Digital Placed Based Media Supplement

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We’ve been continuing our work with Mediaplanet in preparation for the Digital Placed Based Media Supplement that will come out ahead of #ScreenMediaExpo.

The Independent newspaper has a readership of something like 600,000 so this is something truly exciting for our industry. The supplement will first appear in April 2011 and then again at #ScreenMediaExpo in May (and our R&D folks are looking at producing a Kindle version at the same time).

I’ve already written the foreword, an editorial meeting is planned for next week and potential advertisers are being primed (let’s hope that everyone comes out in support of this). It’s gonna be great.

Anyone interested in advertising in the supplement (and that should be ALL the OOH folks who are taking digital seriously as well as the major vendors in this space) should email

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