Great Start to the Year for Boomerang Digital

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Boomerang Digital who do the media sales for the Healthclub Channel told us earlier in the year that they were expecting a good start to the new year, seems “good” has turned to “great”.

For the Healthclub Channel they have a number of new national advertisers: –

  • Camelot…(Posterscope/MPG)
  • (Posterscope)
  • (Posterscope)
  • UKTV- Spa of embarrasing illnesses via PHD (Kinetic)
  • Hydro-re-booked- for 5 months activity (Kinetic/Mediacom)
  • VW Tiguan in Topnotch and Fitness First only (Kinetic/Mediacom)

The VW Tiguan campaign was with cards and 6 sheets also.

The music promotions in January were interesting (I was tempted to write there that they ‘sounded’ interesting). These are basically ‘album of the month’ type promotions which is great to see as it means that record companies are starting to spend advertising monies in this sector.

These paid for promotions of course support the air-time content they get for free!!!

They included David Guetta (famous DJ), Colbie and the lovely Kylie – including 2 bespoke Kylie days where they played her back catalogue stuff every other song (now that might be a bit much even for an ardent fan).

March sees Jack Johnson and Rhianna promotions.

A promotion for The Feeling breaks next week we are led to believe.

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