Lighting Up The Aisle

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

If you’ve been hemming and hawing about whether to put digital screens in your store or how to launch a whole network, we’d advise that you take a couple of hours and read through Lighting Up the Aisle: Principles and Practices for In-Store Digital Media.

Lighting Up The Aisle

Lighting Up The Aisle

Written by Laura Davis-Taylor & Adrian Weidmann, two veteran consultants in the business, and first published back in June 2007 it’s still very much worth a read today.

Lighting Up the Aisle is a practical guide to understanding In-Store Digital Media from a simple, entertaining, common sense perspective. Full of insider field insights, it’s a no-nonsense primer to prepare anyone new to the digital media world to successfully ignite the power of technology in-store for the benefit of the customer.

Davis-Taylor is founder and principal of Retail Media Consulting, an Atlanta, Georgia-based consultancy that focuses on helping brands strategize and execute media experiences within the store as a marketing vehicle. RMC is involved in every aspect of in-store digital media services, from initial market education to ongoing program evolution rooted in real-time field response and evolving store technologies.

Prior to founding RMC with 15 years experience behind her, Davis-Taylor learned every aspect of the retail market, the advertising world, and the interactive, in-store broadcast and digital signage sectors that she could, working at agencies in both the U.S. and Europe, and heading accounts for such clients as Walmart and Circuit City. A regular lecturer, she is the yearly chair of largest in-store media conference in North America and an executive member of the POPAI Digital Signage Advocacy Committee.

Weidmann, principal contant at RMC, has spent 25 years in emerging digital media technologies and business solutions designed for theatrical, broadcast and music content production and strategy, digital asset management, scheduling, operations and interactivity. He is the brains behind EVAlidate, a proprietary modeling tool that analyzes ‘what-if’ scenarios based upon an extremely comprehensive and detailed list of 153+ factors and elements needed to implement a successful private digital media network.

Based on their knowledge and experience, the book is a compilation of observations, how-to’s, ideas, case histories, and inspirations that address just about everything you’ll need to know to take your next steps in In-Store Digital Media.

Lighting Up the Aisle: Principles and Practices for In-Store Digital Media is available for US$19.95 at

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  1. J. Woolsey Jr. Says:

    An excellent read and well written.

    J. Woolsey Jr.

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