The Stars Have Their Say On PumpTop TV

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Hollywood antihero Jeff Bridges is not so sure that winning an Oscar is a good thing, according to his statement during an interview airing on Irvine, California-based PumpTop TV, national out-of-home digital media network, from Movie City News.

Bridges talked about the possibility of getting the Best Actor Award for his role in Crazy Heart after four previous attempts for other movies where he had a leading role.

The interview with Bridges is one in a lineup of Red Carpet features PumpTop TV is showcasing this month. The Academy Awards nominations are being announced today, with the Ceremonies to place March 7. The Independent Spirit Awards take place on March 5.

PumpTop TV’s special Awards programming incorporates HD videos, stereo audio and high resolution banners for each of the award ceremonies, offering historical information and features on nominated films and actors.

The innovative content includes a mix of behind the scenes interviews; current and historical pieces; what the starts are expected to wear, what to drink at awards’ parties; how to get a ‘red Carpet Body’; and more.

Through its strategic partnership with Westinghouse Digital, a leading LCD screen manufacturer, PumpTop TV reaches millions of consumers each month through thousands of 19” HD screens with full stereo sound on gas pumps in the top US DMAs.

“Our quick, informative sound bites and copy are rapidly becoming a welcome communications platform for the upwardly mobile society,” says Doug Woo, executive vice-president of AdtekMedia, the parent company of PumpTop TV. “We feel Hollywood and Madison Avenue will become big fans of using PumpTop TV as an important outlet for information about their ongoing projects.“

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