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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

aka.tv / screen forum ltd / screen holdings (delete as applicable) are selling videos of the 30 minute presentations from last Friday’s Audience Measurement Breakfast Briefing (11th April, 2008) over on http://www.screenholdings.com/

Audience Measurement is a critical aspect of the digital signage industry, and a topic close to The Screen’s heart.

Currently it is clear that the lack of a common currency around audience measurement is holding the digital signage industry back – and until a system can be agreed upon, the market will remain undervalued by the traditional media industry.

To debate the question of from where that standard will emerge, and what data and measurements it will need to provide – The Screen invited specialist speakers from different ends of the industry, to give their perspective to an invited audience of digital signage and out-of-home industry professionals.

To watch, listen and review these 30 minute presentations – The Screen is offering a full audio video podcast presentation of the individual speakers informative and incisive talks.

Available to download for just $10 per podcast or $25 for the set of 4.

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