PRN Brand Returns As A @STRATACACHE Company

October 8th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Do you remember when people bemoaned the idea that the famed and solid brand PRN was changed to IZ-ON Media under a certain Ahmad Ouri, the then president and CEO? (We were among them.)

Well, as a member of the STRATACACHE family since July, the company has reclaimed the PRN brand to represent its deep focus and roots in retail. Working with the largest brands and retailers in the world, PRN is a major provider of in-store shopper video, mobile and content marketing solutions that activate shoppers along the path to purchase right up to the point of sale.

“The acquisition of PRN enables us to build out our suite of shopper marketing solutions,” says Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO and founder. “PRN brings to STRATACACHE a 23-year track record of creating compelling in-store content experiences, and bringing brands to the table through innovative approaches to monetization. With their deep understanding of, the PRN teathe shopper mindset, the team knows how to help brands and retailers win multiple moments of truth.”

PRN’s in-store communication platforms help retailers amplify their shopper marketing initiatives and brands deliver targeted customized messaging. With STRATACACHE as its parent company, PRN now possesses significantly expanded technology capabilities to deliver all-in-one shopper engagement solutions and support key omnichannel strategies for retailers and brands alike.

“Joining STRATACACHE is the logical next step in PRN’s evolution. We’re now able to combine our deep expertise in shopper engagement solutions with the core technology of STRATACACHE,” says Kevin Carbone, CEO of PRN. “Our collaboration is already providing the in-store digital innovation that brands and retailers require to exceed the expectations of the 21st century consumer.”

CBN Campus Media – Blue Bite Partnership Expands Campus mTAG Magnet Program

October 7th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

CBN Campus Media, Oceanside, California-based provider of integrated static and digital media products on college campuses, and Blue Bite, New York, have expanded their partnership as they officially launch their Campus mTAG Magnet Program.

Blue Bite campusFollowing a successful pilot, the deployment will reach over 19,000 students on 20 campuses across the US.

In 2013, CBN Campus Media partnered with Blue Bite to install multimedia advertising on 93 college campuses across the United States with the intent of extending target-based advertising on campuses into a new realm of mobile interaction for students. As part of the broader Near Field Communication and Quick Response enabled mTAG rollout across the 93 schools, they launched an mTAG Campus Refrigerator Magnet Program in 900 dedicated student housing units across two university campuses.

Using Blue Bite’s proprietary mTAG, students were given the opportunity to receive dynamic, daily interactive content from the comfort of their dorms. mTAG interactions directed students to content and campaigns that were relevant to college students, including campus-specific information and announcements as well as marketing campaigns. The platform allowed brands like Adobe and content providers to target their audience and display user-specific campaigns based on the preferences of each student.

To motivate students to engage with the mTAGs, the campaigns included a series of promotions and giveaways. Daily Sweepstakes gave students the opportunity to win gift cards from a variety of brands like Starbucks, Chipotle, and favorite local shops. Other contests, like the ‘Selfie’ Sweepstakes and the Best Halloween Costume contests encouraged students to take selfies with their mTAG magnets to be entered to win additional giveaways and deals.

The pilot run of the Campus mTAG Magnet Program was tremendously successful garnering 1,000+ interactions (taps/scans). Local deals saw an 82% click-through rate and a 10% conversion rate. The ‘Selfie’ Sweepstakes saw a 62% click-through rate, while the Halloween Contest drew a 75% click-through rate.

Through CBN and Blue Bite’s collaboration, advertisers had exclusive and direct access to their target market, while providing students with valuable offers, content and information specific to their interests and the college demographic. These multimedia advertisements were located in dorms, student unions, cafeterias and other highly populated locations on campuses to achieve maximum impact.

Students were excited to receive the gift cards, showing true interest in the daily contests, and due to the immense success of the Campus mTAG Magnet Program pilot, Blue Bite and CBN Campus Media plan to implement the program at an additional 75 college campuses beginning Winter 2016. Included in this activation will be the use of Blue Bite esca beacons, which will be deployed throughout the college campuses. Students will be made aware of local discounts and offers through beacon notifications sent to their smartphones. This will provide an additional 80,000+ students access to exclusive and valuable content and give brands and content providers an even greater ability to reach their target audience at scale.

Glanz Digital Rebrands As Corner Media, Expands 2 New Markets

October 7th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Corner Media is the new name for Glanz Digital, a location-based digital media company based in Tysons, Virginia.

The rebranding reflects the company’s renewed focus on integrated digital advertising solutions. But Corner Media is not sitting in a ‘corner’. Rather, it’s expanding into new markets, currently along the eastern seaboard.

Our readers might remember that Glanz Media attracted Mike Di Franza, former founder, president and CEO, Captivate Network, and former chair of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, as a member of its advisory board.

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#ISE1016 Means 33% More Time 2 Get Business Done

October 6th, 2015

Geny Caloisi

Integrated Systems Europe sold out a record five months ahead of the show and with Europe’s largest audiovisual exhibition attracting almost 60,000 visitors earlier this year, the event will once again take over the whole of the RAI conference centre in Amsterdam BUT this time it will be for four days (February 9-12, 2016), instead of the traditional three.



Anyone that has visited the show in previous years would agree that you can never see it all. Its dimensions and the number of conferences and interesting things on offer, makes it almost impossible to have just a casual stroll through the halls. Forward planning and a detailed study of the floor plan are essential not to walk endlessly and get to do what we want to every day of the show.

Integrated Systems Events Managing Director Mike Blackman, told me “Next year’s show has been extended to four days. We want to give visitors and exhibitors a chance to do more networking and better business, hence we added an extra day.”

In the past some people commented that an extra day would be an additional expenditure that smaller exhibitors might not be able to afford. To this Blackman responded, “We have a sold out show. No exhibitor has complained about the extended day. On the contrary, many companies were asking for it.” He added that, once the costs of the stand build, the staff and accommodation are sorted, the extra day will signify around a six percent cost increase for 33 per cent more value. As it finishes on a Friday, Blackman said that ISE is talking to people in Amsterdam to help anyone that wants to enjoy this city during the weekend, with deals and discounts.

In terms of conferences, #ISE2016 will have a focus on IT/AV integration and for the first time, there will be a one-day conference on Hospitality, including digital signage in hotels and integrated building information for this industry.

At #ISE2016 there will not be any dedicated DOOH conference theatre, but you will be certain to find plenty of briefings and seminars across the show. The whole of hall 8 will be dedicated to digital signage and over 400 companies offering DOOH related products and services.

When we met with the ISE organisers, they presented its latest philanthropic endeavour with its support of the SeeHearTouch charity and the Education for Children in Need programme. ISE will pay for specialist consultants and integrators to assist in the installation and equipping of a new e-Start-Up academy in Chisinau, Moldova, where extreme poverty makes education a luxury which is very difficult to attain. Besides business studies, IT, web and economics, there will be an optional online module for students that want to take InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) exam, as well as the opportunity to access the CEDIA track of residential networking courses, which lead to certified credentials.

Registrations for #ISE2016 is now open and you can find that here.

New Toronto Agency Central Station: Brands Can Take Many Paths To Success

October 6th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The two Toronto agencies responsible for, digital signage and other creative for the Nike 15K Running in June and the launch of Mad Jack, MolsonCoors’ biggest and most successful national brand launch in two years, have joined forces under the name Central Station.

nike-Eaton Centre

Central Station, formed from MonkWilliams and Zebra Studios is headed by five partners, with John Boniface from Zebra as president.

The new agency opens with 30 people and a list of clients that includes: Nike, MolsonCoors, Nestle, Hudson’s Bay Company, Weetabix, Lindt and Humber Regional Hospital.

“Central Station is a hub, it’s essential; its where you start,” says Brad Monk, creative director. “The lines in our logo that emanate from our name we refer to as tracks. They represent the infinite number of paths a brand can take to lasting success.”

The work done by Zebra for Nike 15K is an example, with retail stores showing related gear, and Eaton’s Centre showing digital signage, Hudson’s Bay store devoting its front windows, plus other above and below the line media such as a pop-up store. For Mad Jack, MonkWilliams used billboards, backlit street columns and transit, interactive taxi games and POS.

What Did C-Suite Execs Say About TDIC?

October 6th, 2015

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

What did C-Suite Executives say about The DailyDOOH Investor Conference last year?

The DailyDOOH Investor Conference will be held on Wednesday November 4, 2015 (as part of New York Digital Signage Week) and will once again be co-chaired by Prestonwood Trail Holdings LLC Stephen Nesbit and DailyDOOH Editor-in-Chief Adrian J Cotterill, both of whom have a history of organising and moderating some of the most popular and successful industry events during the past nine years.

Speakers this year include Jeremy Male (CEO, Outfront Media), Tim Bleakley (CEO, Ocean Outdoor), David Leider (President and CEO, GSTV) and Mike Kaczmarek (Rockbridge Growth Equity LLC), Mark Boidman (Managing Director, Peter J Solomon), Randolph K. Adler Jr (Partner, Co-chair, Startup Program, Dentons LLP), Phil Lenger (Founder and CEO, Show&Tell), Bob Michelson (CEO, RMG Networks) and more!

This is ‘the’ networking event for senior executives in the Digital Signage and Digital Out of Home industry and the conference will update investors on the latest trends and the future direction of digital signage and digital out of home and allow them to hear direct from the CEO’s of major companies that participate in the market.

Network owners and industry suppliers will get invaluable executive insight and receive education on the requirements and trends being used by investors in today’s capital raise efforts.

Brands and Advertising Agencies will be able to meet senior executives and come away from the conference having secured a good grasp of the key trends in the Digital Signage and Digital Out of Home world.

Registration for The DailyDOOH Investor Conference (now in its 10th year) (can be found here)

The DailyDOOH Investor Conference Agenda

October 6th, 2015

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here is the full agenda for The DailyDOOH Investor Conference which takes place Wednesday November 4, 2015 during New York Digital Signage Week.

TDIC 2015 Sponsors 470

08.15 Registration & Breakfast

09.00 Opening Remarks Adrian J Cotterill | Steve Nesbit

09.30 OOH: Creating the Constellation for the IoT | Jeremy Male | CEO | Outfront Media

In a world where consumers are increasingly mobile and inherently connected through smart devices and to social networks, the role of out of home and digital out of home- more than any other media- is strengthened by an ability to drive, connect and accelerate engagement with consumers to brands. New digital technologies, audience-defining data, and enhanced creative are transforming the space, while the physical nature of the medium guarantees the connection and keeps it real.

10.00 The Mark Boidman Q&A | Mark Boidman | Managing Director | Peter J Solomon Company

Gain exclusive insights into digital OOH investment opportunities and growth trends, market statistics and valuation multiples, and get the inside scoop into what the investment community forecasts for the DOOH industry from the leading investment banker in the digital OOH space.

10.30 Networking and Coffee

11.00 The NEW trend in Visual Communications: the Democratisation of Content Creation | Bob Michelson | CEO | RMG Networks

The world is changing. Many companies world-wide have determined that being limited to a small number of producers and curators of content is too restrictive and results in missing significantly compelling content. As a result, leading companies have opened up the source pool of content to produce richer, more timely and compelling content….without dramatic cost increases and while maintaining reasonable editorial control. We will discuss the new world of sourcing, filtering and governance to enable companies to take advantage of this exciting new trend.

11.30 Why Data Needs to be a Big Part of Your Innovation Strategy | Randolph K. Adler Jr | Partner, Co-chair, Startup Program | Dentons LLP

Whether you are a startup working with big data to create the next big thing or an enterprise already massaging the vast amounts of data that your business has collected over the years, you need to know what you can safely collect, what permissions you need and how exactly you can be truly entrepreneurial with what you have! In order to inspire you further, we’ll look at some real world examples of data driven startups in the mobile AND out of home space.

12:00 Going Beyond Out of Home | Tim Bleakley | CEO | Ocean Outdoor

Since Ocean Outdoor’s leveraged buyout, which was revealed at this conference back in 2013, much has happened with ‘The Group Story’ – not the least of which is, the recent M&A activity with the help of our investor Searchlight Capital Partners. This session will focus on experiences to date and focus on the evolution of the medium and how it delivers “beyond out of home”.

12.30 Networking & Lunch

13.45 How OOH is Transforming Cities Around The world | Dave Etherington | EVP, Chief Strategy Officer | Intersection

As technology and communication infrastructure evolves to serve the needs of 21st century cities, Digital Out of Home will have the opportunity to become more than just an advertising medium. In an ecosystem with ubiquitous connectivity, rich data, and interactive mobile technologies, DOOH can become a platform for personal connections between people, brands, and cities– both enabling and funding a better urban life.

14.15 How Neuroscience Is Making Advertising Smart | Heather Andrew | CEO | Neuro-Insight (UK)

Neuroscience can measure things that people don’t know how to put into words and, over the past few years, pioneering studies in the out of home world in London have led to some startling revelations. The science is now also being used extensively in the growing online world. In this session, hear what OOH and DOOH can learn from the way companies like Facebook and Twitter are using Neuroscience, how an Australian media owner is dissecting TV content using the technology and how it will ultimately help our industry bring more brands into the sector as well as encouraging those who are using it now to spend even more!

14:45 Mike Kaczmarek | VP | Rockbridge Growth Equity LLC and David Leider | President & CEO | GSTV – In Conversation with Co-Chair Steve Nesbit

15.15 Networking & Coffee Break

15:45 Win Big in DOOH with 2020 Vision | Phil Lenger | Founder and CEO | Show+Tell

We will reveal the “secrets” that are in front of us all, that the fundamental lessons for creating value and avoiding failure in digital displays have already been revealed and proven in parallel industries! Discover how to play the long game by looking 5 years out to succeed in the DOOH gold rush. Learn how to future-proof your network investment and avoid becoming the “MySpace” of digital signage. Most owner/operators are scrambling to position themselves to be successful in the upcoming DOOH boom – there are more questions than answers when it comes to best practices in display strategy. Surprisingly, the answers are simpler than you can imagine.

16.15 OAAA Board Members Discuss The Future of Digital of Out Home

  • Scott Wells | CEO, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas
  • Jean-Luc Decaux | Co-Chief Executive Officer, JCDecaux North America
  • Jeff Gunderman | President, EYE Corp Media
  • Stephen Freitas | Chief Marketing Officer, OAAA

… In Conversation with Co-Chairs Steve Nesbit and Adrian J Cotterill

17:00 Wrap-up by the Chairmen

17:15 Reception & Cocktail Party sponsored by Dentons

19.00 Close

Registration for The DailyDOOH Investor Conference (now in its 10th year) (can be found here)

oOh!media Unveils EXCITE Retail Screens

October 6th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

oOh!media this week unveiled its next generation of interactive retail screens loaded with unparalleled sensory features.

oOh! Excite Interactive Travel Screen

Described as a milestone in its wider digital strategy, oOh!’s cutting edge EXCITE retail screens provide engagement and networked national reach that give advertisers opportunities to interact with consumers like never before.

The range of technologies combined within each of oOh!’s EXCITE panels include:

  • Multi-touch screens
  • Kinect 2.0 gesture control;
  • Voice recognition technology;
  • High definition web-cams;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Audio;
  • Networking capabilities.

Digital advertising will have access to all these technologies across a network that links advertisers and consumers through the integration of the creative with online, mobile and social channels.

oOh! CEO Brendon Cook said oOh!’s EXCITE panels move beyond converting traditional inventory to digital signs. “Digital technology has changed forever how we communicate. Today’s announcement is a major step in oOh!’s digital strategy and accelerates the changes that digital technology is bringing to the Out Of Home industry,”

oOh! Excite Interactive PAN movie campaign

“Our proprietary content management system creates a partnership of technology and content that provides advertisers with new capabilities to connect with consumers and achieve nationally-networked, mass-audience reach.

“The opportunities of how this can be used are limited only by the imagination,”

oOh! is initially rolling out 50 new panels in centres across Australia with the first advertisers to utilise the capabilities being Village Roadshow for its new release, Pan.

oOh!’s newly appointed Digital Strategy Director, Brendon Cropper told us that release of the EXCITE panels was an exciting evolution of the Out Of Home sector worldwide.

“We’ve spent more than AUD 1 million in the development of the EXCITE panels which take the Out Of Home industry to an entirely new level and set the benchmark for consumer engagement.”

“We know that the offer of interactivity is appealing to consumers, from our experience with 33,000 consumers joining a touch to play game on the screens during a two-week campaign.

“We’ve packed in all the latest technologies we could to equip brands and their advertising agencies with the opportunity to be creative and develop interactive campaigns with both cut through and reach.

“The world leading capabilities can be grouped into three main campaign themes: Fun, Fame, Fortune.

“Fun includes gaming, via gesture control, voice recognition and recording, Fame includes the webcam for photography and Fortune is for competitions that utilise the touchscreen that is linked to a sophisticated computerised back-end.

“The online functionality enables all campaigns to go viral via uploads and downloads,”

The EXCITE screens are strategically placed in high traffic spots – giving a wide berth for interactivity and crowd viewing, plus a long viewing time – such as the food courts in Australia’s top shopping centres.

Cieslok Media Adds Another Digital Spectacular On Montréal’s South Shore

October 6th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Cieslok Media, Toronto, has added to its digital out-of-home inventory, with the installation of a 10’ x 35’ premium digital board on AutoRoute 138 in Montréal’s South Shore area.

Cieslok 138

It is the only digital board on the highway, which serves as one of the main corridors between Montréal and the South Shore area. Approximately 35,000 daily commuters use the highway each day.

The double-sided digital board displays six 10-second static spots in a one-minute loop. Additional functionality includes social media integration; live photo uploads; triggered events (i.e. weather, sport scores, news) and day-parting.

It is Cieslok Media’s second major investment in the area, following the installation of a 10’ x 35’ digital board on AutoRoute 132 in Sept., 2014.

The new 350 sq.-foot digital board offers advertisers exposure to one of Canada’s most affluent audiences. The South Shore boasts a population of more than 855,000, and is expected to grow 20% by 2031. Much of the growth is expected to come from families and young professionals.

The area is also home to Quartier DIX30, a 2.7 million sq. ft. ‘lifestyle centre’ that houses more than 300 retailers.

“This board is a significant addition to our inventory in a key advertising market,” says Dan Starnino, vice-president of business for development for Cieslok Media. “Its combination of size and prime location means that it will be highly sought-after by advertisers.”

H1 2015 DpB Revenue Growth Outpaces Major Media Sectors

October 5th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Digital Place Based Advertising Association, New York, announced today that the Digital Place-based sector’s revenue growth rate for the first half of 2015 outpaced that of all other major media.

Based on information collected by the certified public accounting firm Miller, Kaplan, Arase from digital place-based networks – including both DPAA members and non-members — advertising revenue for the digital place-based sector grew by 14.3% for the first half of 2015 versus the same period last year. This far surpassed the next closest growth media, radio, which gained 3.4% for the six-month period.

The 14.3% growth rate puts digital place-based media well on its way to equaling or surpassing estimated revenue of USD 1.015 billion for 2015, excluding cinema, as forecasted earlier this year by MyersBizNet.

First-Half 2015 Revenue Growth by Media Type:

  • Digital Place-based + 14.3%
  • Radio + 3.4%
  • Outdoor + 2.6%
  • Cable TV – 0.8%
  • Spot TV – 4.4%
  • Network TV – 4.8%
  • Online (Display) – 7.0%
  • Magazine – 8.2%
  • FSIs – 9.7%
  • Newspaper – 14.0%
  • Total Media -3.9%

Source: Miller, Kaplan, Arase for digital place-based media; Kantar Media for all others

“The exceptionally strong growth for digital place-based media reflects a movement toward video agnostic media planning in what is rapidly becoming a ‘video everywhere’ world,” says Barry Frey, president & CEO, DPAA. “Our networks are gaining prominence as a tool to help marketers overcome a challenging advertising landscape by demonstrating they are an effective way to engage and influence brand and purchase behavior while consumers are on their daily journeys.”

A debate on video agnostic planning will be among the hot topics discussed at the DPAA’s eighth annual Video Everywhere Summit in New York on November 3 during New York Digital Signage Week. Other sessions at the all-day event will include programmatic, a ‘Shark Tank’ style Tech Tank, mobile-DPB case studies and other topics designed to help make sense of today’s rapidly changing video media world.