Localized And User Generated Content

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

Localized And UGC: Understanding Factors For Success

Here is my presentation from Thursday’s Strategy Institute ‘Building Your Digital Signage Business Conference‘ in Chicago, 18th – 19th November 2009 entitled ‘User Generated and Localized Content Understanding the Factors for Success


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  1. Raffi Says:

    Thanks Manolo! It was a great presentation and there’s a ton of great information in there. Cheers to you and Brad Gleeson as well.

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    Thanks for sharing your presentation Manolo, it backs up the fact that Digital Signage is an extension to the Internet and UGC is an important part of the mix of content for user engagement and keeping content fresh.

    There is nothing better than seeing the reaction of a customer when you upload a picture or video of them from an Iphone 3GS to Photobucket and it is immediately pulled down by signagelive and shown on screen interwoven with other content.

    Digital Signage devices are no longer dumb end points that need to be told what to do and when, they are subscribers to content where the user sets the rules and let the dynamic content do the rest.

  3. Rob Gorrie Says:

    Well done Manolo,

    The message coming from McDonald’s and more at the ANA was: “Your content better suit the location by ethnic group and activity – otherwise it won’t fit advertiser needs”

    2010 will be a big year for learning on this front

    You’re bang on here

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