PilotTV Media (Taiwan) Audience Measurement

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

PilotTV is one of Taiwan ’s largest screen network operators, active in venues such as retail shops, quick service restaurants and transportation networks – 3,600 screens; FamilyMart convenience stores, a worldwide chain of quick service restaurants and in Kaoshiung MRT (the rapid rail transit system).

In 2009, PilotTV screens attracted over 78 million viewers each month and hosted material from brands such as China Airlines, Coca Cola Taiwan, King Car Co. Ltd, Kimberly Clark Taiwan, Nestle Taiwan Ltd, Morinaga & co Ltd, Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation.

Last week we saw PilotTV Media (Taipei, Taiwan), Quividi (Paris, France) and DiGital Content Technologies (Singapore ) announce an agreement to measure PilotTV’s screen networks in Taiwan using Quividi’s audience measurement solution.

Quividi’s VidiReports solution will be embedded in PilotTV’s Linux based players in order to measure a significant sample (exact numbers were not given) of PilotTV’s screens.

Mac Ma, PilotTV CEO told us “We were able to fully test Quividi’s solution and have appreciated its robustness and the rich set of metrics it delivers”

It appears that PilotTV has been using Quividi’s audience measurement solution in five FamilyMart stores since May 2009 and has been able to precisely assess the impact of its screens and media in each venue.

Laurent Fabry, the CEO of DiGital Content Technologies that acted as a Quividi Value Added Reseller was very bullish and said “This agreement is demonstrating the growing interest for audience measurement in the Asian region. With their impressive Digital Signage network and strategy, PilotTV fully understood the need for a relevant demographic analysis of their audience. The garnered data will be used internally, as a part of a permanent quality control process, and it will constitute a proof of viewership for the customers”

About PilotTV Media

PilotTV is part of Chi Mei Group – Chi Lin Technology Investment Media Corporation, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. PilotTV is one of Taiwan’s largest screen network operators, with over 3,600 screens installed in places such as retail locations, quick service restaurants, and transportation networks.

PilotTV provides advertising services as well as interactive digital media solutions and integrated marketing strategy services. PilotTV has a proven track record of high-impact advertising campaigns via their nationwide digital Signage network.

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