#ScreenMediaExpo – Mitsubishi Exhibits For First Time

Andrew Neale

Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit for the first time at Screenmedia expo in May in London.

They will, we are told, showcase the unique combination of display hardware, system management tools and support that makes it one of the few major manufacturers able to offer a complete end-to-end digital signage solution.

Mitsubishi's L46XM

Best known in Europe of course for its Diamond Vision LED screens, LCD and DLP displays, Mitsubishi Electric has also been instrumental in several ground-breaking digital signage initiatives globally, including providing much of the hardware and expertise behind Tokyo’s Train Vision system – one of the world’s most extensive and well-established digital signage networks.

Much of that experience has been condensed into the company’s range of Out-Of-Home (OOH) display systems that it will be bringing to #ScreenMediaExpo in May.

The latest professional-grade LCD display in the Mitsubishi range is the L46XM, launched at ISE earlier this year – it’s an ultra-slim bezel LCD display designed for either standalone operation or as part of a multi-screen display.

With its slim profile and front-access option, the L46XM is ideal for applications such as retail where minimal footprint is essential.

Up to 25 L46XM panels can be assembled into a single 5 x 5 display wall; the L46XM features the same inboard processing and user-selectable input cards as Mitsubishi’s Seventy Series DLP cubes which means sophisticated multi-window displays can be created with no additional hardware. L46XM also uses the same advanced sensing system to ensure multi-screen displays stay perfectly balanced automatically.

Complementing its display products, Mitsubishi Electric will also show the latest version of its digital signage software called Play-Out, which has been designed specifically to enable signage industry professionals and systems integrators to create effective out-of-home networks using the skills already at their disposal.

The Mitsubishi Electric stand at Screenmedia expo is Stand G3.

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