Twitter Updates On Today’s OVAB Summit

Chris Sheldrake

In addition to our DailyDOOH coverage of the OVAB Media Summit in NYC Manolo Almagro, who is covering the event for us later today (Wednesday 29th October) will be posting live twitter updates from the session!!!

If you’re interested then subscribe to Manolo Almagro’s twitter feed here

This is somewhat of a first for DailyDOOH and if it works well and is something that at least some of you enjoy then it is an experiment we will certainly try again the next time we cover a big event.

3 Responses to “Twitter Updates On Today’s OVAB Summit”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    I’m following Manolo’s tweets, but I’d suggest distilling them down into informative nuggets. Frankly, the blow-by-blow is a bit tedious.

    Thanks for the experiment. I think that it will work really well.

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    Bonnie, thanks for your constructive criticism / feedback. The use of Twitter is new to all of us. We were particularly pleased with the blog post that took Manolo’s ‘Twitter’ and updated the DailyDOOH post automatically – with hindsight (and we did not know how well that would work) we may have been better off suggesting that readers follow that post (which we also made ‘sticky’ so it stuck at top of page) rather than the Twitter itself.

    You are going to think me a middle-aged fool now but the way Twitter seems to work / work best is in the 140 character bite sized chunks (i.e. SMS size).

    Anyway we really do appreciate the feedback

  3. Manolo Almagro Says:

    Bonnie – I’ll keep that in mind in the future, to Adrian’s point, there is a 140 character limit when you “tweet” so it does become challenging to keep pace with what’s happening.

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