Tom Nix Joins Scala

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There are nice people, then there are NICE people then there are REALLY NICE people and one of those most definitely in the latter category is Tom Nix, ex-Dynamax Vice President and General Manager, North America and most recently doing a number of consulting gigs for folks.

Anyway news in over the weekend (okay rumour actually but we FULLY expect it to be confirmed later today) is that Tom Nix has joined Scala as a VP of some sort.

Tom is a really smart guy and this is undoubtedly a good hire for Scala. We have a lot of respect for Tom as well and (with the exception of Jeff Porter) not much for the rest of the Scala exec team so it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

5 Responses to “Tom Nix Joins Scala”

  1. Howard Smith Says:

    I had the great pleasure of working with Tom in our New York office for a year, and forged a great friendship with Tom that hopefully will last a lifetime.
    I would like to take this opportunity to wish him & his family all the best for the future.

    PS Tom you now owe me a steak dinner 🙂

  2. Roger Dean Says:

    Tom has been a huge help in understanding and deploying Dynamax products over the past 3 years. In addition, he has an unequaled knowledge of who does what in the industry, and on several occasions has made introductions on my behalf that have resulted in long-term business.

    Lucky Scala I say, now I will put their products on the “should be considered” list in the design stage. And yes, he is a really nice guy with a great intellect. Good luck Tom and best wishes for the future!

  3. Paul Kline Says:

    Tom Nix is the class of the field, together he and Jeff Porter should really be able to take Scala to a whole new level.

    Best of Luck to Tom in his new position!

  4. Peggy Nix Says:

    That’s my baby!!
    A very proud momma

  5. Yaron Lavi Says:

    Tom, good luck !!! you are one smart cookie and an amazing friend.
    next week drinks on us !

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