LUMOS and @dooh_ly Partnership

Tristan Cotterill

Media buyers and suppliers will be the winners from a new partnership between LUMOS, an omni-channel audience intelligence platform and Doohly, Australia’s first independent OOH-focused content management system.

Advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence will be used to analyse near real-time data from LUMOS, to identify consumer patterns and trends. It’ll empower industry professionals with campaign, audience, and locational intelligence, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) ad campaigns.

LUMOS Chief Executive Officer, Eric Fan told us “we’re using AI-driven methodology to set a new standard for DOOH advertising, to create a contextual and personalised advertising experience for consumers in the OOH environment. AI and machine learning also powers predictive analytics, helping advertisers anticipate future trends and adjust their strategies proactively””

Previously, managing and delivering DOOH campaigns based on audience behaviours was fragmented and required more manual intervention. Advertisers and media owners had to rely on multiple systems and platforms to manage their campaigns, which led to inefficiencies, errors and delays.

With the joint offering from LUMOS and Doohly, marketers and media owners will be able to:

  • Target ads: Easily schedule DOOH creatives to display at specific times and locations based on real-time audience data
  • Optimise in real-time: Adjust campaigns on the fly based on contextual insights, such as increasing ad frequency during peak times or changing content to match audience trends and demographics
  • Analyse performance: Access detailed insights on incremental campaign performance, audience engagement, and location effectiveness, enabling continuous improvement
“This partnership between LUMOS and Doohly marks a significant leap forward in the DOOH landscape. This collaboration enables highly targeted, efficient, and impactful advertising, allowing for real-time adjustments and improved outcomes for campaigns,” says Sean Law of Doohly.

LUMOS also has new product releases set for late July, including the LUMOS Audience Discovery Solution and LUMOS Omni-Planning 2.0.

Over the past six months, we are told that they’ve made some big improvements to how they understand and group people who might be interested in ads. These updates include a more robust predictive engine that can predict more accurately how effective an ad campaign will be. This will help advertisers figure out the best time, place, and content for their ads to reach the most people and get them engaged.

“The Audience Discovery Solution helps businesses to enrich their first-party data and discover prospective customers. We pinpoint specific environments for brands to identify potential customers or gain deeper insights into their existing customer base. This tool is set to transform how CMOs approach growth and customer acquisition strategies”, added Eric Fan.

LUMOS is a Sydney based company and proud member of the OMA and MOVE2.0. At the forefront of MarTech innovation, LUMOS has launched and revolutionised the OOH industry with numerous products and services. Eric Fan is the founder of LUMOS and has been recognised as a Forbes 30 under 30. LUMOS Intelligence is an Audience-Centric media planning and attribution platform, built with the region’s largest audience data lake to enrich OOH campaign insights and media value.

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