Cisco Nerds Make Lousy Broadcasters

Chris Sheldrake

Cisco's Bill Riley in action

Cisco's Bill Riley in action

At the risk of sending too much traffic to one of our competitor sites – let’s hope their servers can handle it, Ed we do suggest that readers take a look at this.

This is Cisco’s idea of marketing their DMS solution via Digital Signage Today. The presenter Bill Riley obviously missed his vocation as a newsreader.

We have pointed this out before but as Cisco paid for the right to show the video isn’t it a little embarrassing to have the ‘sponsored by LG’ text at the top of the page as well?

Seriously with all of Cisco’s corporate resources (two massive studios in the US and in Europe), edit suites, cameramen, directors et al at their disposal is this really the best they could do?

Worse still do their marketing folks really think it is appropriate and will help brand or sell? No-one is going to watch this full stop and if anyone does manage to watch it they will not be able to keep a straight face.

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  1. Long Haired Lover Says:

    Isn’t that Little Jimmy Osmond ?

    If you don’t belive me check out

  2. Bill Yackey Says:


    Thanks for posting a link to the video from Cisco on our site. We (and our servers) welcome the traffic.


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