Bob Clarke / Submissive Carrie

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Perhaps you shouldn’t comment on who follows whom on twitter. Perhaps there is some form of Debrett’s etiquette for Twitter that we don’t know of BUT we have to say this is great Friday entertainment…

Trotter’s Independent Trading obviously hasn’t quite got the hang of business-Twitter just yet (or actually, perhaps he has) as he is now following half a dozen lovely young ladies, Brian Dusho and Paul Flanigan! Now there’s an interesting mix.

SubCarrie13s-9_biggerOur favourite was Submissive Carrie who describes herself as having “the most spankable bottom in London! I have been a submissive now for 5 years and enjoy all forms of CP. Look at my website

Is there something else we don’t know about Bob?

bob clarkeHe told the world via Twitter several weeks ago that he would give it a week, “Going to give Twitter a week – to see whether I can addict or become addicted” BUT he is still at it and engaging ladies he follows in inane middle aged chatter.

There’s enough in his tweets to fill a psychiatrist’s note book quicker than you can say “the lights weren’t working in the bathroom, right, OK?”** but the tweet we liked best was Bob to @kissashlie when he said “Can’t wait to know what it is you do – your life is fast replacing mine as the thing I look forward to when I wake up – scary?!”

Yes Bob VERY scary!

** Note: You might need to be a die-hard Fawlty Towers fan to understand that line.

3 Responses to “Bob Clarke / Submissive Carrie”

  1. Ouch that hurt! Says:

    Maybe CP = Content Planning?

  2. bob clarke Says:

    Once again, I have fallen victim to your incisive reporting…

    You will remember that the first time you focused on me, in a scoop riddled with anonymous comments from others, the picture you strove to paint was wide enough of the mark to prompt defence of me from your own ‘respected contributors’ and parties with whom my then business was in litigation with…

    The last time I looked, “business-Twitter” was just called “Twitter” and was, like most of life, a cocktail of work, rest and play – and the bits that amuse.

    Do you think you have found a story?
    Do you think you have done some service to those who need information about the DOOH space?
    Does your editorial policy embrace the ‘story’ about me as relevant to the DOOH sector?

    Oh, and do you want to have a look through my Bins as well? If so, I can arrange for them to be delivered to your office…

    I don’t know Carrie but I like the way she writes, managing to convey so much with so few words… the opposite of your own output, I would suggest.

    Feel free to have the last word…

  3. Mark Solomon Says:

    Now what would really amuse me is if you had video of someone from CBS Outdoor berating their Digital Escalator Panels before beating them with a handy tree branch.

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