Blackpool County Court Find Showreel TV Have Case To Answer

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Showreel TV who have always claimed that they have a network of, we quote “selected premier salons across the UK to generate the latest in salon entertainment”  seem to also have, by far, the largest ‘network’ of disgruntled customers one can possibly imagine (read all of comments below whilst trying to get the phrase “there’s no smoke without fire” out of your head).

Tracey Burnette from the boutique health club, Club Twenty Two in Mayfair was the latest to reach out to us, having successfully won damages against Showreel TV ‘owner’ Mark Butcher in the Blackpool County Court – only to find that Showreel TV conveniently ceased trading on, or around. April 19th 2013.

Another disgruntled customer emailed us last week to tell us that “, or whatever they call themselves … disappeared from view from the internet since around the 22nd April 2013” (we can see a web site although we note that it does not contain the legally required physical contact information).

Since December 2010, complaints from advertisers – all of them it seems small businesses wanting to use the network to promote their services flooded in (those comments that we have verified originating from legitimate email addresses and linked to a proper business we have posted below).

Some comments have pointed out similarities (not proven) to two other companies that have received similar bad press.

Those small businesses who have had a bad experience trying to get their ad up on this network (and all the associated direct debit and bank irregularities) won’t be returning to any digital out of home network in a hurry.

52 Responses to “Blackpool County Court Find Showreel TV Have Case To Answer”

  1. Sam Says:

    Hhmmmmm…..interesting to read this. I just signed up with Showreel last week to use in a couple of salons where I live. The guy told me THEY represent Toni and Guy! (not that it is Toni & Guy Salons using, saying that the salons I am using aren’t on their website!) I haven’t heard from them yet but they have my deposit. Today is the D day of contacting me to design advert (funny, giving enough time to cheque to clear!). Do you know anything else about Showreel? (You mention murky waters). Please email me if you do.

    Kind regards,


  2. Anonymous Says:

    If you want to know all about the companies behind screen advertising in MOT centres, hospitals, hair salons etc I suggest you google Cristen Dex group and have a good read. Cristen Dex is a debt collection agency who make claims for payment of debts where no invoice has even been issued by the claimant. Beware the rolling contract.

  3. steve Says:

    If you want to know about the murky business of salon or screen advertising just google Cristen Dex.

  4. Jason Webb Says:


    I have used Showreel TV to advertise my Web Design company, and I can honestly say that my experience with them has been first class. From the Sales Rep’s visit (which I wasn’t really looking forward to!) who was very nice and told me everything I needed to know, to uthe staff at the offices who again answered anything I asked.
    All the way to the artwork team, who produced me a fantastic piece of design work which I was even allowed to keep a copy of for my own use.

    I have even visited the salons that my advert should be showing in and found the staff at the salons to be helpful and they let me watch the screens for the few minutes it took for my advert to be shown.

    @ Anonymous, you say to beware of the rolling contract, I have checked my contract and it is a two year contract, with an end date and actually states on it that ‘THIS IS NOT A ROLLING CONTRACT’

    @ Steve, you say to google Cristen Dex about the murky business.
    I have googled this company and they are indeed a debt collector for people who don’t pay their bills, of course this side of the business is going to be Murky!

    So again, happy all round and I would recommend this form of advertising to anyone who thinks it would benefit their business.

  5. Mr M Butcher Says:

    Dear Mr Cotterill,

    A client of my company has today brought to my attention that you have recently wrote an article about Showreel TV, on the website without any obvious contact with my company whatsoever.

    If you would like further information regarding our company, or would like an interview regarding any of the above for your magazine, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.

  6. PA to Mr Cotterill Says:

    Dear Mr Butcher

    Mister Cotterill Esquire apologises for not writing to you PERSONALLY and in triplicate before writing about your company. As his PA I will make sure that this does not happen again.

    I was tasked with finding out more information about you and your business before the article was written but as your address was a posh post office box cum virtual office in London Town I didn’t have the nerve to ring and possibly speak to anyone posh.

    Your web site contained no names of persons to call, no email addresses and the only contact method was a contact form that I did not want to fill in as I have only been given a email address for company use and I did not want to appear shady or in anyway disingenuous in my dealings with you.

    The hair salon network in the UK has been ably served by digital out of home companies such as yourselves since 2007 and it was remiss of me and my boss not to have noticed you before – in fact come to think about it we probably did but I think once again we needed your permission to write anything.

  7. The Dragons Says:

    Hi i have just read this post and would like to say i have had a superb responce from the advertising that i have recently done with Showreel TV… however murky the waters in the past showreel run a superb company i have only good things to say about this company as they say the proofs in the pudding and showreel tv has been a lifeline to my company….

  8. Chris Warren Says:

    Just thought i’d throw my twopennorth into this conversation. I run a landscape company near St Albans and have advertised with Showreel for 3 years now. When the guy first came to see me i was a bit dubious as i was just starting out and had very little cash to play with and i, like the rest had heard horror stories about the way advertising companies conduct themselves with those rolling contracts etc so i read the terms very carefully and only signed when i knew it was a straightforward thing where they didn’t have me by the shoelaces for the rest of my natural. The ad was produced as stated and over the first couple of years i ran a few different discounts to see how much was coming back in from it. Some of the offers weren’t as succesful as others but all in all the ad paid for itself well and helped me get a foothold in the market and a good reputation with some nice clients. I signed back up at the end of my first contract and have received the same sort of response in the last year as in the first 2. I agree that some advertising companies leave a lot to be desired and it’s right that we get together and pull them up when needed but let’s point the finger in the right direction here, my experience is that Showreel don’t use rolling contracts and do what they say on the tin really. I googled Cristen Decks as suggested and they just look like a debt collection company whereby if you owe money then you can’t really moan when they ask for it and if you don’t, just tell them where to get off, they can’t touch you if you don’t owe it ;-). I don’t really understand the tone of the original blog other than it says Showreel have screens in hair salons ( which they do) screens in hotels and MOT stations (which i don’t know) and use a virtual office ( as do many people). Perhaps the original writer works for Toni & Guy? lol :-)

  9. Deborah Austin Says:

    I would be very happy for Mr Butcher to contact me regarding a contract I signed last Wednesday with Rob Worth regarding me putting advertising in Francesco’s Hair Salons, in the West Midlands. I’ve had no response from anybody other than Rob, although I have sent an email to you at the address I was told is apparenty your ‘art department’…. is this your normal procedure please.
    Please look at your above remark on Feb 8th 2011; it worries me that you have written a remark that is gramatically incorrect.
    My cheque has been taken from my account, yet I’ve had no contact from either your HO or the Arts department. This all seems a very funny way of doing business?
    I would appreciate some communication from your office at your earliest convenience.
    D S Austin

  10. Victoria Ware Says:


    I have recently signed up to showreel TV and I am not happy.

    Like Deborah, I have not had any contact with anyone since our intial appointment, yet the money has been taken from my account. I have tried to call, but there is no answer.

    Be very aware of these people.

    Victoria Ware

  11. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    It’s alleged that the scam detailed here may also be somehow related. For sure the same debt collection agency cristen dex seem to be involved,

  12. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    Amazing how many happy customers (who are not in the dooh industry) read this blog!

  13. Jane Says:

    Whats more amazing is not “how many happy customers who are not in the Dooh industry read this blog”, but how many ‘customers’ in general are reading this.
    I am in the Digital Signage Industry and possibly smell a rat here so to speak…

    As Mr Warren states earlier, perhaps the original writer works for Toni and Guy?

    I also notice the link that the original writer has provided to the Daily Mirror.
    This link has no connection whatsoever with the company that this blog is about, except maybe that they are unfortunate enough to use the same debt collection agency to collect debts from non paying customers. If you are a customer and dont pay, then you should expect a call from an agency like this.

    Maybe its time to hear from Showreel TV regarding this, I think personally that Mr Cotterill (Original Writer) should be contacting them and maybe featuring them on these very pages to get their side of the story before we let people attempt to tar them with the same brush as other (Now defunct) companies who have tried and failed in this business.

    From what I see from their website ( they look professional enough with a good end product and have many ways to be contacted.

    Get them interviewed Mr Cotterill or would that not suit you and your pages??

  14. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    If the true owners of showreel TV want to email us we’d be delighted as we have a whole raft of questions for them … they’d need to give a list of installed sites as well though so we could go take a look

  15. Showreel TV Says:

    At Showreel TV we take complaints seriously and have investigated and dealt with all the above issues. We would also like to point people to the testimonial page of our website to read what some of our other customers say about us.

  16. Debbie Peachey Says:

    I thought I was the only one that has had a shocking experience with Showreel.

    First I sign a contact and am told the payments will be quarterly. I give a post dated cheque for the start of the month which is 2 weeks away. The cheque must have been banked the second the salesman left my gym.
    Then the second standing order was taken which was over 3 months early!

    No we can’t refund your money :-( As a small business and sole trader this is massive to my cash flow.

    I cancelled my contract with them due to the lack of customer service and taking my money whenever they felt. They don’t return emails or letters unless they want money.

    Now I am in communication with Cristendex

    My next step is to take Showreel to the Small Claims Court for a refund of my money not the other way round.

  17. Kate Clarkson Says:

    I have had a very similar experience to Debbie Peachey. I was told that the contract was for 24 months and you pay your deposit and the further 3 payments can be paid at a time to suit you and if you are not happy with the response from the ad then you can cancel at any time and do not have to pay for any more advertising just for the months that you have been ‘on air’.
    I also said that I did not want to set up a standing order so I did not give my bank details but paid my deposit with a cheque and signed the agreement. Then they took £300 from my account a month later…….what!!!! When I rang they said they had mixed up my signature with someone else’s and they were waiting for this person whose name they couldn’t read to ring in so that they could refund the money and would pay the money back but said I still had to pay at some point to which I disagreed and relayed how the product had been sold to me as above. needless to say they didn’t put the money back into my account either. I did not want to commit to the full term if I did not have to as a small business and the salesman told me that that was why this system was good because you could assess if it was working and if not could then cancel it at any time within the two years. Whoever I speak to at Showreel gives me another story and having taken advice on the matter I will be taking the legal route as they have behaved improperly throughout and as it is illegal to use a cheque to take the bank details to set up a standing order without the owner of the account present and also not supply them with a copy of the mandate I have a very strong case. I would warn anyone else not to get involved!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also told me that I can’t cancel the contract but I have and informed my bank who also advise me that they have behaved totally unethically. It is good to see that I am not the only one that was totally stitched up by such a ‘nice’ salesman – thanks for that Adam – how many times did I say to you that I really can’t afford to spend too much on advertising being a one man band ???? Disgraceful. Please don’t think I will lie down on this one, I will go all the way if I have to and that includes TV if necessary and just from this blog we can see that there are plenty of dissatisfied customers.

  18. faith Says:

    I’m having similar problems guess what the phone number for show reel is disconnected!!!!

  19. Debbie Peachey Says:

    I thought I should date you on my case. After a few letters back and forth with Cristendex I stood my ground and told them I will not be paying.

    Today I received a letter from the newly named Showreel Media legal department – evidently they have heard bad press about Cristendex so are now recalling all accounts and dealing with them in house.

    They have offered me a settlement sum of £374.40! Very kind of them but I am going to politely decline.

  20. Michael Dobson Says:

    I have had a very similar story to Kate above. I was in a rush when having the meeting and the guy was very pushy. I told him I couldn’t afford what he was offering and I didn’t want a 2 year contract to which he replied that I could cancel before the second year starts just by writing or contacting Showreel TV. My wife was also present and heard this. He also dropped the price so low I thought I’d gamble and go with it. Since then it took aged to get my advert up and running and I contacted them about 5 times via email and they didn’t respond to any of my questions. I was also told that I would pay the deposit then the payments would be taken quarterly throughout the first year and if I wanted to cancel the second year, half the money would be returned to me! After signing up and paying a deposit, I had a second payment taken within a month and my advert still wasn’t running so I cancelled the payment through my bank so it didn’t happen again. I then had demands for payment through the post so I called Showreel to make a complaint and got a very rude woman that eventually hung up on me. As you can guess, I called back and spoke to the manager(apparently!) and told her I wasn’t happy and I wouldn’t be paying for the rest and I wanted the advert cancelled. She said she couldn’t do that and that I was tied in. I told her I had been misled and sold something different to what I had been told, so she promised she would hold the payments and discount one payment(25%) as a good will gesture and call me back in December(it was June/July for the first call) to see what she could do for me and give the advert time to work. It’s now November and I’ve just had another demand through yet no call and the advert has done nothing for me, in fact I have had people go in to the salon and keep an eye out for me and they said they didn’t even see it! I’m not happy and I will be complaining about it.

    Their customer service is terrible, they are rude and I’ve spent more time chasing them than running my business! Not my idea of good marketing!

  21. fiona richards Says:

    In aug 2010 i met with karen a rep for showreel, she was very pushy rush rush anyway I decided to sign up for their 2 year contract but stipulated that the payments must be spread out over the 2 years as there was no way I could afford to do it!
    she left saying I’d recieve a proof of my art work within 10 days.
    well i waited and heard nothing I expected to recieve an acknowledgement of my business at least, so after 2 weeks I called them and spoke to a man in the art department who said ” oh look you’re at the top of my pile and I’ll be working on you first thing monday” – well 2 weeks past and again I’d heard nothing then my bank statement arrived well I was horrified to see they’d taken £205 then 2 days later £100 and just 3 weeks later another £305 so a total of £611 had been removed withut my consent and I’d heard nothing from showreel since she’d left my home…
    well i explained to my bank and they got ALL my money back for me..
    now over 1 ear on they are taking me to the small claims court what cheek – they were the ones who were in breech of there own contract….they did exactly the same to a frined of mine who also runs a small business…
    Anywnay I’ll fight it all the way then I shall be sueing them for my time…..
    Please help me if you’ve a similar tale to tell
    and don’t get involved with this cheating lying company!!!
    – fiona richards of beautifully balanced

  22. jeanette morgan Says:

    Oh dear ..wish I’d seen all this before I signed with showreel Dec 19th 2011

    I got a call from a lady saying she was ringing about advertising my bussiness in a local salon and a salesman could call in that day as he was in the area.

    I said ok as I wasn’t busy he could call in for a chat..we chatted sounded great, my company is very small (just me) and we only started in April 2011

    While he was chatting to my daughter I popped out and rang the salon and yes showreel were advertising on screens in his salon, so I signed on the dotted line and payed £200 deposit.

    I’ve received a 24 second Ad (should be 60) in an email which is poor to say the least. I’m not a whizz on computers but I could have done a better job.

    Showreel been on holiday over Christmas until today the 9th jan yet someone from showreel has been in to my account and took another £200 using my card details.

    I rang them and after some discussion she told me the money taken out was a mistake and will be refunded into my bank by friday (I will post back on Friday to let you all know how its going).

  23. Natasha Says:

    My friend has caught up in this in Hertford. The contract terms appear to be water tight to be (and very clearly written). Have people taken this up with their local Trading Standards?

  24. Margaret Winson Says:

    Showreel took an extra payment back in November and said I would have to wait for the cheque run in December for a refund. I’m still waitng as they cant get anyone to sign the cheque!!!!

  25. jeanette morgan Says:

    its the 30th jan and i still havnt had the £200 put back in my account.the bank said i cant get any money back from them as i gave them my card details on the 19th dec when showreel took the £200 pounds…so my fault!
    she also cant see a way out of the contract as there are no specific dates on the contract for when they can take out any other payments.

  26. jeanette morgan Says:

    been told in an email that its been put back in my account on the 31st and they are sending a copy of the contract to me in the post.

  27. T Prince Says:

    My experience with Show Reel TV is from the other side. We have screens which were originally supplied by another company that was bought out by Show Reel TV. The broadcasts on the screen are awful. Text is either blurred or cut in half because it goes off the bottom of the screen. Every day when we turn on the system there is a message right across the page which they say is there when the PC is being updated, but if we didn’t ring them and tell them about it, it remained there all day and every day. One of our customers decided to take out an advertisement with Show Reel TV because they thought our salon was a great outlet for their advertisement. They heard through friends that the quality of their advertisement was apalling and came in to see for themselves. Like other advertisers here, they have been unable to get any response or refund from Show Reel. You cannot even read the number on Show Reel’s own advertisement on our screens! Despite ringing them every day, they have been unable to fix the problems and have not been back to us since last October. We have told them that they are in breach of contract, but they are threatening us with a collection agency and not accepting that their contract with us is over.

  28. Susan Parker Says:

    How are they getting away with this!!!! After reading the above posts, I am glad I am not the only one to be taken in by this lot!!! Is there not a way we can pull together and bring them down? I too signed up for 2 years in June and was told a sum would come off quartlerly, deposit was paid and the 8!! days later another sum came off – no warning, no invoice, no receipt!! They now say I signed to pay monthly (not) and I am now refusing to pay – I have a recorded delivery sitting in the PO and I’m guessing it’s from them! Contacted Trading Standards and CAB but got nothing from them!!
    A friend of mine signed up immediately after me and has EXACTLY same contract and is paying quarterly, however, they are now starting to do the same with her, taking money when not authorised!!! We were also told the adverts would be on 6 times an hour – think we’re lucky if it’s 6 times a week and I’ve had absolutely NO business from it. Next stop for me is RIP OFF Britain – anyone care to join me?

  29. Katrina Conry Says:

    I am the friend of Susan as mentioned above. Despite having written confirmation from Showreel by email of the dates that the payments were due to be deducted, they still deduct money randomly and sporadically from my account. As I stupidly agreed to pay by debit card my bank has advised that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to avoid this. I have lost count how many times my account has been overdrawn which ends up in defaulted payments on my other much more important direct debits, not to mention extra bank charges and nasty letters from my bank telling me to make sure it doesn’t happen again! But I never know when they’re going to take the next payment so I can’t avoid it!!

    The staff at Showreel are pleasant enough on the phone when you call and speak to them – I have dealt mainly with Emma in accounts and Abbie in admin (whose surname just happens to be Butcher, the same as Mark the Director who ‘sold’ the package to me and Susan – make of that what you will!) But they promise whatever you want to hear just to get you off the phone and nothing ever materialises. I’ve been promised refunds, returned phone calls, more papework to sign, but never receive a thing. And then they deny it because there’s no proof.

    So I have also written to them – both by email and recorded delivery pointing out all my issues. Have I heard a reply from them? No of course not. So what now?? Oh just sit and wait until they decide to deduct money from my account whenever they feel like it? Erm don’t think so!!

    I don’t even know what we’re paying for – the promise by Mark Butcher himself was a 30 second ad 6 times an hour. I have personally visited the salon in question on a few occasions and each time have been in there for over an hour. Have I seen my ad? No. Haven’t seen my friend Susan’s ad either. Just lots of good quality designer advertising – then some local not so good quality advertising comes on for a few minutes. And never the same one twice. Not sure what they’ve been promised but definately not worth whatever they’re paying that’s for sure! I have even specifically asked friends and family to go to this salon to book appointments – some being full foils, perms, etc. which means being in there for hours and NO ONE has seen my ad – or my friends ad either.

    I’m dreading doing my tax return this year – my accountant will read me the riot act. I’m a small mobile dog grooming business and am trying to re-establish my business after moving to a new area, hence the reason for the showreel advertising. I don’t even manage to make any wages for myself – I just manage to cover my own overheads if I’m lucky – and if it wasn’t for my poor long suffering other half bailing me out from his own wages I would be bankrupt because of these people. Check out Mr Butcher’s profile on facebook – all nice and cosy family and doing very nicely thank you – who’s paying for that?? Mugs like us that’s who!!

    I don’t mind paying for something that I’ve actually signed up for – but it’s all lies. Surely if we all make a stand someone has to do something about this? Definately a contender for RIP OFF Britain. And please anyone who is reading this DON’T SIGN UP – save your money and advertise with someone trustworthy – and do your research!!!

  30. Peter Brown Says:

    Some comments from a different point of view.
    We were contracted to film an advert for showreel Tv and didn’t get paid for it despite numerous phone calls to very rude people at showreeltv.
    These people are out and out liars and scoundrels.
    The company I did the advert for ( a chain of 7 hair salons) had nothing but trouble with Mark Butcher and in the end they ripped out the screens(the ones that hadn’t fell off of the wall) and told showreeltv to collect them or they would chuck them down the tip! These people should be locked up.
    I made it my job to ring every salon in the area to recount my experinece, and made sure showreeltv lost a lot more than the £600 they ripped me of for.
    If everybody with a bad experience did the same, you may not get your money back, but it sure makes you feel good!

  31. Bez Cartwright Says:

    Hi, anyone been advertising in Chelmsford, Essex??
    The salon closed down last October. My advert has been moved to Brentwood 12+ miles away after 3 months. No good for a taxi service based in Chelmsford is it..
    Your thoughts anyone?

  32. T Prince Says:

    Rip Off Britain does sound like a good idea Susan. If I don’t get a satisfactory reply to my last letter to Showreel, I will join you. I think the people who took out an advertisement on our screens will be interested too.

  33. Debbie Peachey Says:

    The saga continues! The kind people at Showreel made me an offer of settling my account at £374.40 but now it’s £524.20 which I politely declined!
    Now I receive a letter to say if I don’t pay in 7 days I will be contacted by their new debt collectors Cobra Financial Solutions! If Cristendex didnt get money out me then I can sure as hell tell you these people will not either.
    The only thing this company is good at is chasing money!

  34. ex employee Says:

    I worked for this company for over a year and have tales that would make your toes curl! If anyone does want to take it any furthur drop an email addy and ill get in touch.

  35. jeanette morgan Says:

    doh i lapsed and just noticed,showreel went into my account and took out an extra payment!! been on the phone the last few days trying to get it back..argh will be glad to see the back of these guys.
    ps..not one customer have i took an order from said yes i saw your ad in the local either people have gone off cake or the ads not being shown!

  36. jeanette morgan Says:

    i will be checking the salon next time im at the shopping centre,ps i dont hold the salon responsible in anyway hence not naming them,but if anyone reads this before signing…Dont sign!!! they are a total waste of money and since read they might be coming back for more money under some rolling contract thingy pfft!

  37. jaffa cake Says:

    if only i had seen this before. I signed up with showreel in October 2011, the only reason being that I could advertise in my home town, in February I find out they don’t even have equpiment installed in any salon in my hometown and had placed my advert 25 miles away. Their customer service is awful, I beleive they have breached the contract by never ever placing my advert in the location I agreed upon. I am now taking legal advice. I was told last Thursday the MD would call me, I am still waiting a week on. I am so disappointed, and feel so violated.

  38. don Says:

    they are awfull had nothing but problems they have even sent me to debt collectors evan tho they took out 2 payments now i have just found out they havnt even shown my add so im wondering have they breach their contract plz help

  39. Malta Says:

    Been having problems with these guys too. Took payments out earlier than expected which they never refunded, leading to us receiving bank charges, have failed to keep us informed of advert updates which we were promised and have now sent us to Media Control Management who have added £105 in additional charges and threatening even more plus court time. Is there anyway round this?

  40. Paul Ramsden Says:

    I have just Had Mark round and sure enough within minutes of him leaving my office £248 has left my account. Wish I had seen this first.

    I would like to speak to ex employee further if you can email me on

    The bank have blocked any future payments coming out but sure enough they aren’t going to return any calls to me

  41. Paul Ramsden Says:

    I have been given my money back from Showreel and will now sit back and see how things develop locally. If they show promise as an advertising source then I will be back in touch with them

  42. Jan Langstaff Says:

    I have also had dealings with Mark & Abbie Butcher. I feel that what happens here is tantamount to theft and fraud. I cannot believe that anyone can get away with this kind of behaviour for so long.

    Am pursuing this matter through the law. Join me if you have similar dealings with this company.

  43. Tracey Burnette Says:

    On April 5th 2013 Blackpool County Court ordered Showreel TV to pay my company £2,598, the full amount of money they took on dates earlier than I gave permission plus my expenses. The Judge suggested that Showreel TV are dishonest and I was truly shocked by the unprofessional conduct of Mark Butcher in court – he honestly thought he could blag his way out of it without any evidence. My original court case date was Jan 11th but I found out this was postponed when I was already on the train to Blackpool, this was due to Showreel TV having the NORO virus!!! Judging by how utterly unprepared they were for court 3 months later, I’m sure this was another excuse, and more waste of my time and expenses which I cannot claim.

    Today was the date they had to re-pay their debt, but not surprisingly I didn’t receive anything. When I called the court I was informed that Showreel had sent them a letter stating the company ceased trading on April 19th 2013, leaving it up to me to recover the debt. Upon first checking at Companies House it would appear all they have done is changed the name of the Secretary. Well Mr Butcher if your company number is the same as when I took out the advert in August last year you are still liable for the debt. It looks like you have made a habit of changing the company name or secretary name.

    Just to make you laugh, whist we were waiting for the Judge to make his decision in court, Mark Butcher approached me and said to me “No hard feelings eh? No matter what the outcome today, there’s no hard feelings from me. In fact I’ll offer you 3 salons for free for 2 years”. Dude all I ever wanted was just my money back and nothing more to do with your company. Mr Butcher also told me he admired my spirit and didn’t expect me to go this far!!!!!! Well I’ve gone so far and will continue to persue this until I get my money back and try to ensure you are never allowed to trade again in this country again.


  44. Jan Langstaff Says:

    The Showreel Media Tv Ltd (or whatever it’s called this week) site is back online again and open for business once more, let’s hope that his potential victims read this first.

    Apart from being bad business practise, isn’t obtaining money through deception a crime?

    The all singing all dancing (and equally appalling) ‘Blackpooloffice’ is also limited liability, check out the directors there.

    Is it true that he’s selling his house?

    If so, then perhaps he’s gonna come clean and pay back what he’s scammed from people.

  45. Pam Gould Says:

    We signed with Blackpool Office in November 2012, with the promise that we’d have our ad in 10 locations of our choice by mid December. A month later in January we finally got some ads live, but never in 10 locations, and certainly not in locations of our choice. The Tesco forecourt turned out to be the window of a hairdressers by Tesco!

    Then on January 25th, Blackpool Office took an unauthorised payment from my account. Unfortunately, the investigation into this has taken so long that it looks as if the company may have ceased trading, and I will not get the unauthorised payment back – and we’ve lost our deposit.

  46. Tracey Burnette Says:

    Whilst waiting for my court verdict Mark Butcher informed me he had never been to court before. Although he is a pathological liar, based on his completely ridiculous performance I can believe that. Upon further checking it would also appear that he has no outstanding CCJ’s whilst Director of Showreel Tv. This would indicate to me that he either paid CCJ’s made against him, or people who threatened to take him to court thought in the end it was more time, cost and energy than it was worth. I haven’t found anybody else who was owed the amount I was owed £2,598.00. Knowing how much time and energy it took from me I’m not sure I would have proceeded if he only owed me £100’s as opposed to £1,000’s. This is what he lives on, stealing small amount of money from lots of people. He got greedy with me, ended up with a CCJ and closed the company the day he received the CCJ.

    I really feel for Pam Gould and can understand how helpless you feel to do anything, as I have been told that it will not be possible to recover my debt. I have been doing a little bit of research on Mark Butcher and this is what I have found. Apparently he’s a born again Christian, which probably accounts for why he approached me in court and said “No matter what happens after today, no hard feelings”. In Mr Butcher’s deluded eyes, claiming to be a born again Christian is a cover for being a socio path and career criminal.

    He apparently made his money in advertising companies called WRT, which he then sold. From my research on that company, their practices look as bad as Butcher’s. He is currently the Director of 3 other companies: Fydle Tv Ltd (Co # 07967128), Care Homes Connect Ltd (co # 08288501), His Gifts Ltd (08276293), all of which were started in 2012. His wife Abbie is the Director of the Blackpool Office Ltd. I found three other (cleaning & valetting) companies with which Mark Butcher in Blackpool has been the Director, which are no longer trading.

    It appears that between Mark & Abbie they open up companies, rip off lots of people, then when they can’t stand the heat, close up shop, hiding behind the limited company title to avoid paying debts.

    It appears they are selling their house in Andsell Road, but I actually managed to find a mobile number for Mark Butcher. something which he doesn’t even have on his business card. I’m not sure I’m allowed to record it here, but it’s really not difficult to find out everything you need to know, including that he will be celebrating his 44th birthday on May 8th.

    There are several things people can do to highlight the practices of these people:

    1) Send your story to Watchdog
    2) Send your story to Rip off Britain
    3) Contact the local newspapers in Blackpool

    And many more if you use your imagination! Mark Butcher and his wife are an absolute menace and need stopping, so please don’t think that it’s too late and he’s got away with it. The more people draw attention to them and their despicable business dealings the better.

    To anybody who is considering going into business with Mark and Abbie Butcher, don’t be fooled by his matey, likeable, cheeky chappy ways. He is not a legitimate business man, he is nothing more than a scum-bag conman.

  47. Tracey Burnette Says:

    I would very much like the ex employee of Showreel Tv to get in contact with me at: I’ve been finding out more information on this lot by the day and would appreciate some inside info.

  48. Robert Greenwood Says:

    Well it seems I’m not alone in being ripped off by this fella Mark Butcher! I took out a contract with him about 18 months ago. He promised, and put on the contract, that I could pay the fee of about £1200.00 in 2 instalments 6 months apart! After just 1 month he took the 2nd instalment. After months of trying to get it back I gave up out of frustration!
    I thought this was the end of the matter as the full £1200.00 had been paid, but no such luck!
    Out of the blue earlier this year Showreel TV took another £792.00 out of my account. I contacted them and got the usual put offs and delay tactics, now it seems according to the messages here I may never see my money again as Showreel may have ceased trading! I am fuming! How can somebody just go into your account and take your money and get away with it?
    Is there anything that can be done? I am only a small business and every penny counts in my situation as I’m sure it does for all the people he has conned!
    Is it a matter for the police, Trading standards or TV’s Watchdog?
    Is there anything we can do collectively?
    This man needs teaching a lesson on how to be a decent human being!

  49. Tracey Burnette Says:

    To Robert Greenwood and anybody else,

    If the money was taken within 2 months go and see your Business bank Manager immediately, as they can recover your money back as long as it’s within that time frame. It must be the Business Bank Manager though, which I found out 7 months too late!!!

    Secondly, according to Companies House Showreel Tv is still trading. As long as you have all your e-mails, letters and phone records, I can guarantee that you will win your case against them in court. They did not produce a single shred of evidence to prove their case against me. It is a criminal act to take money at times you didn’t authorise, let alone taking random sums of money you never agreed to. It’s pretty easy to start a claim on line by going to the money claim on line site.

    The Butcher’s entire business model depends on people not being bothered to take them to court, but as long as you can show enough evidence in the form of e-mails, telephone records and letters that you were dissatisfied with the service and requested a refund and/ or to terminate the agreement you will win the case. Court’s are usually sympathetic towards the consumer.

    Probably like everybody on here I never received a copy of the contract or terms and conditions but according to the Judge presiding over my case it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on anyway.

    For more information you can contact me directly. I am pretty easy to find on the internet personally or at Club Twenty Two.

  50. Another x employee Says:

    These two do need locking up perhaps someone wants to delve deeper into marks past he’s not a born again christian for no reason. These two would sell there granny’s for a fiver shamefull pair of individuals. They have ripped people off as a profession and no one has ever dared stop them. I work for them for a while I was planning on buying a house and starting a family although I decided. To make myself unemployed as I couldn’t bear to work for them any longer. Abbie is way more ruthless than mark now she has the taste for the finner things in life there’s no end to her fraudulent ways. I personally think you should collectively do something about this two they deserve everything they get the family of fraudsters that’s what there know as in blackpool.I wish you all the luck in the world if you take them on I just wish I could stop them before they steal from someone else.

  51. Another x employee Says:

    Oh and the post at the top The dragons. Well that’s his brother Keith butcher that owns dragons den in blackpool seriously what is wrong with these people his brother in law David also owns a mens clothing shop in Poulton called De mendos or something like that I would avoid him at all costs aswell anything to do with the butchers your in for a rough ride career criminals. Had you poor people of been form this town than you would of been aware of them there virtual office in London to cover up the association between a butcher and blackpool. Nice try but it was only a matter of time before you came up stuck. Ask them why all there sights are down south??? Simple cause no one up this end of the country would deal with them. Born again christian oh my days I’ve heard it all.I have worked at the same advertising company. For years now and they wouldn’t dream of ripping people off I now have a little boy and have reduced hours and am extremely happy with my employers I no longer dread going to work

  52. Tracey Burnette Says:

    Showreel Tv Ltd are now operating as The Blackpool Office and Fylde Tv Ltd. Anybody entering a search for will be automatically re-directed to Fylde Tv are doing the promotional videos to be shown in hair salons and the Blackpool Office is designing and hosting web sites (all of which are currently down) and offering virtual office space and other office services. I can imagine what that is like, since the bailiff who went to collect the debt owed to me by Showreel Tv from the same address (2-4 Andsell Road, Blackpool) informed me there was nothing there.

    The link to their Facebook page is:

    Who is ‘liking’ these people? Unfortunately there is no place for a thumbs down. They are allegedly offering a 42″ plasma screen TV in a prize drawer. What’s the likelihood of anybody winning that?

    The Blackpool Office and Fylde Tv should be avoided at all costs. They are both run by the same people – Mark Butcher & Abbie Butcher, operating the same scam and need to be put out of business permanently very soon before they cause cause any more grief.

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