Electronic Art Hits The Slopes

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Cincinnati’s closest ski resort is now more informative and accessible for ski experts and novices alike, thanks to Electronic Art, an interactive agency specializing in touch screen kiosks, digital signage and integrated websites, which recently integrated digital signage hardware and screen management software at Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

The multiple LCD screens installed throughout Perfect North’s facility allows the resort to provide messaging to its guests on important topics such as ski lessons, upcoming events, ski shop promotions, local weather, trail maps, and anything else a winter sports enthusiast might need to know.

Additionally, Electronic Art integrated Stinova software, which will allow for the management of media content, playlists, and schedules on each player/screen combination. With Stinova software, Perfect North can distribute different content to screens in separate areas of the facility and can break the content on the screen into multiple zones of different sizes, so various items can be featured on separate zones of the screen.

“Digital signage and Stinova software are a great fit for Perfect North,” says Tim Burke, president, Electronic Art, Cincinnati. “This system allows for virtually endless multi-media communication possibilities. Perfect North can now program different content to be played at certain times of the day, week, or month. The IP multicast server will let them broadcast video from one source to multiple screens. For example, they could broadcast a live snowboarding competition happening outside to screens around the whole facility. Overall, this will improve the flow of information, let Perfect North get creative in their messaging, and provide a whole new level of service to their guests.”

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