DailyDOOH Facebook Fanpage

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

Attention all DailyDOOH readers & subscribers – to commemorate Facebook’s recent announcement of hitting a record 200 million users (which incredibly isn’t a lot of subscribers in the grand scheme of internet world domination) we have launched our own Facebook DailyDOOH fan page!

imagesConsider this our latest social media experiment and yet another addition to the growing stockpile of social media weapons of mass productivity destruction.

Now, when people see you playing on Facebook at the office all day – you can say, “I am working“, as you snicker and show them the DailyDOOH fan page with our blog updates, event calendar, discussion board and of course – the infamous Facebook Wall.

You see, you can respond with “See, I’m doing research”

So, what are you waiting for? – put down that Twitter widget and log in to Facebook; you know you just want to find if someone finally gifted you with your favorite Star War’s action figure – and whilsy you are in there, do a search for DailyDOOH and find our fan page.

You can also follow this linkHurry, we’re lonely and need fans, Ed

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