Pizza Hut Renews Its atmAd Campaign

Chris Sheldrake

Pizza Hut has chosen cash machine media provider atmAd to promote its GBP 4 fixed price ‘Happy Hour’ menu to consumers in the high street, who are withdrawing cash around payday.

The campaign, which originally ran on atmAd in January 2009, will feature on 750,000 transactions on cash machines across the UK that are in close proximity to Pizza Hut restaurants.

The atmAd campaign is part of a wider integrated campaign, planned by media agency Starcom, which includes online displays, and will be amplified through the ATM campaign across atmAd’s national network of cash machines.

Claudia Nicholls-Magielsen, Marketing Director of Restaurants, Pizza Hut told us “Following the success of our campaign earlier in the year, we have decided to use atmAd again to promote our ‘Happy Hour’ £4 fixed price menu, as we know this medium is an effective route to our target audience”

ATM transactions tend to increase around payday so atmAd is a highly effective way to deliver a ‘value’ message to customers withdrawing cash at a moment when money and what to spend it on, is at front of mind.”

Kerry Foster, Group Head atmAd told us “Since their first atmAd campaign in February, we have worked closely with Pizza Hut and Starcom to refine their targeting, to ensure that the impact of their ‘value’ message is maximised by reaching people at a moment in time and in a location when it is most relevant”

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