Digital Signage Forum (SIM) Early Thoughts

Chris Sheldrake

Some VERY good presentations we hear at SIM’s Digital Signage Forum in Abu Dhabi earlier today. Bruno Brookes was probably the star attraction, he doesn’t stand up to present as much as he should do, though we heard some murmurs from the audience that he was his usual secret squirrel self when it come to his magic sauce and who exactly were his customers – no wonder that his stock price ((IME.L) Immedia Group PLC), although it has moved upwards a little in the last few weeks resolutely stays in the doldrums, Ed

The real shame is that whilst the conference presentations are being deemed as good (the exhibition seems very poor – perhaps less than half the size of last years) there are still only between 20 and 25 people in the audience to hear them.

Hugh Coghill-Smith from ONELAN who was to be fair, a late addition was a no-show so too Jason Friedman, co-founder and CEO of CRI though we heard that Mike Fabian who stepped in for him at the last moment was an able replacement.

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  1. Marco Polo Says:

    Hmmmmm Mike Fabian an able replacement for what, the man on the moon?
    An absolute suit with zero delivery knowledge. Mind you a huge CV of emptiness and many companies in his ‘able’ wake. The event timing is terrible as it clashes with the much bigger GITEX in Dubai.

    Did old Mike regale the audience with his successes at Carlipa, Scala, Screen Red……….? Fairy Tales.

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