IRI And @AdsquareCom in Data Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Adsquare and IRI, one of the leading providers of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights, have announce a data partnership.

We are told that digital marketers are now able to make use of IRI purchase data for more effective OOH planning and programmatic media buying in the UK.

Andy Beames, General Manager at Adsquare, told us “I have been a fan of IRI and the impressive breadth and depth of their data and analytics in the FMCG space for many years. I’m delighted to now be partnering with them to bring brands and advertisers their market-leading data for both cross-channel planning and buying.”

Real-time data exchange Adsquare has made available the IRI Liquid Data datasets in its Audience Management Platform (AMP). The Adsquare AMP is a self-service platform bringing together data providers and advertisers in a secure and transparent way. The platform is integrated with all leading media buying platforms, e.g. DV360, The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Adform, Tabmo/Hawk, S4M, and can be applied to all programmatic channels – web, mobile, audio, CTV and OOH.

IRI’s granular purchase data shapes decisions at FMCG, over-the-counter health care, retail and media companies across the globe, helping them to personalise their marketing and grow their business.

Carl Carter, Marketing Effectiveness Director at IRI said “It has been an ambition of the business to be able to fuel more effective and efficient media spend further up the media planning and activation process. Working with Adsquare will realise this ambition and allows brands and their agencies to plan and buy with the confidence that their media spend is optimised for success before it is even live!”

IRI data is available as part of Adsquare’s Real-Time Proximity Targeting and Audience Targeting. Proximity Targeting is based on spatial data describing the context of your geographical area of choice. Once activated via Adsquare’s pre-bid integrated DSPs, users can be reached based on their location at the moment of ad impression. Audience Targeting is based on audience data connected to Mobile Advertising IDs and so enables users to be reached at any time.

To link IRI’s offline spatial data to Mobile Advertising IDs, IRI relied on Adsquare’s location data graph. Adsquare helps data providers to connect offline data to Mobile Advertising IDs using location as the onboarding connector. The Adsquare algorithm analyses mobile movement data and identifies users’ home and work locations. The underlying movement data consists of consented background location data derived from mobile applications that have installed a Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing for this use case under Europe’s strict privacy regulations.

Adsquare is a data exchange founded in Berlin in 2012 with additional offices in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Singapore. Adsquare operates a globally leading mobile data marketplace, the “Audience Management Platform”, to provide advertisers and agencies with targeting, measurement and insights solutions.

IRI is a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help FMCG, OTC health care, retailers and media companies to grow. With the largest repository of purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data, all integrated on an on-demand cloud-based technology platform, IRI guides over 5,000 clients globally in their quests to remain relentlessly relevant, capture market share, connect with consumers and deliver growth.

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