed into MarketForward under Steve Nesbit, Brad Gleeson at Active Light, John Kirkpatrick at Fred Systems Ltd., John Eisenhauer and Fred Arsenault at Mercury On-Line), Jeff Porter at Scala, 6. whilst at Clarity worked on the first McDonald’s Digital Menuboards in the Phoenix test market between 1998 and 2001, the United Airlines Gateback Signage initiative and Chicago O’Hare airport remodel in the early 2000’s, the first digital press tables that were designed and built for the NBA, and the development of Clarity’s initial attempt at a ‘digital sign in a box’ solution, which was a combination of hardware, software and content templates, 7. whilst at Clarity worked on the acquisition teams that led to the purchase of Tzero Inc and CoolSign, 8. left Clarity in 2006 just before Clarity were acquired by Planar and joined the ex-Mercury On-Line team, who had been purchased by 3M as part of their initial entry into the Digital Signage space, 9, left 3M in the middle of 2009 and joined LG to head up their Digital Signage division based out of Chicago, IL., 10. whilst at LG spearheaded a ‘distribution only’ go-to-market strategy and developed signNET, also known as SuperSign-Premier), a full turn-key digital sign in a box solution, 11. joined 3M Optical Systems division late in 2011), see 3M, 3M Digital Signage, (Manolo) Almagro, Clarity Visual Systems, (Tony) Dillon, (John) Eisenhauer, (Brad) Gleeson, Inter-ad, (John) Kirkpatrick, LG, Mercury Online Solutions, MRI, (Steve) Nesbit, Planar, (Jeff) Porter, Scala, signNet, Siren Technologies, SuperSign-Premier, TZero

DRM Productions, see Retriever Digital Signage

DS4, see Piksel
DS-IP, see Eclipse
DSMAP, see DC Media
DSMS, see Exhibio, LLC

DSplay (1. launched in May 2008 by CyberStream, 2 a web based digital signage system), see CyberStream

DT Link
DT Research, see WebDT
DV Signage, see Digital View
DVE, see Data Vision Europe

Dynamax Technologies Ltd, (1. established as Terminal Display Systems, TDS in 1978, 2. renamed Dynamax Technologies in 1999) see digitalsignage.NET, POV

Dynanet Network Media Management (1. designed as a complete content management solution for DynaScan 360° LED Video Displays, 2. used together with Dynascan’s AP3 it allows users to create, control, and publish content to a full network of DynaScan displays using a single, centralized server), see AP3, Dynascan


Dynascan, see AP3, Dynanet Network Media Management

dZine (1. established April 23rd 1992, 2. acquired by Barco July 2010)

E Display (1. Offices in Calgary, Alberta and Chicago, Illinois, 2. offers a wide range of custom solutions such as; corporate communication digital signage, interactive displays, digital menu boards, flight information displays, hospitality signage, retail signage, and window projection systems, 3. makers of E Display SAS ), see E Display SAS

E Display SAS, see E Display
EasyBlend technology, see Scalable Display Technologies
EasyStart, see Firecast, WireSpring Technologies

Eclipse DS (1. a division of Eclipse International Marketing Inc., a Canadian specialist and distributor of KVM products, 2. Eclipse International Marketing Inc. was established in 1995, 3. their own digital signage software called DS-IP was launched in 2011), see DS-IP

Edisonweb Srl, see WebSignage

Eisenhauer (1. John Eisenhauer 23 June 1912 – present, 2. founder, President and CEO, Mercury Online Solutions, Inc. from 1987 to 2005, 3. sold Mercury Online Solutions to 3M in 2005, 4. Vice President, 3M Digital Signage in 3M Commercial Graphics Division between 2005 and 2006, 5. Vice President, 3M Digital Signage between August 2005 and June 2006), see 3M, 3M Digital Signage, Fred Systems Ltd., (John) Kirkpatrick, Mercury Online Solutions

EK3 Technologies Inc. (1. London, Ontario-based in-store digital merchandising provider, 2. Operations in Canada, the United States and other countries, 3. acquired by Cineplex Inc. July 2013, 4. renamed Cineplex Digital Networks), see Cineplex, Cineplex Digital Media, Cineplex Digital Networks

Electronic Art

Electrosonic Systems (1. early developer of digital media players, 2. the Mediasonic line of digital media players for example offered high resolution with the ability to frame lock synchronize multiple screens and video walls as ‘standard features’ well before others), see Mediasonic

Elementi, see SpinetiX

eliquidMEDIA International (1. a full service multi-media company established in 1996, 2. sold its firmCHANNEL brand of Digital Signage products to Corum Corporation in October 2011), see Corum Corporation, firmCHANNEL

Elo Touch Solutions (1. supplier of touch solutions including touchscreen components, touchmonitors, and all-in-one (AiO) touchcomputers, 2. Elo touch solutions meet the diverse requirements of digital signage, retail, point-of-sale (POS), hospitality, medical/healthcare IT, industrial, and consumer, 3. announced alliance with YCD Multimedia in June 2012 to provide interactive Digital Signage solutions), see YCD Multimedia

Embassy Software
Emit8 Digital Signage Software, see IT Ferret Ltd.
Endeleo (acquired by AMX in November 2006)
En-gage, see Guerilla
Endo Networks
Engage, see ComQi, EnQii

EngageMedia (1. launched in 2005 by Vanten K.K. as an add on layer for Scala offering improved CMS and operational functionality. 2. by 2008, became a full-fledged SaaS platform on its own, depending on Scala Infochannel only for authoring and graphic engine, 3. in 2009, added support for Sharp’s eSignage player software, 4. as of 2012, EngageMedia claims to be the only single-source, multi-tenant PaaS / SaaS platform for digital signage in Japan, and is used in about 1,000 players) see Scala, eSignage, Vanten K.K.

Engagis (1. established in 2001, 2. based in Australia and New Zealand, 3. a provider of digital signage, software applications and interactive touch devices specializing in large scale deployment, 4. introduced the first commercial self ordering kiosk in Australia)

EnQii Holdings Ltd (1. acquired Digital View Media from Digital View in September 2007, 2. EnQii merged with Minicom Digital Signage in May 2011 to became ComQi), see ComQi, Digital View, EnGage, EnQii

enVU (founded May 2010), see STRATACACHE
Epicure Digital
Equinox, see Synergy Digital Media Corporation
EscapeWire Solutions
esferatec (ceased trading)
eSign, see GPE, see Graphics Point Engineering
eSignage, see Sharp
Esprida (aka Signifi, Touchpoint, Catapult)

EuroTouch Kiosks, LLC (acquired by OneSource Interactive in May 2012)

Evado Narrowcasting (1. launched in 2007 by TSS Cross Media Group, 2.
based in The Netherlands), see TSS Cross Media Group

Exceptional 3D (1. privately held global company, founded in 2011 and based in New York, 2. manufacturer and supplier of patented 3D auto-stereoscopic – no glasses needed – displays and software to the digital signage industry, 3. installed the first ever 3D digital Signage network in August, 2011 consisting of 72 x 3D displays, 4. the company specialises in providing high quality auto-stereoscopic 3D displays, software and 3D content to system integrators and network operators for widespread adaptation to the digital signage industry), see X2O Media

Exhibio, LLC (1. established in 1995, 2. based in Williamsville, NY, USA, 3. brought their first Digital Signage System to market in 2001, 4. each of Exhibio’s hardware products is integrated with Exhibio’s Digital Signage Management System), see DSMS

Exponation LLC. (1. established July 2002, 2. founded by Angelo Varrone, Danielle Gibbs and Chris Gibbs, 3. Angelo Varrone was the former President/CEO of Shore-Varrone, Inc., producer of GlobalShop which he created and launched in 1993, 4, Shore-Varrone was sold to VNU, Inc., now Nielsen, Inc., in 1998), see Digital Retailing Expo, Digital Signage Expo

eyecon Wall Management Software, see eyevis GmbH
EyeCycles (established 2009)

eyevis GmbH, see eyecon Wall Management Software
EzSign TV, see LG EzSign TV
Fairfield Displays and Lighting
Fairmate, see dimedis
FanConnect, see 10 Foot Wave

Fantastic Corporation, The (sold OmniCast Dispatcher to STRATACACHE in 2004), see OmniCast Dispatcher


FAST see Fujitsu Australia Software Technology, TELentice
Flat Lady, see Virtual Mannequin
Firecast EasyStart, see WireSpring Technologies
, see Admo

firmCHANNEL (1. developed by eliquidMEDIA International, 2. sold by eliquidMEDIA International to Corum Corporation in October 2011, 3. now part of a Corum Corporation subsidiary Corum Digital Corporation), see Corum Corporation, Corum Digital Corporation, eliquidMEDIA International

FirstView (1. developed by FirstView Digital Signage, 2. formerly known as First Technology Ltd, 3. established 2004, 4. based in TURKU, Finland)

FirstView Digital Signage, see PiCube

FITNET.TV, see Synergex Corporation ( now re-directs to Synergex Corporation web site)


Flypaper (1. a digital signage content creation platform, 2. empowers anyone to edit and manipulate components without touching programming code, 3. in 2012 launched the Flypaper Marketplace, a one-stop shop for digital signage assets and media, 4. released Flypaper Connect family of tools for real time digital signage updates, 5. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trivantis Corporation), see Flypaper Studio Inc., Trivantis Corporation

Flypaper Express (1. from Flypaper Studio Inc, 2. an easy to use plug-in that turns PowerPoint into a content creation engine), see Flypaper Studio Inc.

Flypaper Studio Inc, see Flypaper, Flypaper Express, Trivantis Corporation

Focal Point Technologies
Focus Enhancements (FireFly)
Forest Technologies (Cart Media)
Fractalia Media, see Fractalia Remote Systems
Fractalia Remote Systems, see Fractalia Media
FrameChannel (ceased trading), see Thinking Screen Media
Frame Media, see Thinking Screen Media
Frame Jazz, see X2O Media

Frankel + Co, see (Manolo) Almagro, Marketforward, Siren Technologies

Fred Systems Ltd. (1. founded by John Kirkpatrick in 1996, 2. early innovator of the digital signage industry, 3. acquired by Mercury Online Solutions Inc. on June 30, 2003), see 3M, 3M Digital Signage, (John) Kirkpatrick, Mercury Online Solutions

Frontcast Media Europe AB

FrontFace, see mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG
FrontFace for Public Displays, see mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG
FrontFace SELECT, see mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG

Four Winds Interactive (1. incorporated in summer 2005, 2. launched version 1.0 of product in February of 2006, 3. privately held since inception, 4. also known as FWi, 5. profitable since 2010, 6. currently have 220 employees), see FWi

Fujitsu Australia Software Technology (1. aka FAST, 2. in 1999 developed TELentice, 3. in 2005 FAST sold the TELentice IP to TELentice Global Incorporated, 4. FAST continued to provide Engineering support until TGI’s demise in late 2009), see TELentice, TELentice Global Incorporated, TGI, FAST

Fusion, see JupiterBay
Fusion, see SpinetiX
Future Generation Services
Future Software, see DigiSHOW
Gasper Software
FuturLink (1. established in 2003, 2. headquarters in Barcelona, Spain)
FWi, see Four Winds Interactive
Gecko Software
Gefen, LLC
GFX Dynamics

Gleeson (1. Bradley J. Gleeson, 28 August 1958 – present, 2. founded Activelight in 1998 as importer and value-added distributor of large format plasma displays, focusing on proAV and digital signage applications, 3. in 1998 acted as reseller and representative for Clarity Visual Systems display cubes into digital signage market for early US Postal Service installations, 4. in 1998 conceived of and launched the Dynamic Digital Signage Resource Directory as industry’s first company and product directory. Initial issue listed around 200 companies and was mailed to around 1500 end-user companies, 5. in 1999 sponsored and organised the first digital signage industry tradeshow pavilion at NSCA trade show, the initial 50×50’ booth featured companies like Pioneer, Fujitsu, Scala, Fred Systems and Mercury Online Solutions, 6. The Activelight NSCA Digital Signage pavilion would grow to over 10,000 sq ft and 20+ exhibitors in 2002 before being transitioned to Exponation to support the launch of the first Digital Retailing Expo, later to become Digital Signage Expo, 7. in 2004 promoted the idea of a Digital Signage Industry Association along with co-promoter’s Jeff Dowell (then of Clarity Visual Systems) and Jeff Porter of Scala, the original association was launched around 2004 under management by POPAI and later in partnership with Networld Alliance. 8. in 2006 sold ActiveLight to Electrograph, 9. in 2006 joined Planar Systems as VP Business Development and Corporate Officer and oversaw the acquisition of Clarity Visual Systems which had previously acquired CoolSign, 10. in 2008 oversaw the divestiture of CoolSign and its IP to both Bally Technologies for the gaming market and also to a new company funded by private Equity, which was later sold to Haivision, 11. in 2009 founded TargetPath with partner ex-VP Infocus Systems, Scott Hix as industry management consulting and business development contractors, 12. in 2009 acquired Vertigo Group with co-investment team led by Chilin Technology of Tainan, Taiwan, 13. in 2011 launched Chilin Solutions as a partnership between TargetPath, Chilin Technologies and Vertigo Digital Displays, 14. served as Executive VP and GM, DOOH for Chilin Solutions and acting CEO of Vertigo Digital Displays from 2009 to August 2013, 15. Joined Comark Interactive Solutions June 2015 and currently serves as Chief Commercial Officer), see Bally Technologies, CoolSign, NCSA Tradeshow

Global Impact – Jupiter Bay Software

The Gores Group (1. in December 2012 acquired Harris Corporation’s Broadcast Communications Division which includes digital signage software solutions), see InfoCaster, Inscriber Technology Corporation, Punctuate

Gorilla Media, see Nekoti
Gorilla Media, see Data Vision Europe, DVE

GPE, see eSign, see Graphics Point Engineering
Graphics Point Engineering, see eSign, GPE

Grassfish Marketing Technologies (1. established in 2005, 2. Grassfish Digital Signage solution launched in 2005)

Great Valley Products (1. established in 1988 by Gerard Bucas, 2. also known as GVP, 3. a hardware and software developer specialising in add-on products for the Commodore Amiga range of multimedia computers, 4. based in King of Prussia, PA, USA, 5. quickly grew to become the largest player in the Amiga after-market through the creation of an extensive network of international distributors in more than 30 countries, 6. developed many Amiga add-ons, which were especially sought after by user’s of NewTek’s pioneering Video Toaster product in the early nineties, 7. exclusive USA distributor of Scala software from 1989 to 1992, 8. when Commodore went out of business in 1994, GVP was quietly wound down by mid 1995), see Bucas, Scala.

Greenflow AS, see tellystream
Greenware Technologies (1. established in 2008, 2. based in Israel), see Monitors AnyWhere

Guerilla, see En-gage
GVP, see Great Valley Products

GroupCast (acquired assets of Sensory Ventures), see also SchoolReach

Haivision (acquired CoolSign in November 2010), see Clarity Visual Systems, CS Software Holdings, CoolSign, Planar

Harness Technology, Inc. see ACA Signage

Harris Corporation (1. acquired Leitch Technology Corporation in August 2005, 2. offered digital signage software via its Broadcast Communications Division, 3. sold Broadcast Communications Division to The Gores Group in December 2012), see InfoCaster, Inscriber Technology Corporation, Punctuate

HEADLINE.TV AS (acquired by Mermaid in January 2011), see Mermaid, mermaid technology

Helius (acquired by Hughes February 2008)
Hypersign, see AVIONEX

Hiperwall (1. project starts at the University of California, Irvine in 2005, 2. Hiperwall Inc. incorporated in January 2008, 3. Hiperwall 1.0 released December 2008, 4. Hiperwall 1.1 released December 2009, 5. Hiperwall 1.2 released October 2010, 6. Hiperwall 2.0 released December 2011), 7. Hiperwall 3.0 released May 2012, 8. Hiperwall 3.1 released October 2013, 9. Hiperwall 4.0 announced February 2015

Hughes, see Helios, see HughesNet
HughesNet, see Hughes
Hydravision, see AiO, Netpractise
Hyper Media Director (HMD), see SpinetiX

IAdea, (1. established in 2000, 2. first digital signage appliance in 2004, 3. launched support for SMIL in 2008, 4. first HTML5 media appliance launched in 2012), see Adfotain Manager Express


IC100 (1. Scala, nee Digital Vision AS’s InfoChannel software was originally written for the Commodore Amiga, 2. IC100 was a DOS based ‘software port’ of InfoChannel for IBM compatible Personal Computers), see Digital Vision AS, IC200, InfoChannel, Scala

IC200 (1. Scala, nee Digital Vision AS’s InfoChannel software was originally written for the Commodore Amiga, 2. IC100 was a DOS based ‘software port’ of InfoChannel for IBM compatible Personal Computers, 3. IC200 was a port of IC100 to run on Microsoft Windows operating system), see Digital Vision AS, IC100, InfoChannel, Scala

IC3 (1. InfoChannel 3 was the next really new product after IC200, 2. whilst a logical / progressive naming convention would have meant that Scala called this product IC3xx it’s correct name is officially InfoChannel 3, although many customers still refer to it as IC3), see IC200, InfoChannel, InfoChannel 3, Scala

IC5 (1. the correct name for this product is Scala 5, although some customers continue to refer to it as IC5 or InfoChannel 5, 2. this is the product that succeeded InfoChannel 3), see InfoChannel, InfoChannel 5, Scala, Scala 5

IC500, see Scala
Ice Technologies

ICT AG (1. established in 1988, 2. a full-service provide for events, trade fairs and permanent installations), see smartPerform

ICON Multimedia, see DENEVA.cuatro
Ideanet Solutions
ieHIP Digital Signage, see A5TEK

Ignite Graphics software, see Watchfire


iMerge, see MRG Systems
Impart Media
Impulse TV Network Ltd
In-Store Merchandising Solutions, Inc. (Web-Gloo)
indisplay interactive
Industry Weapon, see CommandCenterHD
Infinite3, see World Net

InfoBoard, see VisioSign
InfoCaster, see Inscriber Technology Corporation, Leitch Technology Corporation, Harris Corporation

InfoChannel (1. developed by Jon Bøhmer for the Commodore Amiga in 1987, 2. usually credited as being the first ever software for digital signage), see (Jon) Bøhmer, Digital Vision AS, (Jeff) Porter, Scala

InfoChannel 3 (1. was the next really new product after IC200, 2. sometimes incorrectly referred to as IC3), see IC200, InfoChannel, InfoChannel 3, Scala

InfoChannel 5 (1. the correct name for this product is Scala 5, although some customers continue to refer to it as IC5 or InfoChannel 5, 2. this is the product that succeeded InfoChannel 3), see InfoChannel, InfoChannel 5, Scala, Scala 5

Infojection (1. an early open source digital signage initiative formerly known as Rumbletum, 2. was, 3. url now points to, see Rumbletum

Infomaxx CF, Ampronix Inc.
InfoPoint, see Arrive Systems Inc.
inLighten, See Appolo, AppoloCast
Innovation Marketing Inc.
Innovations Group
Inova Solutions
inQ-tv, see Tensator
inReach, see Self-Service Networks

Inscriber Technology Corporation (1. acquired by Leitch Technology Corporation in December 2004, 2. Leitch Technology Corporation acquired by Harris Corporation in August 2005), see InfoCaster, Harris Corporation

INSM (1. based in Stockholm with an office in London) see InstoreMedia

Inspiration Matters Ltd. (1. acquired rights to iVision, 2. iVision was renamed Inspired Signage in 2002, 3. sold to AMX in July 2007), see AMX, Inspired Signage, iVision

Inspire Digital Signage

Inspired Signage (1. started in 1998 by Bryan Crotaz as a project called iVision for Tesco via OutRite who were a precursor to Tesco TV, 2. IP rights to iVision then went to an agency, then to AV Broadband, then Inspiration Matters Ltd., 3. iVision was renamed Inspired Signage in 2002, 4. was sold to AMX in July 2007 when AMX acquired Inspiration Matters Ltd., 5. became AMX Digital Signage), see AMX, AMX Digital Signage, Inspiration Matters Ltd., iVision

InStoreMedia, see INSM

Instrumental Media Group Ltd. (1 founded by Bob Clarke in 1999 to provide content-led turnkey Digital Out Of Home screen media networks: integrating the technology, research, content, and media sales disciplines needed to build strategies, communications, and experiences to engage and direct consumers; providing consulting and programming for retailers, public bodies, entertainment and leisure operators, 2. its first commission in 1999 was to create the programming for ‘Healthtrack’ a public facing network in doctors’ waiting rooms which Instrumental rebranded ‘Life Channel’, 3. in 2002 Instrumental won the (in)famous Tesco contract as turnkey provider, appointing Hughes and Scala as the technology providers, 4. Instrumental retained the content and strategy contract until 2008 during which time it also partnered with Liberty Media in the US and C-GEN in China to export UK DOOH best practice and thought-leadership., 5. Instrumental Media Group grew to £10M annual revenue in 2008 when a 7 figure bad debt and the simultaneous loss of the Tesco contract resulted in its voluntary liquidation), see (Bob) Clarke, Hughes, Scala

Intellian Systems
Intellimat, see LevelVision
IntelliTouch Digital Solutions, Inc.
Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

Inter-ad (1. Jeff Dowell, founding team member joined in 1984, 2. a start-up touch screen kiosk company 3. based out of Rochester, NY, 4. kiosk product initially built on top of the Apple IIe, 5. in the early 1990’s part of the business was sold off to pay back original investors and remaining products, people and assets rolled into another touch screen kiosk start-up called MRI that was focused on the Health Care market), see (Jeff) Dowell, MRI

Interface Electronics Inc., see Potomac Electronic Messaging System
INTEVI digital signage
Intouch Group
Intouch Kiosks
Intouch Survey Systems
Inurface Media, see iUF Media Manager

IOHI, Impressions On Hold (merged with Audio Messaging Solutions in January 2012 to create Spectrio), see Spectrio

iPoint, see PresentationPoint
ipNARROWCAST Digital Signage
iPort Media

iSAMS Independent Limited (1. established in 2005, 2. iSAMS was created as a Browser Based Management Information System (MIS) for staff and teachers, 3. digital signage product launched in 2009, 4. iSAMS is now one of the leading supplier of Management Information Systems to the Independent School Sector with a large number of existing clients also using their Digital Signage solution)

iSenzo, see Mediacaster
Iskon Internet d.d.

Issy-Neale Formula (1. first published in September 2009, 2. developed to provide a common framework for describing shapes of video screen displays made of smaller screen elements, 3. it can also be applied to describe content, which can produce a method to match the correct content to the right display shapes, 4. for example _4X5_4T_4T_3T1H_HTTH_HTHH_ would describe a display made up of 5 screens high and 4 wide, with T indicating the presence of a screen element and H indicating the absence, 5. authored by Adrian Cotterill, Jorge Garcia de Bustos, Andrew Neale), see (Adrian) Cotterill, (Andrew) Neale

IT Ferret Ltd., see Emit8 Digital Signage Software
ItWorks, see ViziFrame
iUF Media Manager, see Inurface Media

iVision (1. started in 1998 by Bryan Crotaz as a project for Tesco via OutRite who were a precursor to Tesco TV, 2. IP rights to iVision then went to an agency, then to AV Broadband, then Inspiration Matters Ltd., 3. iVision was renamed Inspired Signage in 2002, 4. as Inspired Signage was sold to AMX in July 2007 when AMX acquired Inspiration Matters Ltd., 5. became AMX Digital Signage), see AMX, AMX Digital Signage, Inspiration Matters Ltd., iVision

iVisual (1. established in 2005, 2. based in Sydney, Australia, 3. main product is iVisual digital display), see iWall

iWall, see iVisual
IXIG, LLC, see Pixiesign
JANUS Displays, see VIZIA
JBY Systems

JedFam Group, LLC (1. large shareholder in BroadSign International, Inc., 2. on 31st May 2012 acquired BroadSign International, Inc. after BroadSign International, Inc. filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on Sunday 4th March 2012), see BroadSign International, Inc., BroadSign International, LLC.

Jibestream (1. established in 2009, 2. based in Toronto, 3. a software company that develops and markets solutions to help people navigate complex venues and gain access to real-time information, 4. digital directory and interactive wayfinding technology provides engaging and personalized experiences driven by business rules and real-time variables, 5. products enable face-to-face video conferencing on kiosks and mobile devices, 6. wayfinding solution has accessibility features for the elderly and the disabled, 7. target market is public buildings that have a floor space of 10,000 square feet and larger in Banking, Health Care, Education, Government, Office Towers, Retail and Transportation, 8. partners with hardware providers and sells through value added resellers, 9. Jibestream is Canada’s most innovative company in Information and Communication Technology named by the Canadian Innovation Exchange)

JMC Publications (1. Georgia-based LLC, 2. offers free open source signage solution Vodigi), see Vodigi

John Ryan, see ScreenRed
Juice, see Ayuda Media Systems
Jumpstart, see Christie Jumpstart
JupiterBay, see Fusion

Kaleidovision Ltd. (1. established in 1992, 2. founded by Andrew Neale and Andy Pitman), see DJvideo, KL2, KL3, KL4-A, KL4-DJ, KL4-K, KL4-S, KL4-T, KL4-V

Kentia, see Altabox
Keepsake, see Aerva Inc.
Keywest Technology

Ki-Wi Digital s. r. o. (1. established in 2007, 2. based in Czech Republic, 3. focussed on the production and sale of digital signage displays and kiosks as well as the development of digital signage online control application for media content management and remote control of digital displays)

King Products & Solutions

Kirkpatrick (1. John Kirkpatrick 23 June 1912 – present, 2. acknowledged by many as the originator of the term ‘digital signage’, 3. President & CEO Fred Systems Ltd. between 1996 and 2000, 4. Chief Sales Officer, Mercury Online Solutions between 2003 and 2005, 5. Business Development Manager, 3M Digital Signage between July 2005 and September 2008, 6. President & CEO, Kirkvision Group October 2008 to present)

Kiosk Logic LLC, see Netstop
Kioware, see OneSource Interactive
KioWare Digital Directory (KWDD), see OneSource Interactive
KL2, see Kaleidovision Ltd.
KL3, see Kaleidovision Ltd.
KL4-A, see Kaleidovision Ltd.
KL4-DJ, see Kaleidovision Ltd.
KL4-K, see Kaleidovision Ltd.
KL4-S, see Kaleidovision Ltd.
KL4-T, see Kaleidovision Ltd.
KL4-V, see Kaleidovision Ltd.

Klocktornet AB (1. established 2004, 2. more usually known as DISE), see DISE, Display Evolution

komma,tec redaction GmbH
Kompas, see dimedis
KTS InfoMate, see KTS InfoTech
KTS InfoTech (1. privately owned software company, 2. based in India, 3. cannot spell) see KTS InfoMate

Kudos Development Group

Leaf Engine (a joint R&D project between NEC Display Solutions and NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg), see NEC Display Solutions, NEC Laboratories Europe

Leitch Technology Corporation (1. acquired Inscriber Technology Corporation in December 2004, 2. acquired by Harris Corporation in August 2005), see InfoCaster, Inscriber Technology Corporation, Harris Corporation

LevelVision, see Intellimat

LG, see EzSign TV, signNET, SuperSign-Premier

LG EzSign TV
Lightpath Digital
Linkett, see WestonExpressions
Linktise (ceased trading)
Linutop (1. established in 2006, 2. headquarters in Paris), see, see Linutop
litecast, see LiteLogic
LiteLogic, see litecast

LM3LABS Corporation (1. founded in 2003 by a team of researchers, engineers, designers, 2. based in Japan, Singapore and France)

LOC Software
MagicBox (1. acquired by ClearOne in 2011)
MagicInfo Pro, see Samsung

MaGlobe Inc (1. founded in April 1999, 2. launched doPublicity in September 2006), see doPublicity

Mainstream Media

Marketforward (Siren Technologies was rebranded as Marketforward in 2001 after Publicis acquired the parent company Frankel + Co), see (Manolo) Almagro, Frankel + Co, Siren Technologies

Market Signage Software, see BroadCastIt

Marketing Information Services Canada (1. also known as MISC, 2. a Canadian company established in 1986, 3. a provider of out-of-home media management software that addresses the needs of traditional outdoor, digital, and fleet media, 4. acquired by Scala in 2008, 5. MISC’s Charting Pro software later integrated into Scala’s own software solutions)

Marlin Company
MC Series, see Pacific Interactive
MCP, see Vision Robotics Ingeniería y sistemas, S.L.
Mdt Medientechnik GmbH
Media Dog

Media4Display (1. first released in 2008, 2. available as SaaS, ASP or under license), see TELELOGOS

Media Caddy (1. established in January 2012 and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, 2. parent company is Convergent Media Systems, 3. produces the ‘Bar Caddy’ – a tabletop serving station complete with a digital signage display, 4. creates custom media channels for different venues), see Bar Caddy, Convergent Media Systems

Media Fusion
Mediacaster, see iSenzo
MediaCAT, see Navaho
MediaSight, Inc, see DC Media
MediaSignage Inc.
MediaStar, see CableTime

MediaStation (1. parent business Anacore, Inc. is a custom software development company based in Carmel, Indiana, 2. the MediaStation platform is an interactive content delivery system designed to engage users and enhance communications, it’s a fully integrated platform designed to allow users, regardless of their technical proficiency, the ability to create, manage, and distribute broadcast-quality digital signage content in both passive and interactive formats on networks of all sizes), see Anacore

Mediasonic, see Electrosonic Systems

mediatile (1. Based in Scotts Valley, CA., 2. acquired by Corum Digital Corporation in August 2012), see Corum Digital Corporation

MediaVision Solutions LLC

Mercatus Technologies Inc. (1. established 2005, 2. formerly Springboard Retail Networks), see Springboard Retail Networks

Mercury Online Solutions Inc. (1. acquired Fred Systems Ltd. in June 2003, 2. acquired by 3M in July 2005), see 3M, 3M Digital Signage

mermaid technology, see Mermaid

Mermaid (1. established in 1997 as ‘mermaid technology’, 2. in 2004 mermaid technology focusses purely on digital signage, 3. in November 2005 acquired 50% of specialist digital signage software vendor Victor Soft A/S., 4. in January 2007 mermaid technology bought rest of shares in Victor Soft A/S., 5. in April 2007 mermaid technology joined the Nordic exchange Nasdaq OMX First North, 6. in January 2008 acquired Acrossmedia, 7. in January 2009 acquired the Swedish digital signage company Norden Media Solutions, 8. in January 2009 the name ‘mermaid technology’ was shortened to Mermaid, 9. in 2011 Mermaid joined forces with HEADLINE.TV AS), see Acrossmedia, HEADLINE.TV, mermaid technology, Norden Media Solutions, Victor Soft

Method Factory
MIA Technology Inc
Micro Industries (mCosm)
Microsigns Inc. (1. established in 2003, based in Montreal, Canada)
Mikohn Sign Corporation

Minicom Digital Signage (1. Minicom Digital Signage spun out of Minicom Advanced Systems in March 2010, 2. merged with EnQii in May 2011, 3. new entity subsequently renamed ComQi)

mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG, see FrontFace, FrontFace for Public Displays, FrontFace SELECT

Mirada Media

Miranda Technologies Inc. (acquired VertigoXmedia in April 2006), see VertigoXmedia

MISC, see Marketing Information Services Canada
MM100, see Scala
MM200, see Scala
MM300, see Scala
Mobax Networks, see miSignageLink
MokiManage, see MokiMobility

MokiMobility (1. based in Lehi, Utah, 2. the creator of the MokiManage platform enabling complete tablet and mobile device solutions that include app management, app distribution and device management, 3. leverages iOS and Android tablets in new ways), see MokiManage, MokiTouch

MokiTouch, see MokiMobility

Monitors AnyWhere (1. developed by Greenware Technologies, 2. from a single PC allows control of up to 20 monitors), see Greenware Technologies

Mood Media, see TeamCo
Moxie, see Omnivex Corporation

MRI (1. co-founded by Jeff Dowell, 2. established in 1995, 3. a touch screen kiosk start-up focused on the Health Care market), see (Jeff) Dowell, Inter-ad

MRG Systems, see iMerge, Sociooh
miSignageLink, see Mobax Networks
Mvix Digital Signage Systems, see Xhibit Signage

MVP Interactive, (1. Philadelphia based software company established in 2012, 2. products integrate touchscreens, gesture technology, augmented reality, facial morphing, social media platforms and mobile applications. 3. specialises in interactive content in the sports and entertainment industries)

MxN Media (Octane Platform)
MySignBox, see Syntomos Technologies, Inc.
N.O.D.S, see Thinformation
Nanonation, Inc.
Navaho, see MediaCAT

Navori International SA (1. founded in 1997, 2. headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, 3. operates sales and support offices in North and South America, Australia and the Middle East, 4, offers a proprietary broadcast quality player and a management platform fully scalable to the signage market requirements, 5. 38 employees), see QL Player

NCR (1. acquired NetKey, Inc. November 2009, 2. acquired Radiant Systems, Inc in August 2011), see NetKey, Radiant Systems, Inc, Texas Digital Systems, Inc., Vitalcast, WebPavement

NSCA (1. National Systems Contractors Association, 2. a not-for-profit association representing the commercial electronic systems industry), see NCSA Trade Show

NCSA Trade Show (1. Activelight sponsored and organised what many believe was the first ‘digital signage’ trade show pavilion in 1999, 2. at the NSCA trade show in 1999, a 50×50’ booth featured companies such as; Pioneer, Fujitsu, Scala, Fred Systems and Mercury Online Solutions, 3. by 2002 the Activelight NSCA Digital Signage Pavilion would grow to over 10,000 sq ft and 20+ exhibitors, 4. the pavilion was transitioned to Exponation to support the launch of the first Digital Retailing Expo, later to become Digital Signage Expo) see Activelight, (Brad) Gleeson, Exponation

NDS, see Net Display Systems, PADS, PADS4

Neale (1. Andrew Neale, 23 June 1912 – present, 2. founded Kaleidovision together with Andy Pitman in 1992, 3. in September 2009 co-published the Issy-Neale Formula, designed to provide a common framework for describing shapes of video screen displays made of smaller screen elements, 4. in June 2012 co-authored ‘How MicroTiles Made An Impact At The London Stock Exchange’ together with Adrian Cotterill, 5. Technology Director 2009 to present), see (Adrian) Cotterill, Issy-Neale Formula, Kaleidovision

NEC Display Solutions, offer a free player and CMS, see also Leaf Engine, VUKUNET

NEC Laboratories Europe (1. established by NEC Europe Ltd. in 1994, 2. based in Heidelberg, Germany and Acton, UK), see Leaf Engine, NEC Display Solutions

Nekoti, see Gorilla Media
NEOCAST, see Real Digital Media

Nesbit (1. Stephen Nesbit, 3 April 1951 – present, 2. in 1998 one of three Principals at Next Generation Network Inc. one of the first Digital Signage companies in North America. NGN was an advertising supported Digital Signage model with screens in almost 10000 installed sites including 4200 7-ELEVEN stores, over 1000 McDonald’s Restaurants, 500 Paris Tabac Shops, 1700 miscellaneous locations in New York City, and hundreds of of elevators in North America, Australia, UK and France as partner with Otis Elevator Company as well as gas pumps and drugs stores, 3. NGN was sold company to Anschutz Investment Group in 2002 – acquiring company is known today as National Cinemedia Inc., i.e.NASD: NCMI, 4. in 2002 appointed President and COO of Marketforward the digital media, digital merchandising and advertising entity owned by the worldwide advertising and media agency Publicis Groupe S. A. in Paris France. Marketforward provided digital signage, digital content creative production services and digital asset management services to clients including Harris Bank, ASDA, i.e. Wal-Mart UK, United Airlines, Orange in France, KFC in Canada, the Paris Metro System, and McDonald’s as well as to its sister companies in the Publicis Groupe including Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Saatchi X, Starcom Mediavest & Publicis Worldwide, 5. in 2005 appointed Chief Operating Officer and President of Reflect Systems, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. Reflect provides software, managed network services and consultative services for digital media networks to many of the largest retail in-store digital advertising and merchandising networks in the North America including Target Stores, Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, GameStop, in a grocery chain and together with InBev in over 800 stores in Canada. Reflect software powers over 225,000 displays in almost 11,000 stores in North America, 6. in 2010 founded Prestonwood Trial Holdings LLC where he serves as an advisor to a major Private Equity Firm that is active in the digital media industry, 7. in addition he has provided advisory services to a number of companies in the digital media industry and has assisted companies in the industry in capital raise efforts, strategic partnerships and M&A activities, 9. sits on the Board of Visible Spectrum Inc., a cloud base content creation service company and Pro-Motion Technology Group LLC.), see Marketforward, Reflect Systems

Net Display Systems (1. established in 1994, 2. launched PADS4 in 2012), see NDS, PADS, PADS4

NetFaze Technologies Inc (was, see NeTVizon

NetKey, Inc. (1. acquired Webpavement in August 2007, 2. acquired by NCR Corp. in November 2009), see NCR, Webpavement

Netpractise, see DigitalProMedia, Hydravision
Netshift (NSI)
Netstop, see Kiosk Logic LLC
netvico PlayEverywhere
NeTVizon, see NetFaze Technologies Inc.

NextDSS, see Cinema Scene Marketing, PopStar Networks
NEXTEP SYSTEMS (established 2005)
NextStep Internet Company
Nexus On-Demand
Nexus Media
NITE Middleware, see OpenNI, PrimeSense, Ltd.
NMStage, see Panasonic

Norden Media Solutions (acquired by mermaid technology in January 2009), see Mermaid, mermaid technology

Noventri, see SignFlash
Novicom A/S, see CosmoCom, DanSign Systems

NoviSign (1. established in 2011 as a global software solution provider for online digital signage, 2. based in Tel Aviv, Israel, 3 NoviSign offers a PC or Android-based digital signage cloud-based software as a service solution, 4. welcomes Android hardware vendors to partner to add the software player to their devices, 5. integrators can use NoviSign as a white label system and carry their own brand name on the software, 6. in 2012, NoviSign introduced Android-based online interactive signage system)

Novra Technologies, Inc. (1. listed on TSX Venture Exchange: NVI.V, 2. acquired Wegener in February 2014)

NOXEL Pte Ltd, see Xtream

nuiCapture, see Cadavid Concepts
NUITEQ, see Snowflake Suite
Nuva Technology SRL, see Nuvatech
Nuvatech, see Nuva Technology SRL
Nuvelar (1. an Argentine startup, 2, cloud-based Digital Signage solution)

ODM, see Arcus, see One Digital Media
Omega Signage Software, see AO Narrowcast Inc.

OmniCast Dispatcher (1. acquired from The Fantastic Corporation by STRATACACHE in 2004, 2. relocated from Zug, Switzerland and San Mateo, California to Boston, Ma.), see STRATACACHE

Omnivex Corporation (1. established 1999 ostensibly to work on hardware development, 2. contracted BCD Systems to write software for the hardware, 3. BCD Systems amalgamated with Omnivex in 2002, 4. Moxie was first introduced in 2008), see BCD Systems, see Moxie

One Digital Media see Arcus, see ODM

OneSource Interactive (acquired EuroTouch Kiosks, LLC in May 2012), see Kioware, KioWare Digital Directory (KWDD)

Online Software AG, see PRESTIGE

OnTheSpot, see Telefónica On The Spot Services
Ooh!MediaPRO, see Adaptive Microsystems
OpenEye Display
OpenNI, see NITE Middleware, PrimeSense, Ltd.

OpenSplash (1. donated to the industry by Ayuda Media Systems in February 2011, 2. released to the public on an LGPL v3 based open source license in September 2011, 3. no CMS, player only, 4. CMS support currently provided by Ayuda Media Systems, ONELAN, Signagelive, X2O Media)

OPTIPIX, see Smartparts
Orangevalley Systems Ltd

Origin Display Group, Inc., see Origin Elite, Origin Pro
Origin Elite, see Origin Display Group, Inc.
Origin Pro, see Origin Display Group, Inc.


Ovation In-Store, see Ovation
Oxygen Media Platform, see 42 Media, see dooh media gmbh

OysterWare Ltd., (1. founded in 2001, 2. first developed Akoya Digital Signage web based software suite in 2002 as a hosted SAAS solution), see Akoya

Pacific Digital
Pacific Interactive, see MC Series

PADS, see NDS, Net Display Systems, PADS4
PADS4, see NDS, Net Display Systems, PADS
Panasonic, see NMStage
Pandoras Box Player, see coolux Media Systems
Parabit Systems, Inc.
Park Media, see Sign Center
PB100, see Scala
Philips, see Simple Signage Solution
Phoenix Innovations
picturemachine fast edit, see CITTADINO
picturemachine fast edit plus, see CITTADINO
picturemachine professional, see CITTADINO

PiCube, see FirstView Digital Signage

Piksel (1. based in New York, 2. launched DS4 which claims to integrate digital signage capabilities with their existing online video platform June 2014), see DS4

Pixel Touch
Pixiesign, see IXIG, LLC

Planar Systems, Inc. (1. established in 1983, 2. originally a spin-off from Tektronix, where there was significant R&D investment in flat panel technologies, 3. listed on on NASDAQ ‘PLNR’ in 1993, 4. acquired Clarity Visual Systems in September 2006), see Bally Technologies, Coolsign, CS Software Holdings, Planar Mosaic Project Designer

Planar Mosaic Project Designer, see Planar Systems, Inc.
PlayEverywhere, see netvico
PlayWare, see ScreenPlay

PNI Digital Media Inc. (1. established 2001, 2. initially known for its PNI Digital Media Platform, 3. in 2008 launched the PNI Connected Kiosk software), see Connected Kiosk

PO-MO (1. founded by Meghan Athavale and Curtis Wachs in 2010, 2. based in Winnipeg, Canada, 3. launched PO-Motion in May 2011), see PO-MOtion

PO-MOtion (1. interactive floor and software, 2. launched in May 2011 by PO-MO Inc., 3. PO-MOtion is Mac and PC compatible and designed to work with any USB web camera, 4. PO-MOtion IR is compatible with Windows XP or higher and designed to work with the X-Box Kinect sensor), see PO-MO

POD Digital
Point-of-Sale TV (Agency 225)
Point and Press, see window.i
Popcom Oy (acquired by ZetaDisplay in 2008), see ZetaDisplay

PopStar Networks, (1. acquired by Cinema Scene Marketing in June 2013, 2. re-branded as NextDSS) see Cinema Scene Marketing, NextDSS

Porter (1. Jeff Porter 23 June 1912 – present), see (Gerard) Bucas, Scala


POSView, see POSView Handover, POSView Live, POSView Showroom, POSView Target

Potomac Electronic Messaging System, see Interface Electronics Inc.
POV4, see Dynamax

PowerCastX (1. launched by Sapphire Technology in August 2012, 2. described as a platform that provides a powerful and flexible solution to create compelling, multi-zone and multi-display presentation systems for digital signage, 3. leverages AMD Eyefinity technology to enable advanced multi-monitor capabilities), see Sapphire Technology

PresentationPoint, see iPoint, see Signage24
PRESTIGE, see Online Software AG
PrintSign, see Rivermeade Electronic Signs
PrimeSense, Ltd., see NITE Middleware, OpenNI
Prism Technologies, Inc.
Pro Display
Prodokol, see Convergent Media Systems Corporation
Promedia Technology Services, Inc.

Protouch (merged with Data Vision Europe, DVE in July 2010), see Gorilla Media, Protouch Kiosk Manager

Protouch Kiosk Manager, see Protouch
Provisio, see Sitekiosk
Punctuate, see Harris Corporation

QikSign, see Teq AV/IT
QL Player, see Navori
Quicksign, see CE Labs
Quicksign Pro, see CE Labs

Radiant Systems, Inc. (1. acquired Texas Digital Systems, Inc in August 2011, 2. acquired by NCR Corp., also in August 2011)

RapidRollout (1. established in 2009, 2. provider of open-source operating system for appliance computers including kiosks and digital signs, 3. based in Burlington, VT, USA)

RBM Technologies

RCM (1. Intel’s Retail Client Manager solution, 2. announced June 2013, 3. based on acquired Ryarc source code and IP), see Retail Client Manager


Real Digital Media (1. established in 2002, 2. sometimes known as RDM, 3. Ken Goldberg joined as CEO in 2004, 4. NEOCAST 1.0 was released in 2006, 5. Introduced popular SpotSwap, OnDemand and SmartGroup features in subsequent releases, 6. landed Subway Restaurants digital signage network in 2011, 7. NEOCAST Director introduced in 2012)

Real d.o.o.

Reflect Inc. (1. established in 2001 by Stan Woodward, Matt Schmitt and Brian Devening, 2. originally a webcasting business, 3. ReflectView 1.0 was released in 2005, 4. Stephen Nesbit joined as President in 2005 and they won Target, Verizon Wireless, GameStop and Best Buy as customers, 5. Stephen Nesbit left in 2010 in the year that they also won a Cineplex partnership deal with Labatt’s (InBev) in Canada, 6. in 2011 new CEO Bill Warren changed the name of the company to Reflect Inc.), see Reflect Systems, ReflectView

Reflect Systems, see Reflect Inc., ReflectView
ReflectView, see Reflect Inc,

Remote Media Ltd. (1. established as Connect Interactive Partnership in 1994, 2. renamed Remote Media in 1997), see Signagelive

Repeat Signage, see Repeat Software
Repeat Software, see Repeat Signage

Retail Client Manager (1. Intel’s Retail Client Manager solution, 2. also known as RCM, 3. announced June 2013, 4. based on acquired Ryarc source code and IP), see RCM

Retec Interface
Retriever Digital Signage, see DRM Productions
Revel Digital
richvue, see transSpot
RidgeLogic, see SceneStudio
Rippamedia, see c|station

Rise Display (1. a US company that is a full service digital signage LED and Video provider, primarily to education, 2. a reseller of the Rise Vision product), see Rise Vision

Rise Holdings, see Rise Display, Rise Vision

Rise Softools (1. established in 1985, 2. in 1992 releases the Reuters TransLux Datawall, a trading floor market data LED display, that is sold and marketed by Reuters globally, 3. in August 1998 releases Rise Ticker for TransLux, Daktronics and Adaptive Microsystem LED Tickers, 4. in September 1999, releases the first version of Rise Vision software application for the management of video displays, 5. in June 2001, Adaptive Microsystems purchases 40% of Rise Vision, 6. in 2005 Rise Softools renamed ‘Rise Vision’ in order to provide complete hardware, software and installation solutions for video and LED displays), see Adaptive Microsystems, Rise Display, Rise Holdings, Rise Vision

Rise Vision (1. was Rise Softools until 2005 when it was renamed, 2, Canadian company based in Toronto, 3. in 1992 Rise Softools releases the Reuters TransLux Datawall, a trading floor market data LED display, that is sold and marketed by Reuters globally, 4. in August 1998 Rise Softools releases Rise Ticker for TransLux, Daktronics and Adaptive Microsystem LED Tickers, 5. in September 1999, Rise Softools releases the first version of Rise Vision software application for the management of video displays, 6. in June 2001, Adaptive Microsystems purchases 40% of Rise Vision, 7. in 2006 Rise Vision releases Rise Display Network, one of the first SaaS based solutions for digital signage, 8. in 2007 the Adaptive Microsystems share of Rise Vision is bought out and the company restructured with Rise Holdings owning 100% of Rise Vision and 100% of Rise Display 9. in August 2010 Rise Vision releases a beta of one the first open source, HTML content, API driven, digital signage solutions and offers it under a freemium model with no per display fee for the premium subscription, 10. having signed up more than 5,000 companies for the Rise Vision application, in June 2012 the company decided to eliminate the paid tier subscription for the application and now provides the entire solution for free), see Adaptive Microsystems, Rise Display, Rise Holdings, Rise Vision

Rivermeade Electronic Signs, see PrintSign, VideoSign
Rocky Mountain Multimedia

RMG Networks (1. founded as Danoo in 2006, 2. renamed RMG Networks in August 2009, 3. announced the acquisition of Symon in December 2012, 4. listed on NASDAQ April 2013 with the ticker symbol ‘RMGN’, 5. acquired the assets of AKOO January 2013, 6. launched ChalkboxTV February 2013), see ChalkboxTV, Danoo, Symon

Roku Inc. (1. established in 2002 by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the DVR, 2. a privately held company based in Saratoga, California, 3. market leader in streaming entertainment devices for the TV with millions of units sold, 4. spun out BrightSign LLC to focus on the digital signage market), see BrightSign

RoninCast Software Suite, see Wireless Ronin Technologies


Rumbletum (1. an early open source digital signage initiative, 2. was, 3. url now points to, see Infojection Ltd.

Ryarc Media Systems (1. established in 2004, 2. CampaignManager 1 released in July 2005, 3. CampaignManager 6 Enterprise Edition launched in May 2012)

S3mer (1. designed to be a cross-platform digital signage application, 2. the main application runs using the Adobe AIR framework, 3. S3mer development ceased around April 2010, 4. web site was, 5. the decision was made to open source it in August 2010, 6. S3mer is distributed under the GPLv3 1 license)

S4i, see AgoraMediaCom PLC., Screen4impact
Samar Technologies
Samsung, see MagicInfo Pro

Sapphire Technology, see PowerCastX
Saturn Communications Group Ltd, see Connectvision

Scala (1. established in Norway in 1987 as Digital Vision AS developing a software product for cable TV stations and hotel Information Channels, 2. in 1988 Digital Vision AS introduced its first product on the then popular Commodore Amiga platform and InfoChannel was born, 3, Digital Vision AS was renamed Scala in 1992 and moved from Norway to the USA (Herndon, VA), 4. in 1994 Commodore enters administration and ceases trading and Scala start work on a PC Product, 5. Scala launch IC500, 6. in 1996 Scala release MM100, IC100 and PB100 for the PC platform, 7. in 1996 Scala awarded the BYTE award for technology, 8. in 1997 Scala launch MM200 and IC200, 9. MM200 named a PC Computing ‘1997 Most Valuable Product (MVP) Award Finalist’ and also won PC Format’s ‘Gold Award’ in the November 1997 edition of the publication, 10. InfoChannel Designer launched in 1999, 11. in 2000 Jeff Porter, previously VP Engineering was named CEO – he was the fifth CEO in eight years, 12. in 2000 Jeff Porter asks Gerard Bucas to join a new, revamped Board of Directors, 13, Gerard Bucas becomes Chairman of the board in early 2001, 14. IC3 was launched in early 2002, 15. Gerard Bucas named as CEO in July 2002, 16. acquired Oslo, Norway based Streambase Technologies AS in October 2004, 17. Scala 5 was launched in 2006, 18. Scala celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2007, 19. acquired Canadian business Marketing Information Services, aka MISC in 2008, ostensibly for its Ad Manager product, 20. MISC employees effectively become Scala Canada, 21. acquired SignChannel from Thinking Screen Media in April 2010, 22. in October 2011 Gerard Bucas stepped down as CEO and was replaced by Tom Nix, 23. in August 2012 closes down Scala Canada and sells Ad Manager product to Dot2Dot Communications Inc.) see Ad Manager, Digital Vision AS, IC100, IC200, IC3, IC5, IC500, InfoChannel 3, InfoChannel 5, Marketing Information Services, MISC, MM100, MM200, PB100, Scala 5, SignChannel, Streambase Technologies AS, Thinking Screen Media

Scala 5 (1. this is the correct name for the product that succeeded IC3, 2. customers sometimes refer to this product as IC5 or InfoChannel 5), see IC3, IC5, InfoChannel 5, Scala

ScalableDesktop, see Scalable Display Technologies

Scalable Display Technologies, see ScalableDesktop, Scalable Display Manager, EasyBlend technology

Scalable Display Manager, see Scalable Display Technologies
Scene Digital, see Camvine, Cloud2i
SceneStudio, see RidgeLogic
SchoolReach, see GroupCast

Screach (1. allows audiences to engage with any screen or content on digital screens via their mobile device, and allows brands to understand and instantly reward their audience, 2. Screach is described as being able to turn any screen that you come in contact with, from the TV in your living room to the digital display in the high street or the jumbotron in the sports stadium, into a two-way interactive experience, 3. developed by Screenreach based in Newcastle UK), see Screenreach

Screen4impact see AgoraMediaCom, S4i

Screener, see Blocks Global


Screenly (1. from WireLoad Inc ,2. described as Digital Signage for the Raspberry Pi), see WireLoad Inc.

ScreenPlay, see PlayWare

Screenreach (1. established in 2010, 2. founded by Paul Rawlings and Sam Morton and backed by Angel and VC funding, 3. based in Newcastle UK, 4. provides the Screach platform, allowing audiences to engage with any screen or content on digital screens via their mobile device, and allowing brands to understand and instantly reward their audience, 5. Screach is described as being able to turn any screen that you come in contact with, from the TV in your living room to the digital display in the high street or the jumbotron in the sports stadium, into a two-way interactive experience), see Screach

ScreenRed, see John Ryan
ScreenVisuals ApS (acquired by ZetaDisplay in 2007), see ZetaDisplay
ScreenWave, see 10 Foot Wave

SDSS Network, see Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, Sharp Electronics Corporation

SDSS Pro, see Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, Sharp Electronics Corporation

SDSS Stand Alone, see Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, Sharp Electronics Corporation

SDSS Viewer, see Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, Sharp Electronics Corporation
Self-Service Networks, see inReach
Self Service Technologies (SST)
Sensory Ventures, see DocuChannel
Sequoia Broadband

Sharp Electronics Corporation, see eSignage, SDSS Network, SDSS Pro, SDSS Stand Alone, SDSS Viewer, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (a Division of Sharp Electronics Corporation), see SDSS Network, SDSS Pro, SDSS Stand Alone, SDSS Viewer.

SHOW/PRO, see Showroom Technology
Showroom Technology, see SHOW/PRO

Sign Center, see Park Media
Sign Passage Pro, see Creosity
Signage24, see PresentationPoint

Signage2Go, see Acquire Digital, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd


Signagelive (1. Established as Connect Interactive Partnership in 1994, 2. renamed Remote Media Ltd in 1997, 3. first version of Signagelive went live in 2007 with the UK Camelot Lottery displacing Digital View / Digital View Media, 4. adds support for IAdea devices in October 2011, 5. opened US office in January 2012, 6. moved to Rackspace Public Cloud Platform in April 2012, 7. demonstrates support for OpenSplash May 2012, 8. demonstrates support for BrightSign devices in May 2012), see BrightSign, Connect Interactive Partnership, IAdea, OpenSplash, Remote Media Ltd.

SignChannel (acquired by Scala from Thinking Screen Media in April 2010
SignFlash, see Noventri
SignInsight (1. first seen in beta December 2006, 2. last seen May 2007), see VUXEL

signNET (1. also known as SuperSign-Premier, 2. developed at LG under the stewardship of Jeff Dowell during 2009), see (Jeff) Dowell, LG, SuperSign-Premier

Signstream Digital Signage, see Contemporary Research
SignSuite, see Tzero Inc.
SilverBeacon Media
Simple Signage Solution, see Philips
Simply Theatre Signs see Adaptive Microsystems, STS
Simtrol, Inc.

Siren Technologies (1. established in the summer of 1997 as a spin off of
Frankel & Co. History – now a wholly owned subsidiary of Publicis Groupe S.A. , 2. produced a digital advertising display system for retail outlets, 3. the flat-screen system was developed by a team led by Richard Mandeberg, and the company hired Tony Dillon, previously head of technology development for McDonald’s, to run the new unit, 4. early users of the devices were McDonald’s restaurants in the Chicago area, which showed video clips of food products to customers waiting in line, 5. the installation cost was put at between USD5,000 and USD20,000 per location, 6. though Siren’s first assignments all came from Frankel, it was not restricted to work generated by the parent company, 7. in 2001 Siren was rebranded Marketforward after Publicis acquired the parent company), see (Manolo) Almagro

Sitekiosk, see Provisio
SKIN, see uma information technology GmbH, VICO
Slabb, see Affordable Kiosks, Slabb Soft
Smart Sign, see Versatile Systems Inc.
SMART Technologies, see Actalyst interactive digital signage
Smartparts, see OPTIPIX, SYNCPIX

smartPerform (1. billed as “innovative multi-touch presentation software”, 2. launched by ICT AG in December 2010, 3. available as betterSales, easyMT and Business Suite), see ICT AG


Snibbe Interactive (1. founded by artist, researcher, filmmaker, and entrepreneur Scott Snibbe based on his pioneering immersive media art that he began creating in 1997, 2. immersive interactive products: displays and exhibits for walls, 3. products include SocialFloor, SocialMirror, SocialNet, SocialShare, SocialScreen, SocialTable)

Snowflake Suite, see NUITEQ
Sociooh, see MRG Systems

Softsync, Inc. (1. provides digital media synchronization software and integration services for companies operating multi-screen display digital media networks, 2. Softsync software can frame synchronize playback on multi-screen displays or time synchronize content on dispersed screens throughout retail environments, 3. Softsync is based in Bloomington, Minnesota with a development group in Arhus, Denmark)

Solaris Labs

SOLIX DS (1. Digital Signage Software for Android OS, compatible with tablets, Android PC, Android LCD, 2. interface for Windows/Linux/Mac/Raspberry Pi coming in October 2013), see SOLIX

SOLIX Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., see SOLIX DS
Sony Ziris, see Ziris

Spectrio (1. Audio Messaging Solutions in Florida, provider of audio marketing technologies merged with IOHI, Impressions On Hold in New York in January 2012, 2. new entity was renamed Spectrio, 3. acquired Vericom Corporation December 2013) see ChannelCare digital signage

Spot Cast LLC
Spot labs
SpotForge Technologies (P) Limited, see VESTA
Spotlight Digital Signage, see Xenox Music & Media B.V.
SpinetiX, see Fusion, Hyper Media Director (HMD)
Splash, see Ayuda Media Systems

Springboard Retail Networks (1. established 2005, 2. changed name to Mercatus Technologies Inc.), see Mercatus Technologies Inc.

Spring Signage Ltd., see Xibo
Spyder, see Christie Digital, Vista Spyder

Spyeworks (1. established in 2010, 2. launched first product in 2010, 3. also has a full service content department, 4. cloud version to be released at Infocomm 2012)

Square Circle Triangle, see Blocks, Blocks Global

St. Clair Interactive Communications

Starmount Inc.
SternPixel, see AI-Pixel

STiNO Media AG (1. established in 2000, 2. spun off Stinova Ltd. in 2007), see Stinova

Stinova, see STiNO Media AG
StrandVision, aka

STRATACACHE (1. Established 1999, 2. acquired Activia in July 2003, 3. acquired OmniCast Dispatcher from The Fantastic Corporation in 2004, 4. acquired Superlumin in 2007, 5. founded enVu in May 2010), see Activia, Activia for Media, enVu, Omnicast, Superlumin

Streambase Technologies AS (1. developers of content management and video server network solutions for business based in Oslo, Norway, 2. acquired by Scala in July 2004, 3. was, see Scala

STS, see Adaptive Microsystems, Simply Theatre Signs
SUMO Vision, see SUMO Visual Group
SUMO Visual Group, see SUMO Vision
Sun Group

SuperSign-Premier (1. also known as signNET, 2. developed at LG under the stewardship of Jeff Dowell during 2009), see (Jeff) Dowell, LG, signNET

Superlumin (1. acquired by STRATACACHE in 2007, 2. relocated from Boston, Ma to Salt Lake City, UT)

Symbicon (IconOne)

Symon Communications, Inc. (1. founded 1980 as a provider of real-time visual communications solutions for data center performance reporting, 2. in 1985 expanded services to include real-time visual communication solutions for contact center performance reporting, 3. acquired TargetVision, Inc. in 2003 in order to expand services to include visual communication solutions for employee and corporate communications, 4. acquired AFS/MessageLink in 2007 in order to expand services to include visual communications solutions for the hospitality and gaming industries, 5. acquired Dacon PLC in the UK in 2008, 6. opened Middle East offices in Dubai in 2010, 7 acquired by RMG Networks in early 2013), see AFS/MessageLink, Dacon PLC, RMG Networks, Symon Dacon, TargetVision, Inc.

Symon Dacon, see Symon Communications, Inc.
SYNCPIX, see Smartparts

Synergetix Limited, (1. established in 1992, 2. renamed to Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage Limited in 2011), see Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage

Synergex Corporation, see FITNET.TV

Synergy DMC, see Synergy Digital Media Corporation, Equinox
Synergy Digital Media Corporation (established in 1998), see Synergy DMC, Equinox

Syntomos Technologies, Inc., see MySignBox

TargetR (1. established in September 2012, 2. based in the UK, 3. the TargetR platform has been designed from the ground up to provide targeted advertising capabilities with low cost Android hardware, 4. products include TargetR Cloud and TargetR Enterprise)

TargetVision, Inc. (acquired by Symon Communications, Inc. in 2003, see Symon Communications, Inc.

TC Partners (1. based in Paris, France, 2. specialises in IT Services and multi-channel Digital Communication, 3. founded in 2001, 4. VideoSpot launched in 2004), see VideoSpot

TeamCo, see Mood Media

TECCO (1. an A/V distribution and manufacturing company based in Zaragoza, Spain, 2. established in 1994, 3. company specialises in display and interactive systems as well as in custom systems, 4. launched AraCast which id described as a complete and modular digital signage solution for advertisement, museums, education, retail, transport or any other commercial application), see AraCast

Tech Electronics, Inc (1. established in 1980 in order to provide hardware solutions for audiovisual integrators in unique environments, 2. also known as TEi, 3. in November 2006 the company’s name was formally changed to Visix Inc.), see TEi, Visix Inc.

TEi, see Tech Electronics, Inc., Visix Inc.

Telefónica On The Spot Services (1. a Grupo Telefónica company, 2. specialises in in-store media services, audiovisual services), see OnTheSpot

TELELOGOS (1. a French company based in Angers, Beaucouzé, 2. established in 1982, 3. in 2008 released Media4Display, their first Digital Signage solution), see Media4Display

TELentice (1. TELentice developed by Fujitsu Australia Software Technology, FAST Australia, in 1999, 2. in 2005 FAST sold the TELentice IP to TELentice Global Incorporated, TGI, headed by Howard Witherspoon, 3. FAST continue to provide Engineering support, 4. won the CBS Outdoor London Underground business in 2006, 5. TELentice Global Incorporated goes into administration in late 2009, 6. Fujitsu Australia New Zealand, FANZ acquire TELentice IP back from TGI in February 2010), see TELentice Global Incorporated , TGI, FAST, Fujitsu Australia Software Technology

TELentice Global Incorporated, see TELentice, TGI
tellystream (1. developed by Greenflow AS, 2. based in Oslo, Norway)
Tensamedia, see Tensator

Tensator, see inQ-tv, Tensamedia
Teq AV/IT, see QikSign

Terminal Display Systems (1. Established 1978, 2. renamed Dynamax Technologies Ltd in 1999) see digitalsignage.NET, Dynamax, POV

Texas Digital Systems, Inc. (1. acquired by Radiant Systems, Inc in August 2011, 2. Radiant Systems, Inc. subsequently acquired by NCR Corp also in August 2011), see NCR

TGI, see TELentice, TELentice Global Incorporated
Thinformation, see N.O.D.S

Thinking Screen Media (1. established in 2007, 2. formerly Frame Media, 3. sold SignChannel to Scala in April 2010, 4. ceased trading, 5. was, see SignChannel, FrameChannel

Thinxtream Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Tightrope Media Systems (1. established in 1997, 2. co-founded by Andrew Starks and JJ Parker whilst both were attending college, 3. headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, 4. the company describes itself as inventing story telling technology that is used around the world by customers in a variety of settings, including broadcast, schools, sports arenas, houses of worship, hospitals, and corporate campuses)

Timba, see Timos
Timos (1. privately held company based in the Netherlands, 2. established in 2007, 3. based in The Netherlands, 4. has been working on streaming audio and video products since 2003, 5. provides custom solutions for audio and video applications, 6. recently introduced it’s own line of media players called the Timba media player), see Timba


TOP Digital Menus
transSpot, see AdStops, richvue
TriplePlay Services (established 2002), see TripleSign
TripleSign, see TriplePlay Services
Trivantis Corporation, see Flypaper Studio Inc.
Triveni Digital, a subsidiary of LG Electronics
TruKnox Technologies
TrustedMedia (TrustCast)

TSS Cross Media Group (1. established in 1990 with products and solutions for the TV broadcast market, 2. entered the video play-out system market since the mid 90s with an innovative video distribution system for TV Vandaag, 3. in 2007 launched Evado Narrowcasting), see Evado Narrowcasting

TV Tools

TVIP (1. developed by Genoa, Italy based Aitek, SpA, 2. launched in 2005), see Aitek, SpA

Tzero Inc (1. developer of SignSuite, 2, based in Chicago, 3. founded by Tony Dillon, 4. sold to Clarity Visual Systems in February 2000), see Clarity Visual Systems, (Tony) Dillon, SignSuite

UCView Media
uma information technology GmbH, see SKIN,

UPP! (1. launched by MMD, the brand license partner for Philips Public Signage in September 2012, 2. an Android media player that can be plugged into Philips Public Signage displays, enabling users to control depicted texts and messages via WiFi)

Vanten K.K. (1. founded in 1998 by Neil van Wouw as a networking solutions company creating platforms and operating them for ISPs and carriers, 2. based in Tokyo, 3. in 2003, moved company focus toward digital signage and started developing the EngageMedia platform, 5. in 2005, focussed exclusively on digital signage using EngageMedia) see EngageMedia

Variable Display, see Caldera
Vericom Corporation, acquired by Spectrio December 2013, see ChannelCare digital signage
Versatile Systems Inc., see Smart Sign

VertigoXmedia (1. in 2006 X2O Media spun out from business, 2. acquired by Miranda Technologies Inc. in April 2006), see X2O Media, Miranda Technologies Inc.

VESTA, see SpotForge Technologies (P) Limited

Victor Soft A/S (1. 50% of shares acquired by mermaid technology in November 2005, 2. in January 2007 mermaid technology bought rest of shares), see Mermaid, mermaid technology

VideoSign, see Rivermeade Electronic Signs

VideoSpot (1. in-house software solution designed by TC Partners Company, 2. cloud based Digital Signage Platform, 3. Linux based software solution with a cross-platform interface compatible web, smartphone, tablet and android, iOS, windows, 4. allows digital content broadcasting and interactivity, through any type of interactive devices such as QR code, NFC, camera, 5. designed for both centralised and local digital content management, operated separately or combined), see TC Partners

viewneo (1. developed by Dusseldorf based Adversign Media, 2. described as a a web-based digital-signage solution which allows to manage your content without installing any software), see Adversign Media


Virtual Mannequin (1. a term first coined by Adrian Cotterill in November 2008 to describe the use of projection technology to create the illusion of a free standing, real person or character, typically a masked image, using rear projection and an acrylic coated with window projection film such as 3M Vikuiti, 2. first developed by MediaZest Plc in that same year, 3. typically used for welcome greeters, queue management, security messages or simply to keep customers entertained, 4. as the human form stands out better than static posters this innovation is more likely to get noticed, whether it be recall or crowd pull), see (Adrian) Cotterill, Flat Lady

Virtually Live
Viscom Software Company
Visiconn, see Daktronics

Vision2Watch (1. Vision2Watch specialises in Interactive advertisement/media, 2. since the company’s founding they have been involved in Interactive advertisement as well as Window, Wall, Floor advertisement, Touch screens and projection techniques, 3. Vision2Watch these techniques; YourWindow, YourWall, YourFloor, Touch foil, Holographic projection)

Vision Control

Vision Robotics Ingeniería y sistemas, S.L., see MCP
Visix, Inc. (1. a privately held software development firm based in Technology Park/Norcross, outside Atlanta, Georgia, with field sales offices in Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, and Knoxville, 2. established in 1980 as Tech Electronics, Inc. / TEi in order to provide hardware solutions for audiovisual integrators in unique environments, 3. began the transition to digital signage software development in 2000 with their first messaging application AxisTV, 4. in November 2006 the company’s name was formally changed to Visix, 5. Visix would become a digital signage software-company, providing software-only or bundled solutions, and multi-tier service and support options, for professional clients, such as corporate, higher education, medical facilities and worship spaces, 6. Visix has now deployed more than 1500 visual communications systems on three continents, and over 700 higher education campuses use Visix digital signage software), see Announce, AxisTV

Vista Spyder, see Christie Digital, Spyder, Vista Systems

Vista Systems (1. established 1996, 2. acquired by Christie Digital in July 2007), see Christie Digital, Spyder, Vista Spyder

Visual Attention Service, see 3M Digital Signage

VisioSign (Denmark based creators of the digital information system InfoBoard), see InfoBoard

Vitalcast, see NCR
VIZIA, see JANUS Displays
ViziFrame, see ItWorks

VJU (1. founded in 2007 as a media software company offering turn-key solutions for IP-based TV operations, 2. currently offers VJU 3.0, a scalable software solution which focuses on creation, editing, managing, operating, playout and delivery of digital media content)

Vodigi, (1. free open source solution), see JMC Publications
Voome 4, see Voome Networks Srl
Voome Networks Srl, see Voome 4
VUKUNET, see NEC Display Solutions

VUXEL (1. first seen in beta December 2006, 2. last seen May 2007), see SignInsight

Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage (1. formerly Synergetix Limited, which was established in 1992, 2. renamed to Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage Limited in 2011, 3. known in some regions as Wallflower Global), see Synergetix Limited

Wallflower Global, see Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage

Watchfire, see Ignite Graphics software
WebConverger (open source web kiosk)
WebDT, see DT Research
Webfulcrum (Dynasign)
Webpavement (acquired by NetKey in August 2007), see also NCR, NetKey

WebRaiser Technologies (1. ceased trading, 2. was

WebSignage, see Edisonweb Srl
WebTV digital Signing

Wegener acquired by Novra Technologies, Inc. (TSX Venture Exchange: NVI.V) February 2014

WestonExpressions, see Linkett
window.i, see Point and Press
Wireless Logix, see Info-Mation

Wireless Ronin Technologies (1. established in 2000, 2. in 2003 launched the RoninCast Software Suite, 3. joined the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol ‘RNIN’ in November 2006, 4. acquired McGill Digital Solutions Inc. in 2007, 5. was delisted from NASDAQ in May 2013, 6. started trading on the OTCQB – an electronic trading platform of the OTC Markets Group May 31), see RoninCast

WireLoad Inc., see Screenly

WireSpring Technologies (1. established May 2000, 2. launched FireCast OS and ClientCenter in 2001, 3. launched FireCast EasyStart in 2009)

Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd (1. established in 1997. 2. Acquire Digital launched in 2001. 3. Signage2Go launched in May 2012), see Acquire Digital, Signage2Go

World Net, see Infinite3
World of Droids

X2O Media (1. established 2006 as a spin-off from VertigoXmedia, 2. launched the Xpresenter Suite in 2006, 3. granted patent for PowerPoint-based authoring in 2005, 4. opens platform to third-party Digital Signage players in early 2012, 5. demonstrates support for OpenSplash June 2012, 6. acquired by Barco March 2013), see Barco, Exceptional 3D, Frame Jazz, OpenSplash, VertigoXmedia, Xpresenter Suite

Xenox Music & Media B.V. (1. privately held music company based in the Netherlands, 2. established in 1987, 3. has been working on improving their Music and Media managers since then, 4. introduced the Spotlight Digital Signage platform in 2012, 5. provides a powerful and flexible web-based management system to integrate all your Music, Media and Digital Signage player locations, 6. provides music and advertising services and products for large retail suppliers all throughout Europe). see Spotlight Digital Signage, Xenox Television

Xenox Television, see Xenox Music & Media B.V.
Xhibit Signage, see Mvix

Xibo (1. born 2004 as a University project of James Packer, 2. released to the public under AGPLv3 open source license in 2006), see Spring Signage Ltd.

Xpresenter Suite, see X20 Media
Xstream Solutions

Xtream (1. NOXEL Pte Ltd., based in Singapore, 3. described as a cloud service catering to your digital signage requirements), see NOXEL Pte Ltd.

YCD|MuViWall, see YCD Multimedia
YCD|Platform, see YCD Multimedia
YCD|Player, see YCD Multimedia
YCD|RAMP, see YCD Multimedia

YCD Multimedia (1. established in 1999, 2. launched first version of its Music Player in 2000, 3. first angel investment in 2001, 4. launched YCD|Platform in 2003, 4. launched its first integrated player audio, video, lighting YCD|Player in 2004, 5. first proper VC round in 2006, 6. launched its first Video Wall product YCD|MuViWall in 2006, 7. launched its retail merchandising solution YCD|RAMP in 2010, 8. acquired C-nario in October 2011), see C-nario, YCD|MuViWall, YCD|Platform, YCD|Player, YCD|RAMP

ZetaDisplay (1. established in 2003, 2. acquired ScreenVisuals ApS in Denmark in 2007, 3. started ZetaDisplay Norge AS in Norway in 2008, 4. acquired Popcom Oy in Finland in 2008, 5. joins the NASDAQ OMX First North Premier under the symbol ‘ZETA’ in April 2011), see Popcom Oy, ScreenVisuals ApS

Ziris, see Sony Ziris
ZStream Media Services, LLC