Mood Media purchases Alcas Holding BV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst Mood Media has competitors (world wide) in specific geographic countries – Imagesound for example in the UK, they are pretty much on their own when it comes to being a European / World wide network.

It’s worthwhile mentioning the sheer scale of someone like Mood Media. Imagesound for exampe has 17,000 sites – mainly in the UK but some abroad (Imagesound also recently opened an office in Vancouver and it has been rumoured that they will open in the UAE shortly also), however Mood Media have 21,000 sites in the UK alone!

If only Mood Media would get their act more-together when it comes to signage then they would be a much better player in terms of Digital Out of Home – they do claim to have over 7,000 screens including the likes of Toni&Guy, Miss Selfridge, H&M and Vodafone.

This acquisition is a good deal for both parties I believe – especially as a result of the Alcas purchase, Mood Media now have some new technologies including touch-screen visual solutions in their armoury.

Alcas Holding BV. operates in 10 countries and is / was the number one provider of in-store music and radio solutions throughout the Benelux region (it was about number 3 in Germany).

Alcas has over 17,000 multiple retailers and single site operations within the retail and hospitality sectors.

The purchase means that Mood Media has grown its client base to just over 110,000 commercial sites across 35 countries!

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