#BadForm #ScreenMediaExpo

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We’re very tempted to name names but that’s probably #BadForm as well but come on chaps it’s damned irritating and totally not on, 100% #BadForm for folks to ring round (and email) those who have put their hand in their pocket and paid to exhibit at #ScreenMediaExpo and ask for appointments to (try and) SELL THEM things at the event next week!!

Dear xtyz,

I know your name and e-mail address from ScreenMedia Exhibitor directory.
I will be attending this Expo in London on 18th and 19th, can we set up a 10 minutes brief meeting?

Our company is blah

blah blah blah

I think 10-15 minutes meeting will be good, let me know your convenient time or please kindly let me know to which of your colleague I should speak to.
Thank you.

Best regards,

Exhibitors are there to sell their own products and services and have paid to be there. Walking the halls and trying to sell your own wares when you have not paid to exhibit yourselves is cheeky, cheap and #BadForm

2 Responses to “#BadForm #ScreenMediaExpo”

  1. Jason Cremins Says:

    So very true, unless you take the ‘zero tolerance’ policy of Lawrence and the CETW team who I have seen march hawkers off premises at their shows, it is down to us exhibitors to give people short shrift.

    Easy question when faced with such people “Are you buying or selling?” any slight pause and send them on their way.

  2. Peter Anselmo Says:

    I’m always willing to talk to someone within the industry about their product but it really is bad form to take up valuable floor time.

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