HP Promotes The Connected Store

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Personalized service is important now and will become critical in this era of the digital customer, Ray Carlin, vice-president and general manager, retail solutions for HP globally, told the audience at the Scala Connected Signage Conference. in Philadelphia.

“Digital signage operators must keep up with the technology and media-savvy customers,”
said Carlin. “People of all ages are becoming more engaged, and interactivity is key.

“And resellers have to look at how to handle integration. Embed with accounts by showing increased customer loyalty and deliver tangible return on investment.”

Carlin, who said that HP is promoting ‘the connected store’ quoted from a Dec., 2010, Aberdeen Group survey that said 41% of retailers are integrating point-of-sale systems with marketing, merchandising and inventory to offer personalized and interactive experiences for consumers.

Further, 40% of retailers plan to adopt digital signage; 58% plan to adopt mobile initiatives, and 33% plan to invest in kiosks., all to reach the consumer.

“In the new buying paradigm, there is a huge role for mobile,”
Carlin said. “What this mean for Scala partners? Network owners must improve their connections with mobile and web channels. They must have a flexible technology platform to enable relevance, personalization and evolving technologies. And they must raise the bar through enhanced digital experience.”

HP, which partnered with Scala in Nov,/10, showed examples of the digital experience working with HP products by Barnes & Noble, JCPenney, Ann Taylor, Burger King and Volvo.

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