Jim Kane, VP of Sales To Leave PRN

Chris Sheldrake

PRN it seems is taking yet another page out of the Thomson-management-handbook as we hear of yet another seasoned PRN’er jumping ship without a place to land.

Jim Kane, VP of Sales, announced yesterday that he was leaving PRN and there was no news as to where he might be heading, except that we do know he’s taking a well deserved break in Europe.

At a time when PRN are repping the likes of Indoor Direct and Targetcast, they should be holding onto their most experienced, top-producing sales managers not letting them walk out the door.

2 Responses to “Jim Kane, VP of Sales To Leave PRN”

  1. RetailMediaExec Says:

    Well, if they can’t sell Walmart inventory, they don’t need a whole lot of salespeople.

  2. Leslie Mills Says:

    PRN held its latest round of layoffs today. Yet another re-org. They keep shuffling the pieces on the playing board around but everyone knows that its game over. Sorry to those who lost their jobs two weeks before Christmas.

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