L’affichage dynamique est mort – vive le Digital Media

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

After a long and remarkably thorough selection process, the French industry now has a new name – ‘Digital Media’ – to replace the rather antiquated ‘l’affichage dynamique’, which originally referred to fleets of vans carrying static posters and driving around to make them ‘dynamic’.

The industry association, the soon-to-be-renamed APCAD, started out with 60 possible terms, which were then whittled down to a short list of 8, and which then put to a poll amongst members, the results of which were announced at a members-only gala on Wednesday evening.

APCAD President Marc Ballu told us exclusively “Our members are progressive and forward-looking and insisted on having an international name which also works in French. We wanted something that fulfils two objectives – to state clearly that our profession is a stand-alone media and we wanted something which projects a modern image. ‘Digital Media’ fits the bill perfectly.”

The next step is now to find a new name for the association. Again, members have been polled and the results will be announced next week. However, it will be difficult to see how would not include the words ‘association’, ‘media’ and ‘digital’…

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