Case In Point Was Prysm (née Spudnik)

Chris Sheldrake

Photo courtesy Prysm

Chris Fitzsimmons from InAVate wrote a couple of days ago (17th February 2010) his part one of a monster InAVate ISE 2010 report which contains all things display and projection related – Don’t forget to tune in next week for part two, on control, audio and their conclusions from the event, Ed

In a great report (which you can and should read here), one of the things we picked up on was his take on Prysm.

Chris appears not to have completely drunk Prysm’s Kool-Aid just yet and it’s worthwhile sharing a couple of his quotes with you (directly from his report which we do with kind permission)…

  • “The company chose to demonstrate its Laser Phosphor Display product to a select few on a closed booth. I can fully see why they took this decision. In addition to obviously wanting to keep competitive eyes at bay, in a hall full of shiny LCD and plasma displays, the prototype could have looked less polished when compared to full production models”
  • “The product is by no means finished, so kudos to Prysm for having sufficient confidence in it to bring it to the show”
  • “What the company is clearly hoping is that those invited to take a look will be suitably impressed by its undoubted potential to invest in its future. I count myself amongst those who believe the product does have potential in areas where its low power demands and compact profile will be most useful”.

He went on to say “I confess I was a bit puzzled by the choice to make a tiled wall. The company’s own literature explains that the panels can be made nearly any size, so why they chose something that couldn’t help but be compared to MicroTiles is beyond me. At the moment, in terms of image quality, it’s not a favourable comparison”.

Chris finished up in his own report “LPD is very much a work in progress, and one we’ll be watching closely” – we will too and our very own Andrew Neale has a 1,500 word post up first thing Monday morning evaluating some of Prysm’s claims.

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