#Kioskcom – Bytes From Here and There

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

KioskCom in Las Vegas last week offered a mix of exhibitors, some showing new products some offering improvements to or new uses for their existing products, and some simply showing up to remind the attendants that they’re out there and ready to help.

As a first time visitor to the show, I would have liked to visit more of the 134 booths than I had opportunity to do so, but here are a few of the things I noticed, in addition to those mentioned in earlier articles:

  • Samsung’s digital distribution platform that delivers entertainment in retail sectors. Users can see and listen to trailers before choosing a movie, or buy music, videos and books. The company is also working with consumer packaged goods firms, testing new technology with units in association with Coca-Cola in 150 Simon Malls and soon for Kraft in the northeastern U.S. market.
  • The wayfinder screens from Healthy Advice Networks which works closely with NCR. While being used for hospitals, the same technology can be used for airports, college campus buildings, etc.
  • H&M Networks move into point-of-sale, backing digital signage deployments. The 87-year-old electrical construction company, which has done major work worldwide with such projects as the laying of fibre optics for the Internet along railway tracks, is now working both directly and with integrators to handle the electrical and low voltage work behind POS with home development stores, General Dynamics and others.
  • Elo TouchSystems (a Tyco Electronics company) which claims to be the originator of touch and has been working on touch technology for 40 years. It works with system integrators, value added retailers and independent software vendors worldwide. One of its clients is OEM.
  • Red Dot on-shelf and end-cap screens for retail environments. The company, which was showing off its new 15” screens, is in expansion mode in the U.S. and Europe and is moving into Canada.
  • Media Solution from Seoul, Korea, which is trying to become better known in North America. First client for the company, which provides software solutions, is with the Money Group Inc. in Los Angeles.

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