Accretive Media Launches Accretive Outcomes

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Accretive Media has announced the launch of Accretive Outcomes™, a new solution that delivers highly effective and efficient measurement and attribution for the out-of-home advertising channel.

Craig Benner, Founder and CEO of Accretive Media told us “We believe that access to accurate and reliable measurement will be a huge catalyst for growth for the out-of-home industry and are thrilled to lead the charge. Advertisers want to invest more in out-of-home advertising, but can’t spend tens of thousands of dollars and wait weeks after every campaign to determine if the spend was worth it. Accretive Outcomes™ ensures that advertisers clearly understand how their out-of-home investment is performing, regardless of the screen, the platform, or the format they ran.”

The patent-pending Accretive Outcomes solution is the first and only OOH effectiveness measurement product specifically built for the out-of-home market. Existing out-of-home measurement solutions are either platform-specific or utilize mobile advertising measurement principles and retrofit them for out-of-home, proving to be costly and time consuming. Accretive’s suite of measurement products considers the nuance of consumers in the physical world and their interaction with out-of-home venues to deliver accurate, privacy-compliant, and actionable analytics that allow advertisers to make better investment decisions around their OOH media spend.

The key to the platform is Accretive’s Out-of-Home Graph™; a repository of POI data, screen locations, household information, mobile location data, and online and offline sales data. The platform joins campaign data with the graph to help advertisers understand the impact of their out-of-home adverting. Metrics available in the reporting suite include web visitation, online sales, app downloads, foot traffic, reach/frequency, return on ad spend, and custom offline sales reports. All reporting is based on the OAAA’s newly adopted exposure methodology and has been refined over the past three plus years of field market execution.

Clients have already seen the benefits of the technology. “Accretive’s measurement has completely changed the way we think about the out-of-home channel and how it fits into our media mix,” said Lawrence Shapiro, head of marketing for Electra Meccanica, who utilized Accretive Media to help launch their eco-friendly electric vehicles this year. “We now have greater visibility and control into how out-of-home helps us achieve our goals and can grow our presence in the channel with confidence.”

Part of what sets Accretive Outcomes apart from other offerings is that it’s not a one size fits all solution.

Keri Weber, head of OOH for The Richards Group said “You could immediately tell that Accretive built this measurement product with consideration for what was important to both OOH media buyers and clients alike. They truly care about helping our advertisers utilize the out-of-home medium to drive meaningful business results.”

Michael Provenzano, Founder and CEO of Vistar Media, a leading OOH programmatic platform, said, “Accretive continues to develop innovative solutions to bring robust data capabilities into the OOH programmatic ecosystem. Marketers constantly ask us for advanced measurement solutions that can connect out-of-home exposure to tangible metrics like sales and ROI/ROAS in a quick and efficient way. This is a much-needed addition to our industry.”

Accretive Outcomes™ works with all OOH formats and platforms and provides advertisers more control over how analytics are structured to ensure alignment with other channels. It can also provide omni-channel integration to help with more advanced attribution requirements like online to offline sales, multi-touch and media mix modeling.

Accretive Media is an out-of-home data and technology company that empowers brands to become a part of consumers’ everyday lives.  With access to over 350,000 US screens, Accretive engages the on-the-go consumer on their terms.  Through its proprietary Accretive Data Lake, Out-of-Home Graph™ and I-SEA methodology, the platform combines advanced data, targeting, and measurement capabilities – keeping consumers informed, creating value for property owners, and helping brands win.

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