NEC Display Solutions Introduces Entry-Level Large Format Digital Signage Displays

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Itasca, Illinois-based NEC Display Solutions of America, provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, is introducing a new commercial-grade product line, the E Series.

This entry-level series – the 32” E321 and 42” E421 – gives corporate users an affordable option for lobbies, boardrooms and small conference rooms, while addressing the display needs of digital signage users in retails stores, waiting rooms, and health clubs.

NEC is offering high-definition resolution, integrated analog/digital tuner and 10W stereo speakers as standard options with the E Series which brings corporate and digital signage users the professional performance and looks of the latest large-screen displays in a flexible, affordable digital signage solution. Multiple source inputs allow users to work from a variety of sources and easily maneuver between desired content. These LCD displays feature brightness and contrast levels suitable for most applications, providing vivid image quality and easier viewing in areas with high ambient light such as lobbies and health clubs. Low power consumption in the E321 and E421 reduces energy costs, while the capability to adjust the backlight lowers total cost of ownership.

“The introduction of the E Series brings cost-conscious affordability to those customers looking for entry-level digital signage in their facilities,” said Luke Bruschuk, product manager at NEC Display Solutions. “The E321 and E421 are attention-grabbing displays that are ideal for showing an array of content, including high-definition images, advertising and news clips.”

The E321 and E421 will be available for February, 2010, shipment at an estimated street price of $499 and $849, respectively. Both displays are backed with NEC’s professional-level one-year parts and labor warranty, including the backlight.

One Response to “NEC Display Solutions Introduces Entry-Level Large Format Digital Signage Displays”

  1. Dmitry Sokolov Says:

    I may be biased, but how is this not a re-skinned Consumer TV? decide for yourself based on the specs highlighted below:

    1yr Warranty – (first warning sign)

    Built-in closed captioning, which enables users to display text information for the hearing impaired – (ummm… is this to replace the ‘text ticker’ in playlists?)

    Built-in NTCS/ATCS (8-VSB, Clear-QAM) analog/digital tuner – (ok, maybe some installs use a tuner in the TV instead of processing the signal via the the player PC….)

    Built-in swivel stand, which is detachable for wall mount applications – (typically a consumer feature)

    Parental control (V-Chip Function), which allows users to block programs based on its rating category (Really? In case the Digital Signage “channel” is not appropriate for the lobby?)

    Input labeling, which allows users to assign labels to various inputs within the onscreen display (OSD) (Again, is input switching and naming a priority for DS installs?)

    From the pictures that surfaced on the web:, the look is very consumer (asymmetrical, glossy bezel).

    I truly hope that NEC did hide some commercial internals under the hood (power supply, etc) and is not just trying to undercut the competition via price. They have been a pillar of the commercial display world for years, please don’t let this be a white flag.


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