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Chris Sheldrake

Six weeks ago we wrote ‘The Ecosystem Cometh‘ and if more proof was needed to show the maturity of the industry check out (a) the ongoing BlueFox special offer for free content for two months and (b) ScreenFeed’s excellent real-time updated media content (Images, Video and Audio) subscription offer.

signagelive are usually at the forefront of spotting new media trends in the industry and the first (seemingly) always to partner with folks they like (and the industry then end up liking) and so it is with ScreenFeed – needless to say a partnership between the two has been announced.

Jeremy Gaven, Screenfeed CEO told us “Screenfeed is committed to offering digital signage networks the very best digital signage content to keep their screens fresh and entertaining; and signagelive makes it easier than ever to integrate all Screenfeed content channels. No other software has as much integration and their support for Screenfeed’s standard delivery method of Media RSS allows operators to easily include other content feeds based on that standard such as Flickr, Picasa and even video sharing sites.”

Jeremy describes how it works better than we can and he added “Signagelive devices can natively connect to all of our content channels and pre-download content prior to display. This allows a Signagelive user to schedule a Screenfeed content feed such as our Celebrity Life video channel into a playlist one time and the device will continually pull down the latest videos throughout the day, every day without any additional effort. Its amazing! With other software, users need to manually schedule the 7 video files into their playlist every single day to keep them updated.”

We believe that ScreenFeed are pioneers in providing Media RSS content specifically developed for Digital Signage networks and with channels covering a vast arrary of topics and countries, they are well placed to offer high quality image and video channels to ensure viewers receive high impact, real-time, ever-changing media content on their screens.

About Screenfeed

Screenfeed provides daily licensed content that drives viewership of digital signage networks. Available channels of content feeds include photo-based news channels, weather forecast graphics, animated weather radar, localized event info, daily celebrity gossip video, HD scenery footage and photo-based trivia. Screenfeed is committed to making network operators lives easier by managing all licensing, creation and delivery of content that attracts attention to their screens. All Screenfeed channels are licensed on a monthly fee per player and long term contracts are not required.

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