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Chris Sheldrake

i-CONIC IMAGES , which specialises in sourcing and supplying high quality video content to the Digital Out Of Home market throughout the world, has just announced the launch of its new web-site.

“On the new site, we spend a bit more time explaining what we do, how we do it and why we’re needed,” says MD Russ Curry. “The market in North America is much more developed, and a lot of operators there have a much clearer idea of what kind of content they need to develop and maintain a successful network. In Europe, we need to help operators to explain to their customers the benefits of a rich and varied programming which doesn’t rely solely on smart advertising to entertain their public.”

For anyone in a hurry, the front page features a short trailer which is essentially a mash-up of some of the topics available. For anyone wanting to go into more detail, and who knows what format he’s looking for, the site is organised by format/duration. So for each length of clip or programme, he can then browse for topics.

The most-used formats at retail for example, are the 20 seconds and one minute clips – Travel & Extreme Sports being the most popular topics.

Short format programmes (3 – 5 minutes) can be used in retail where dwell-times are longer, but the company is now getting more requests for use in corporate communications networks and for content for web-sites. The company can also supply programmes of up to 25 minutes, which are effectively regular TV programmes, and which have been cleared for use in any variety of closed-circuit scenarios.

The exclusive Digital Video Art series runs out at 8 -10 minutes and was created specifically with cocktail bars, hotels & restaurants in mind. Other categories, such as aerials and time-lapse shots are grouped under the HD banner, though they are also available in SD.

“Even though HD really isn’t yet practical as a network format, we’re getting enquiries from people that either do have the necessary bandwidth (or static installations) and also from clients who have customers who insist that their source material is HD since they feel that the quality will somehow filter down to their installations” says MD Russ Curry.

“What we’re selling is ‘eye-candy’”, continues Curry. “Networks need to offer more than just information or advertising if they’re going to attract and retain peoples’ attention. Customers are savvy, and the moment they get the impression that the screen is just advertising at them – they’ll cut off. After all, no one would listen to a Radio or watch a TV station that was 100% ads. Just as TV programmes need short ad breaks to fund the programmes, screen-based media need short ‘content-breaks’ to make the advertising palatable. All successful ad-supported media (Radio, TV & Press) result from a healthy balance between editorial and advertising. Our role in the eco-system is to supply the raw material in an easily –digestible format which can then be simply integrated into any network.”

i-CONIC IMAGES has a variety of suppliers, depending on the type & length of the material, giving it access to over 5 000 hours (and growing each month) of footage, and additional material can usually be sourced on request.

All rights are cleared for use in all forms of Digital Out Of Home, Internet & Mobile Phone applications and delivery is by digital file in the chosen format/codec by FTP or on Hard Disk or DVD, depending on the length.

A choice of financial solution gives operators total flexibility and clear visibility of their production costs, whilst ensuring that rights owners get a fair and accurate remuneration. Payment can be by a ‘one-off’ fee or on a monthly subscription basis, according to the chosen business model as below…

  • Subscription Model: an agreed number of clips on the chosen topics is supplied and invoiced each month over an agreed period (min. 12 months) to be used in the defined customer network.
  • Pay per Play Model: An agreed number of clips on the chosen topics are stored on the client’s server (or end-customer’s server) and then used randomly in a ‘play-list’ system. Invoices are issued according to the   monthly ‘proof-of-play’ statements.

For further information, contact Russ Curry:  russcurry@gmail.com

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