Firefly Measurement Partnership w/ Reveal Mobile

May 12th, 2022

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Firefly has announced a partnership with Reveal Mobile, the geofencing marketing and location intelligence provider for the out-of-home market.

Firefly CEO and co-founder Kaan Gunay told us “In 2022, measurement and data are at the heart of all successful advertising campaigns. This partnership allows us to provide best-in-class metrics to our clients that ensure a more accurate snapshot of campaign delivery and performance”.

We are told that this partnership will allow Firefly to work with Reveal on advancing the measurement of impressions in mobility advertising and offer Reveal’s measurement products and capabilities to our clients.

Jon Frangakis, chief commercial officer at Reveal Mobile and co-founder of Mira said “Firefly has expanded the OOH landscape over the last several years and helped drive innovation in our industry. The methodology we built at Mira and brought to Reveal Mobile last fall advances those capabilities in ways we know advertisers are demanding. We’re pleased that Firefly has chosen to extend their measurement expertise with Reveal Mobile.”

The announcement said that Firefly and Reveal Mobile will continue to work together to define and continuously improve how mobile transit OOH is measured.

ADF Visual Display Products Acquired By @PeerlessAV

May 12th, 2022

Andrew Neale

Peerless-AV has acquired ADF Visual Display Products of Southern California. Specialising in complex dvLED construction, ADF has engineered and manufactured some of the most prominent, visually stunning and challenging dvLED deployments of the last decade.

“Our dvLED business exploded virtually overnight. We began partnering with ADF on projects where our capacity simply would not allow us to do it in house,” said John Potts CEO of Peerless-AV. “After seeing the quality of the ADF product, for both ourselves as well as another significant name in the industry, we realised that they were the logical addition to our company to facilitate our dynamic growth.”

ADF Visual Display Products acts as a discreet OEM design and manufacturing partner for two of the industry’s best known dvLED infrastructure companies and is often described as setting the standard for excellence in the category.

Rockbot Partners with @PlaceExchange

May 12th, 2022

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Place Exchange has announced a partnership with Rockbot, a pioneer in the media-for-business industry, providing multi-channel video streaming content for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Henry Embleton, Head of Advertising at Rockbot told us “With the rise of DOOH, it is inevitable that CTV and DOOH will merge into a growth vertical,” commented Partnering with Place Exchange will enable more CTV & DOOH advertisers to capture a growing audience of unique, hard-to-reach consumers for our advertising partners.”

Rockbot’s expansive and growing Digital OOH network is designed to bring highly-relevant TV to consumers in contextually relevant places. Rockbot TV screens—programmed with content from top network providers—reach consumers in gyms, airports, salons, spas, and retail locations across the US. The partnership with Place Exchange will enhance marketers’ ability to extend their video advertising campaigns to additional DOOH inventory via the same demand side platforms (DSPs) used to run programmatic video campaigns in online, mobile, social, and CTV.

Nick Bennett, SVP of Partnerships at Place Exchange said “We’ve seen programmatic video OOH spending increase dramatically in the past year. As demand for high-quality video inventory continues to grow, we are thrilled to offer advertisers access to Rockbot inventory.”

Rockbot, founded in 2010, is a pioneer in the media-for-business industry, providing a robust product suite of TV, music, audio, messaging, and digital signage solutions. Rockbot’s primary mission to empower businesses, brands, and places to deliver better customer experiences—and stronger consumer connections—through media in their real-world spaces comes to life with the DOOH offering allowing advertisers to reach consumers, on-the-go. Over 35,000 businesses across the US trust Rockbot’s streaming media services providing advertisers with a reach of nearly 33 million viewers a month.

NCM Launches Programmatic Offering w/ @PlaceExchange

May 12th, 2022

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

National CineMedia (NCM), America’s largest movie network has announced the launch of a new Place Exchange programmatic offering with NCM’s Lobby Entertainment Network.

We are told that this new partnership will now enable advertisers to purchase the largest network of lobby screens in movie theaters across the country programmatically for the first time.

With over 600 million moviegoers reached annually through the NCM network of over 1,600 theaters with over 20,600 screens through the US, this is the largest programmatic move in the cinema advertising space to date. The Place Exchange partnership with NCM enables advertisers to reach these consumers via strategically located in-lobby video placements before and after their movie experience.

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Data Academy Launched By @Quividi

May 12th, 2022

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Quividi, the pioneer and World #1 audience & campaign intelligence platform for Digital Signage, has announced the launch of a Data Academy, an online portal featuring a series of user stories, use cases, knowledge articles, best practices and free webinars to provide all digital signage professionals, including marketers, full-service agencies, integrators, HW and SW vendors, with the foundation needed to fully leverage the value of data in digital signage.

Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s President told us “Data is instrumental to the growth of Digital Signage. However, there’s a lack of industry knowledge around the tangible value it brings and what’s needed to start a data journey. With our Data Academy, we aim at unleashing the full potential of data for Digital Signage”.

The academy consists of video interviews and presentations of Quividi’s partners and end-users, educational articles and use cases on how to best use data to effectively optimize digital signage strategies.

It is freely available here.

Sage+Archer Acquired By @VistarMedia

May 12th, 2022

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Vistar Media has announced the acquisition of Sage+Archer, a leading European buying platform for DOOH. Through this deal, Sage+Archer gains a strategic influx of capital to accelerate growth across Europe, now backed by Vistar’s global programmatic marketplace.

Founded in 2019, Sage+Archer has successfully built an effective media organization, rapidly securing trusted partnerships with buyers such as Dentsu International, Matterkind, Heineken, OMD, Essent and more. As two groups dedicated to delivering value to advertisers and agencies through advanced programmatic platform technology, there was a natural fit between Sage+Archer and Vistar.

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Volta ‘Store Next Door’ Targeted Offering

May 11th, 2022

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Volta Inc. (NYSE: VLTA) has launched a new Store Next Door place-based targeting offering. This product brings the power of the Volta Media Network to more verticals by enabling location targeting based on the stores adjacent to Volta’s EV charging stations and media screens.

Brandt Hastings, Interim CEO and Chief Revenue Officer at Volta told us “Advertisers are rapidly increasing spend with contextually-rich retail media networks. By 2023, retail media will command nearly 20 percent of digital advertising budgets. Store Next Door invites more advertisers to benefit from Volta’s at-store media network by capturing attention immediately before customers make a purchase, all while supporting the switch to carbon-free transportation.”

The Store Next Door offering expands the categories advertisers can use to target Volta’s highly visible, 55” digital media screens from just the main store to nearly 40 unique options, including healthcare centers, gyms, pet stores, and quick service restaurants. For example, an apparel brand can now target Volta media screens located one or two doors down from sporting goods stores that share the same parking lot as Volta’s charging stations. This new capability was made possible by Volta’s data-driven understanding of commercial real estate design, parking lot configurations, and shopper behavior.

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PilotTV Selects @Hivestack

May 11th, 2022

Tristan Cotterill

Hivestack announced this week a partnership with PilotTV Media, Taiwan’s leading digital signage operator and digital out-of-home media provider. Through this partnership, PilotTV will integrate their premium DOOH inventory into the Hivestack Supply Side Platform (SSP).

Mr YF Juan, VP, International Operations and Infrastructure Services at PilotTV said: “Hivestack is the natural partner for us in Taiwan given their position as a world leading programmatic DOOH adtech company. Leveraging our existing technical infrastructure, we are excited to partner with a pioneer for programmatic trading to drive growth through DOOH advertising campaigns across our increasingly large network of inventory in Taiwan.”

PilotTV Media’s digital place-based media inventory will be available programmatically to both local and global advertisers via Open Exchange deals and Private Marketplace (PMP) buys. Advertisers will initially have access to 6 x large LED digital screens located in the popular Kaohsiung Metro Stations in Taiwan. Brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs both within Taiwan and globally will be able to purchase and run data-driven and highly impactful programmatic DOOH campaigns in the country.

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Hivestack Launches Research Division

May 11th, 2022

Andrew Neale

Hivestack has announced the launch of a new research division that will focus on exploring in-store, programmatic media activation in the metaverse.

Legendary computer vision scientist P. Anandan has joined Hivestack as a special advisor as part of the initiative. According to a recent eMarketer report advertisers spent $31B USD in 2021 in the US on retail media, with a path to $100B in the coming years. The findings of the report showed that the majority of the ad spend went to advertising on Amazon and Walmart’s digital assets. A growing trend is that large, big box retailers are implementing custom ad tech stacks with identity solutions to monetize their online marketplace as well as their physical stores.

Indeed, big-box retailers are taking the next steps in their digital offerings and developing metaverse equivalents of their physical venues. When these stores launch, consumers will be able to wear VR headsets and have their avatar counterparts walk down aisles garnering all the benefits of a virtual shopping outing. This will offer consumers a much more immersive experience than shopping on current two-dimensional user interfaces from their mobile devices. Metaverse stores will enable advertising opportunities for marketers to connect with consumers – in particular, their avatars, at the point of purchase – on virtual in-store walls, virtual digital endcaps, and even virtual in-store audio advertising. Preliminary research shows that consumer engagement in the metaverse will far exceed current online experiences and thus lead to deeper engagement with ensuing greater outcomes for advertisers.

Andreas Soupliotis, Founder & CEO of Hivestack told us “With the launch of our research division, we are prototyping how ad tech can be used to programmatically activate ad opportunities in virtual retail stores in the metaverse. In this environment, the consumer is technically inside their homes shopping via VR headsets, but their avatar is out-of-home. Much of Hivestack’s full-stack technology for digital out-of-home activation and monetization applies to retail metaverse advertising, but some important computer science gaps remain to be addressed. We launched this initiative to formulate the needed technology to make programmatic DOOH a success in the meta as well as the physical world.“

The use of meta and crypto-related concepts to buy and sell DOOH ads is already happening. As an example, Hivestack’s exclusive partner in Japan, LIVE BOARD (a wholly owned subsidiary of NTTDocomo and Dentsu Japan) have already started to experiment selling outdoor advertising space as NFTs, representing the first initiative in Japan to sell outdoor advertising rights as an NFT.

P. Anandan, former Managing Director of Microsoft Research, Distinguished Scientist and Emeritus Researcher at Microsoft, and now consultant to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation commented on his new role of Special Advisor at Hivestack: “I am thrilled to be advising Hivestack on this new direction of avatar-based out-of-home advertising. There are some important technology, product and engineering challenges that need to be addressed in order for marketers to benefit from this new generation of advertising. In particular, how does one translate avatar identity from a one-to-one metaverse world to the actual, one-to-many physical world? Also, how do marketers measure the efficacy of these cross-universe media activations? And how should physical-world behaviors drive media activation in the metaverse? Finally, there are many unanswered questions regarding how media payments will be made to metaverse retailers, with cryptocurrencies possibly being used. In such cases, RTB bid requests and responses between DSPs and SSPS would be based on cryptocurrency CPMs. As you can see there are many hurdles to overcome, and I look forward to helping Hivestack grow a research team that will address these new frontiers in ad tech and provide marketers with the solutions they will need to succeed in the burgeoning field of ‘Meta Marketing’.”

Kevin McDonald, CEO of Kinetic Canada was quoted as saying “The retail metaverse is opening up a new reality for consumers that blends the sensations of physical, out-of-home shopping with ease of mobile shopping. Kinetic Canada is laser-focused on driving precise measurable outcomes for our clients. As the lines blur between consumers and their avatars, the combination of real-world, retail DOOH and metaverse retail digital out-of-home advertising is an important area of exploration to us and our clients. We know that the future of marketing is being built now and we thus look forward to working with Hivestack as we develop a new strategy for cross-universe (physical and virtual), outcome-based marketing.”

Kevin McDonald, CEO of Kinetic Canada will be speaking at AdTECH: OOH – Toronto on May 24, 2022. With over 120 attendees so far this will be one of the Ministry of New Media’s biggest conferences to date.

More details and registration can be found here. Tickets cost CAD 205. There are also COMMB and IAB discounts available.

VMO Acquires oOh! Media NZ Office Tower Assets

May 9th, 2022

Tristan Cotterill

VMO (Val Morgan Outdoor) has successfully completed the acquisition of oOh! Media office tower assets in New Zealand, making VMO the only dedicated provider of office tower media and the only provider with the ability to reach over 40% of affluent office professionals across Auckland and Wellington.

Rob Forsyth, VMO New Zealand Commercial Director, told us “The VMO Work network has experienced consistent growth since inception. The recent acquisition of the oOh! network was a prime opportunity to add national scale and compliment the rest of the network, cementing our national footprint and market-leading position within office media.”

We understand that this acquisition of oOh! Media assets will bolster the VMO Work network footprint by +44%, with the portfolio now covering 120 locations in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

Screen counts have also grown by +50% taking the VMO network to over 230 screens in total. With the addition of these new assets, the VMO Work network now reaches 2 million contacts weekly.

Matt Tremain, Val Morgan Group Sales Director, commented “We’re excited at the opportunity to reach even more hard-to-reach professional audiences. Despite various disruptions due to restrictions, the team have outperformed expectations as clients continue to realise the clear benefits and results of the office tower medium.”

*Source: VMO Work audience is based on internal modelling utilising DART, Internal survey data and building metadata. Professional Workers are based on data from NZ. Stat 2020 survey and defined as people who work in the following industries: Information Media and Telecommunications, Financial and Insurance Services, Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Administrative and Support Services, Public Administration and Safety.