For Sale: One Careful Owner

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We keep hearing persistent rumours that John Ryan’s ScreenRed software (division) is up for sale.

John Ryan have a great business in the retail banking sector and we never, ever saw the (natural) fit that parts of that organisation did with having their own software section (even though as we have written before we are BIG fans of their software solution).

Whatever is happening with ScreenRed it is certainly not getting the love or attention it deserves – which means that when we get asked to recommend solutions to potential customers, it is easy or ignore them or put someone else above them in the pecking order.

Their web site still lists the following as part of the Executive team even though they both left before Christmas 2007…

  • Brian J. Douglas, Marketing Director
    B. Com., Edinburgh University
    Masters in Marketing, Greenwich University

    Brian is responsible for Marketing and Business Development within ScreenRed. Before joining the team, he ran his own marketing consultancy from Madrid for over four years. Prior to that, he worked at Nortel as Director of Industry Solutions within Marketing, and at Unisys he was responsible for Marketing in Southern Europe. In addition to the credentials above, he completed a program in Management Development from IESE Business School. Brian is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

  • Stephen Fernandez, Product Director

    Stephen is responsible for products and services at John Ryan and ScreenRed. Prior to joining the company he worked for Cable & Wireless where he was responsible for an international team dealing with all European connectivity products. Having worked on the integration of acquired companies and major programmes to rationalise the companyĆ­s footprint, Stephen brings extensive Product Management, Development and Change Management skills to the team. Stephen has a degree in Computer Science.

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