Charity Work, We Do For Macmillan

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Dear Adrian, I am an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, a research and consulting organisation. We are currently trying to understand the development of digital signage demand in Europe. I visited your blog and found it very useful. Would it be possible to arrange a time with you to speak about this please?”

To which we reply “we charge euro 1,000 a day, let me know what budget you have available”

To which Frost & Sullivan reply “Hi Adrian, Thank you for your quick response. I will discuss with my manager, although it is likely that we do NOT have the budget. Let me get back to you as soon as I have news.”

“Respectfully then, please do NOT waste our time!” we say!!!

It’s hard to believe that people who operate like this charge good money for their research material. Frost & Sullivan’s last digital signage report that put Scala at having 34% market share (you know our opinion on that) was bought by a half a dozen or so of our existing customers at $5,000 a go!

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  1. W DuLaney Says:

    Bravo Adrian! I concurr (from someone who has too often “given away” information and expertise.

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