JCDecaux Launch The Salford Arch

August 25th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

Hopefully set to further transform the Digital Outdoor landscape in Manchester, JCDecaux has launched The Salford Arch – an iconic, digital advertising superstructure that stretches across six lanes of traffic at one of Manchester’s busiest arterial junctions – where the M602 becomes Regent Road.

TheSalfordArch 470

This is actually one of JCDecaux’s largest roadside digital screens, with on average 1.2 million impacts every week (DFT) and this double-sided Daktronics LED billboard will be launched by FIAT, Sky, Samsung, JD Sports and Orangina.

The Salford Arch will complement JCDecaux’s strong Digital Outdoor presence in Manchester, alongside the digitised The Trafford Arch and The Trafford Tower. The Salford Arch will also become part of JCDecaux’s newly formed The Gateways – a nationwide network of premium Out-of-Home locations along key arterial routes that welcome audiences into major UK cities, such as: London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Leeds and Bristol.

Spencer Berwin, Managing Director – Sales at JCDecaux, told us “This spectacular location is like no other, with its incredible size and impact it offers brands an exciting new digital canvas in one of the UK’s largest cities. We are delighted that we have such high-profile brands capitalising on this opportunity to reach the influential and affluent audiences that travel on this key road in and out of Manchester city.

The Salford Arch is a fantastic addition to our newly formed The Gateways – a network of premium ‘welcome’ sites strategically positioned along main city routes that reiterate JCDecaux’s strong DOOH offering across the UK.”

The FIAT campaign was planned and booked by Maxus and Kinetic.

Former @DPAAorg President joins Captivate

August 25th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We hear that former DPAA President Suzanne La Forgia has joined Captivate Network as vice-president, advertising sales.

TV Decline, Mobile & Programmatic Increases

August 25th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Digital Place Based Advertising Association‘s annual survey of media planners identifies the disruption and decline of television, mobile opportunities and the rapidly growing focus on programmatic as key trends in the rapidly changing advertising landscape.

The study indicates these changes will fuel the growth of digital place-based media over the next several years.

More than two-thirds (68%) of media planners rated TV high in effectiveness today, but just under one-half (49%) believe TV will be as effective in three years.

While television is in decline, planners expect other screens’ shares of media budgets to rise over the next three years: mobile (+86%), online (+67%), DPB (+34%). These results suggest the DPAA’s ‘Video Everywhere’ strategy continues to align with planners’ outlooks. Sixty percent of those surveyed regard video everywhere, i.e., integrated multi-screen campaigns, as important in delivering advertising impressions, with 84% saying they will be important in three years. The planners said that DPB screens will more than double (56% vs 27%) in importance to the video everywhere strategy in three years’ time.

In addition, even though DPB and mobile are often thought to complement each other, there was a sharp drop in the percentage of planners who indicated they would fund a DPB buy out of mobile (12% this year vs 22% last year). This suggests that DPB networks have an opportunity to emphasize their potential synergy and compatible executions with mobile.

Nearly nine out of 10 planners (88%) said they are buying programmatically for all brands they work on today. Among this group, 28% of their total media spend is being bought programmatically. Three years from now, they expect this figure to grow to 48% of budgets. Only 23% of planners said they are aware that DPB can be bought programmatically, but 67% said they would be more likely to recommend Digital Place-based as part of media plans given its availability in programmatic buying systems.

Other Noteworthy Findings

  • Slightly more than half (50.4%) of planners said their recommended media plans included Digital Place-based in the past 12 months, up from 45.9% in 201;
  • National TV outpaced local TV as a potential source of budgets for Digital Place-based buys, by a margin of 20% to 15%, suggesting that a substantial number of planners regard Digital Place-based as more of a national medium than they do traditional outdoor;
  • The three primary reasons planners gave for including Digital Place-based in their media plans were geotargeting (62%), reaching a specific audience (57%) and connecting with consumers on the path to purchase (50%). Notably, the sharpest increase for including Digital Place-based was for video everywhere/video agnostic planning, up to 20% from 9% in 2014.

Barry Frey
, president & CEO, DPAA, said, “This study provides quantifiable verification of what we have been witnessing over the past couple of years; namely, that video agnostic/video everywhere planning and programmatic are where media plans are heading, and that digital place-based media stands to gain tremendously because of these trends. This is an exciting time for our sector.”

Results of the study will be presented at the DPAA’s eighth annual Video Everywhere Summit in New York on November 3.

A total of 310 planners employed at full-service, media services and digital ad agencies participated in an online survey conducted May 11-20, 2015.

Primesight Withdraws from @EyeAirports Talks

August 25th, 2015

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Well, it all sounded a little bit premature and so it was. News just in then, that Primesight has withdrawn from talks to acquire Eye Airports.

Primesight was announced as preferred bidder for the airport specialist in July 2015 but has ended discussions following difficulty reaching satisfactory contractual agreements with some of the parties involved.

Naren Patel, CEO, Primesight, told us “Despite the deal not coming to fruition, Primesight is invested in strengthening its relationships within airport advertising, which offers fantastic opportunities for the out-of-home sector. We are committed to growing our digital portfolio while delivering innovative and effective campaigns across our diverse range of sites and wish the team at Eye Airports all the very best.”

Access Sports Media & @BRANDedTRAY Partner 4 Fan Experience

August 25th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Access Sports Media, New York-based video advertising network operating with cross-platform solutions in sports venues nationwide, has partnered with BRANDedTRAY, which offers high-quality sponsored in-venue concession trays with web, mobile and social media activations.

branded tray 2Both Access Sports Media and BRANDedTRAY Digital boast impressive relationships with teams and leagues across the entire sports spectrum, and the partnership will further allow advertisers to think creatively when it comes to sports sponsorships that dominate the venue.

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Signagelive Partner w/ @ValotaInsights

August 25th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

Signagelive, global suppliers of cloud-based digital signage technology, has partnered with Valotalive, providers of smart content services, including news and weather updates, business information, transport updates and social media applications, to deliver a fully packaged digital signage solution to retail and enterprise companies worldwide.

Valotalive focuses on delivering visualised, real time content services for customers in both the retail and enterprise space. The valotalive.com cloud based service gives companies the power to instantly visualise and share business data extracted from customer business systems, offering greater consumer/partner engagement transforming static information into a visual story.

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Bulzī Media Joins @DPAAorg

August 25th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Bulzī Media has joined the Digital Place Based Advertising Association.

logo bulzi mediaBulzī Media aggregates DOOH audiences through partnerships with various network operators. Its addressable OOH ad network allows advertisers to plan, buy and activate hyper-targeted ad campaigns using web-like campaign management tools and reporting. Bulzī’s LOCALīz technology measures OOH audiences in real time, on a scale and at a level of detail the company claim was not before possible.

Its technology uses big data analytics run continuously on more than 10 billion monthly mobile phone location records in order to attach more than 950 anonymized demographic attributes to the mobile phones. LOCALīz sensing technology identifies the real-time presence of 250 million U.S. mobile phones near any sign in Bulzī’s network, uses detailed consumer attributes to measure the small-group micro-audience on-the-fly, and then serves the right ad to the right screen in real time. This allows national advertisers and their agencies to better reach their target audiences in OOH, more credibly measure their campaign results, and achieve improved ROI on their ad spend. Read the rest of this entry »

#CokeMyName Wins Big Numbers

August 24th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Posterscope USA recently completed a Times Square campaign for Coca-Cola whereby people in tweeted their name to a dedicated campaign hashtag – #CokeMyName – which generated a ‘story’ about their name that appeared on a digital screen above Times Square.

Coke - What's In A Name - 1

A camera then snapped an image of that story and tweeted it back to the user.

Coke 4

The results were extremely strong as the campaign generated 350 million social impressions and 42,000 posts to the #CokeMyName hashtag.

Coke - What's In A Name - 2

There were 5.4 million audience impressions in Times Square in three weeks. Tweets with #CokeMyName appeared across the US and in 110 other countries.

BroadSign Win @digitalnewstv 4 Bob’s QSR Network

August 24th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Sao Paulo-based Digital News TV (DNTV), Brazilian digital signage integrator, has announced its use of BroadSign International LLC’s digital signage software for the deployment and growth of Bob’s, one of the three largest QSR operations in Brazil.

Powered by BroadSign, the Bob’s network has grown to 700 locations and 4,000 screens across Brazil. DNTV is using its field service teams to add around 20-30 new locations each month, with an aim of 1,000 locations in the next year.

“BroadSign’s feature-rich platform provides the automated scheduling, stability and security required to accommodate complex network requirements, rapid expansion and integration with new technologies with minimal additional development,” says Yuri Berezovoy, innovations director at DNTV.

“Our team works closely with the BroadSign services department to deliver innovations to customers,” he says. “As we test other market platforms, we believe BroadSign offers the most outstanding technology and support.”

Bob’s displays are viewed by over half a million individuals daily and build on the corporation’s strategy to reinforce appetite appeal via technology and innovation. Featuring 100% brand-related content, the digital menu boards are day-parted with location-specific pricing updated in real-time, based on demand. Point-of-sale and dining area screens advertise promotions and fidelity programs. The LCD displays vary from 19 to 42”, with digital menu boards arranged as videowalls of up to eight screens.

“DNTV is a well-respected, turnkey provider of digital signage solutions in Brazil,” says Skip Beloff, vice-president of sales, BroadSign. “We regard the Bob’s initiative as a leading example of modernization in the regional digital signage market.”

The switch from static to digital menu boards has given Bob’s greater control over in-store promotions, reduced visual clutter through targeted day-parting and increased efficiency by eliminating the shipping of printed material to stores.

Global CEO of Y&R To Keynote DPAA Summit

August 24th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

David Sable, Y&R’s global CEO will be keynoting the annual Digital Place-based Advertising Association #VideoEverywhereSummit being held Nov. 3 during New York Digital Signage Week.

David SableSable believes that the core of Y&R’s business is about striking a balance between creativity – the storytelling we do – and innovation, which drives the story through the right channels to create new consumer experiences. He sees the greatest competitive differentiator to be the agency’s ability to create a complete experience for consumers that bridges the digital and physical worlds. While digital is everything, not everything is digital, and Y&R is eminently positioned as storytellers and innovators.

Sable is scheduled to speak mid-morning at 11 a.m. after the first coffee break.

Following breakfast and registration beginning at 8 a.m., the Summit will get rolling at 9 a.m. with a short introduction and then a talk on ‘Multi-screen Viewing and Engaging with Consumers Everywhere They Want to Be’ by Chris Curtin, chief brand and innovation marketing officer at Visa.

Curtin will be followed by a session moderated by Stuart Elliott, ad columnist of Media Village in which Rishad Tobaccowala, chief strategist at Publicis Groupe, and Lori Hiltz, CEO of Havas Media, will give their views on the changing agency business.

What should be a fun session will follow Sable’s keynote when Cat Greenleaf, host of Talk Stoop and a regular at the Summit, will interview Jane Maas, author and chairman emeritas of Earle Palmer Brown discusses what life was like when she worked in the agency world of the real ‘Mad Men’ in a session titled ‘Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the 60s and Beyond.’

Then, in the hour before lunch, a session based on the Shark Tank format will see an invitation-only forum where ‘Sharks’ will assess new technologies that promise to connect mobile/locations with digital place-based. Each technology will be briefly presented and then reviewed in a friendly and informational manner by the DPAA-assigned Sharks.

A networking lunch from 1 p.m. to 2: 15 should also give more time to stroll the exhibit area.

After lunch comes a talk on digital place-based activation with real world case studies with Sandy Kolkey, chief marketing officer, Turtle Wax, and Scott Halderman, director, digital and integrated media solutions, Teas and Flavors, Pepsi Beverages North America.

We’ll look forward to David Roth, CEO of WPP The Store taking over at 2:35 pm on the ‘Future of Retail, IoT and the Digital Place’.

After the second coffee break of the day, there’ll be a Ted-type talk on Advertiser Hot Topics with Fernando Arriola, vice-president media and integration, ConAgra Foods, and Benjamin Jankowski, group head, global media, MasterCard.

We’ll be interested to hear ‘The Great Debate: Video Agnostic’ where media leaders will take sides on the resolution: ‘Video advertising should be treated screen agnosticly, and valued equally whether it is viewed on a tablet, phone, PC, TV, DPB screen or other device – To viewers the screen doesn’t matter.‘ Moderator will be Dave Morgan, CEO and founder, Simulmedia. We don’t know all the debaters yet but one is expected to be Steven Wolfe Pereira, vice-president brand strategy and marketing solutions, Oracle.

And yes, at 4:45 pm to 5:30 pm to close out the day will be that topic on everyone’s lips: ‘Programmatic: The Way Forward for Digital Place-based’ with panelists Jim Mollica, vice-president, digital marketing, Under Armour; Dave Yacullo, CEO and president, Outdoor Media Group; Alan Smith, chief digital officer, Assembly, and moderator Matt Prohaska, CEO, Prohaska Consulting.

All in all, it looks like it will be a full day of important topics and interesting speakers. More information can be found here.