Free Demo Version of Tru-i Suite

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Funnily enough there was a lot of mention made this morning at the event of free digital signage software (little opinion either way on it, but mention and discussion) – including a couple of new to us solutions which we will try to discuss a little later.

At same time, Truknox Technologies sent us a press release on their just announced free demo version of their software (Truknox Technologies is headquartered at New Delhi and we met with them last year at their branch office in Mumbai, India)

Tru-i Suite isn’t free – it’s intended to be commercially available by mid May 2008 with pricing made public by end April 2008.

Press release

New Delhi, 8th April 2008: Today, Truknox Technologies releases Tru-i Demo, the FREE standalone demo version of the Tru-i suite; the world’s first Vista based 360° digital signage software solution. Truknox, an emerging player in the digital signage industry created waves with the launch preview of the Tru-i suite at UK’s Screen Expo in London, followed by the Digital Signage Expo at Las Vegas in Feb 2008 and finally at Screen Media India 2008 in Mumbai in March 2008.

The unique proposition of the Tru-i suite is that it is a pioneering 360° solution, designed on a highly scalable and modular architecture keeping in mind the management requirements of the Digital Signage industry as a whole. This makes it unmatched in terms of flexibility and ease of use right from content creation to dynamism in presentation, scheduling and even media booking and billing. It is plug-in based software wherein new features can be incorporated as effortlessly as client specific custom plug-ins.

About the Tru-i Demo version

While The Tru-i suite is a 360° solution comprising of three modules – Tru-Designer, Tru-Scheduler and Tru-Player, the Tru-i Media suite has two additional modules – Tru-Booking Agent and Tru-Billing Agent that optimizes ad sale revenue management. Tru-i Demo is a stand alone demo version packaged to help the user experience the capabilities of the Tru-i suite and comes with two key modules – Tru-Designer and Tru-Player. Tru-i Demo, the Free Demo version of the Tru-i suite comes with a 30 day trial period and can be downloaded from the company website

Tru-Designer Module: “Content is the King” is oft repeated and strongly believed, but sadly there’s a lot to be desired in the way content is presented and displayed! The architecture of Tru-i Suite empowers the user to create an exceptional, vibrant and dynamic experience for the audience. Tru-Designer is a presentation creator and is the heart of the software with its clean and intuitive interface. It offers multiple zones, dynamic animated backgrounds, scrolling tickers, RSS feed text and various logo branding options. Just a drag and click can change the shape and look of any element on screen – the design and shape of an analog clock, the speed and direction of rich text, animation of stills with 2D/3D transition effects and much more! The Tru-Designer module promises unmatched content creation possibilities for enhancing customer productivity.
Tru-Player Module: The Tru-Player module is a presentation player, which supports playback of content designed by Tru-Designer locally, and also downloading of selective content from the online data center or from the third party vendor as and when needed. It has an in-built self-healing mechanism that repairs itself when required. It has full logging support that makes the past status of the Tru-i Player available remotely.

Tru-i Demo will empower the user with exceptional in-house content creation capabilities that are critical for captivating audiences while controlling ongoing investment in content.

The Tru-i suite will be commercially available by mid May 2008 and the price list will be available by end April 2008.

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